‘Candy Crush Saga’ Update Adds Two New Episodes, New Cake Bomb Blocker

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834731_largerWhat’s a Pudding Pagoda? Or a Licorice Tower? These are two HARD questions that mobile sensation Candy Crush Saga (Free) now answers courtesy a big, new content update that ups the game’s level count to 395 levels through two new episodes: Licorice Towers and Pudding Pagoda. I think the latter would taste better. Oh, god, now I’m hungry.

Oh, right! This update also adds the new “Cake Bomb blocker," which comes in handy for all your cake bomb (or board clearing) needs.

Candy Crush Saga is a big deal, so we imagine folks are pretty fired up about this new content. Have fun with it! We’re still in the first area. You’ve got to be a real smartie to get past it.

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