620224_largerIf you need a good puzzle game today, or heck, even a smile, you should probably go grab Tiny Thief [Free]. It's a game about small scale crime as the world's tiniest thief. With basic tap commands, you guide the cutest criminal ever past watchmen and guards in attempts to take back what they stole themselves.

As we've been playing, we've noted that the emphasis isn't so much on stealth. It's distraction. Using the environment, you can set off chains of events that keep the guards away and allow you to take whatever you're looking for. The first level, for instance, lets you drop a bucket on the head of a guard, keeping him from seeing you.

We've been waiting for Tiny Thief forever it feels like, so we're pretty stoked that it finally came out. So far it seems totally worth of the early praise, too -- this thing is intensely charming, as well as devilishly difficult in spots. We think you'll dig, much like the folks in our forums have been.

  • Corky McButterpants

    I've never wanted an iPad so badly! It feels wrong squishing these graphics onto my tiny 4S screen; retina or not.

    I did read about a Mac/PC release though - hope it comes off.

    Rovio Stars™ is 2 for 2 so far...

    • caaalrb

      Glad you put that trademark symbol in there, I was going to name my new band Rovio Stars...

      Kidding aside, I'm loving this game so far

    • philadendron

      You should try playing Bastion on an iPhone. Same sentiment. Makes you really want to play it on your iPad.

  • garret44

    What a perfect mobile game. Hope rovio keeps it up and don't end up ruining these masterpieces with iaps

  • B30

    It's lovely.

  • Hawaii Jeff

    This has always looked like an instabuy, but then I started wondering: how does it control?

    • Jake7905

      Think of it as point and click for your finger.

  • grits

    Art-style is drool worthy.

  • ImJPaul

    A real peach this one.

  • captainChocolade

    Amazing! Will get it naturally when it becomes free, yay! 🙂

    • NeonGreenKermit

      Clearly you've never tried to sell something you've created. Devs need to eat too.

    • NOEN


  • nini

    I'm just pleased it's universal.

  • Corky McButterpants

    ...and in case anyone's wondering ^_^

  • FuZion


    But Rovio, I'll tell u this. It's an insta-buy for me because its universal. I wasn't going to buy this if there were 2 versions.

    Also, it looks sweet. But the + won me over.

  • Flare_TM

    Love it, bit short though. Hope they add more levels.

  • Flare_TM

    Wonder what the next game Rovio Stars publish is

  • Evania

    Tiny Thief is no doubt one of the best-looking games to crop up this year. The artwork does a great job in bringing 5 Ants’ quirky kingdom to life whilst presenting on-screen prompts and objects clearly. AppsGoer’s review is right on time and superb on ideas.

  • Harmoniamundi

    Looks like that episode in nearly every Zelda game where you have to sneak past the guards.

  • ccifox

    It's a cute, quirky little game. If anything, it feels more like an interactive 'I Spy' game than anything.