‘Fruit Ninja’ Developer Halfbrick Teases New Project

RED ALERT. RED ALERT. RED ALERT. New game incoming. Buckle into the excitement stations, and set Hype Engines to one billion percent. Fruit Ninja ($1.99) creator Halfbrick is teasing a brand new project in the video we’ve embedded below. It’s a pretty vague even for a teaser, so we’re kinda at a loss as far as speculating what this new title could be. Maybe it’ll have a spaceship? And you play as Phil Larsen, Earth’s Last Hope? A boy could dream.

Either way, we’re pretty stoked to see what this will be. We’re going to go ahead and assume an official reveal is coming this weekend at PAX Australia. Stay tuned, because we certainly will.

Oh, and feel free to stay in your excitement station as long as you need to. We understand.