175739_largerOne of the funniest and quirkiest iOS games I've played is last year's McPixel [$2.99 / Free] from solo developer Sos. Picture if you will a ton of scenes that feel ripped straight out of an old LucasArts adventure game, complete with crazy puzzle solving logic and all, and then imagine you had to solve the crazy puzzles in each scene in rapid-fire succession like WarioWare, and that should give you a good description of McPixel. Oh, also, thematically the entire game is basically a nod to the MacGruber movie and SNL sketches, which are themselves insane parodies of the '80s show MacGyver.

Following along? Ok good, because if any or all of those different elements sound appealing to you then McPixel is a game you need to check out. Right now it's even easier to do so as the game has currently slashed its price down from $2.99 to 99¢ in celebration of a big new update.

The new update brings more than 50 new levels to McPixel that you can download to the game for free, as well as long-awaited (at least by me) iPhone 5 widescreen support. There is also mention of an orientation lock bug being fixed, if that was something that affected you. If you're still on the fence about dropping the sale price on McPixel, then check out the lite version for a taste of what the game is all about, though note that the lite version doesn't include any of the new features. Either way, giving McPixel a shot in some form is definitely something you should do today, so get on it!

  • brickwalker0

    I played this on PC for about an hour when it came out and was really into it but forgot about it unfortunately.

    How does the iPhone version compare to PC? Does it feel natural and "at home" on iPhone? I worry that the precision might be off when touching the environment.

    • PallaZ

      The game's controlls are single clicks. So it feels definitely home on iOS.
      I've never played it on PC. Enjoined it very well.

  • Greyskull

    Does the DLC download to your iDevice? Clicking on a DLC pack launches the game. I want to make sure I have them all incase something happens.

  • LCD Dreams

    I tried this, and while the feel of it is fun, the puzzles and solutions are just too random.

    • homosaur

      I agree but it's partly a parody of McGuyver, stupid solutions are part of the humor

      • greatnoob

        That sounds like a game I'd like to play

      • LCD Dreams

        Heh, true. And I admit, I was sucked in enough to basically complete the trial version. But it was frustrating having to do every puzzle like 3-4 times. Not only that, but getting 3 in a row was very difficult - I did it once, and then I was REALLY confused when I got the bonus puzzle :p

  • vicsark

    this game is so much fun, thks guys for the news, I wouldn't have noticed it! Rapid oace, lots of stoopid gags 🙂 (and I'm not a point and click adventure gamer)

  • azzamckazza

    This game is retarded. And made me laugh more than any other game. One of my faves from last year.

  • Adams Immersive

    I enjoy "stupid solutions" of this kind, but in an extended campaign (like Monkey Island games) they always end up becoming a frustrating stonewall for me. Making the challenge more bite-sized sounds perfect.

    (Unfortunately it refuses to launch on my iPad, but I'm sure a fix will come along. I'm not too worried.)