834731_largerWhat's a Pudding Pagoda? Or a Licorice Tower? These are two HARD questions that mobile sensation Candy Crush Saga [Free] now answers courtesy a big, new content update that ups the game's level count to 395 levels through two new episodes: Licorice Towers and Pudding Pagoda. I think the latter would taste better. Oh, god, now I'm hungry.

Oh, right! This update also adds the new "Cake Bomb blocker," which comes in handy for all your cake bomb (or board clearing) needs.

Candy Crush Saga is a big deal, so we imagine folks are pretty fired up about this new content. Have fun with it! We're still in the first area. You've got to be a real smartie to get past it.

  • themostunclean

    The absolute epitome of freemium garbage.

    • daftman

      Amen! They fundamentally compromised the gameplay (limiting your number of moves) in order to sell you something (more moves). Leeching players of money is their primary goal and it's disgusting.

      • Alen Teplitsky

        not only that. once you get into the 30's you need what amounts to perfect placement of the candy to win the episode. and i swear it cheats by putting jelly back on squares where you clear it. or it takes more moves to clear some squares than others

      • IVdegreez

        Agreed, I swear I've seen this as well, and the 'hints' it gives you are a joke. It will suggest an obviously weak play when a 5 of a kind is available that would help clear the board.

      • ODMay

        Alen, the levels with the chocolate squares are painful…… every move you make you must break the chocolate or it'll keep adding on unless it's stuck behind the candy that are trapped in a box. But you will still have to eliminate it though.

    • speedyph

      Lol hahahahah

  • Jazzpha

    Oh god that pun. It burns in my soul.

  • whitestatic

    Never got into match-three games. However, based on the sheer number of people I see playing this on the train/subway, these games are a license to print money.

  • IVdegreez

    This games a digital pick pocket. I enjoy playing it, but it's apparent that it's designed to be a 'pay to win'. I refuse to pay for any of the in game offerings, especially the extra lives. Fortunately the mobile version has a back door for unlimited lives or I would probably still be in the first episode.

  • ikelleigh

    It's a trap!

  • Greyskull

    is this now Facebook Arcade? Why don't you just point people to that free Bejeweled game instead.

    • toxiccheese

      You make it sound like TA only covers Facebook games. Hardly the case. This game is wildly popular and is an iOS game as well as a FB game. Cut them some slack. TA doesn't have to just be about iOS exclusive games. CCS wouldn't be as popular as it is if millions weren't playing it. I don't care for this game either but I was willing to read the article to see what was new about it. I like being informed. Have a great day!

  • http://damianvila.com Dmian

    Scurvy Scallywags is way better than this game. But I guess the pirates theme is not cute enough for some people... 😛

  • ODMay

    They try to make the levels difficult to make you buy their IAPs.

  • lanights

    Be patient oh ye impatient ones...I'm lvl 162 w/o paying one cent.

  • Tomate Diseño

    This is the first game I've played which made me feel "mentally slower". Where games like Alchemize and Dungeon Raid challenge and provoke strategy this seemed to be a mere matter of touching an items to elicit a response of exploding items and effects. Worst IOS game ever.

  • drewbacca

    Persistence and patience pay off. I'm at lvl 210 and haven't paid one cent, either. It's maddening, but fun to participate with your friends. On another note, I now think chocolate is the devil.

    Also, Scurvy Scallawags is just as fun and has more too it.

    • drewbacca

      Oops! *to

  • kioshi

    I can't blame their model.
    I have friends who spent from 15 to 100+ bucks on this game, and they are people who always refused to buy a 0.99 app no matter how good I say they are.
    Candy Crush has conquered casual and semi hardcore games, because behind the abusive IAP model, there's actually a very polished and fun game. I haven't played it much but I do like Puzzle and Dragons which is the Asian version of CCS in terms of popularity - haven't spent a dime on it but I'm satisfied with playing PD just a few minutes a day.

  • breeszilla

    Been waiting for this update as I had completed the game, didn't spend a penny either! 🙂

  • Fablalous

    Idiot's logic : Oh this game is free!Let me spend 50-100 dollars on it to get cool upgrades!Meh..this game is like 99 cents.Hell no am I gonna but that.

    • Fablalous


  • rewyan

    I'm now on level 158 and haven't paid a dime. The levels are designed to make you want to buy power ups and extra moves, although it is very possible without. The game does not cheat by replacing jelly or any other cruel system, and there are algorithms that it uses.