951157_largerWalking along a grassy forest floor among silhouetted trees shooting interminably upward, each step rumbling in his ear, the Boy accidentally steps on a wolf trap. His head pops into the air, followed by a comet’s tail of black blood, as his body goes limp, and the trap pries itself open with a creak. It’d be funny if it weren’t so arresting, but that’s Limbo [$3.99].

The juxtaposition of Limbo's stark black and white visuals and its goofy death animations are part of its enduring popularity -- it's been well-received by critics and fans alike and sold well across platforms various and sundry.

Limbo is almost gleeful in the way developer Playdead so meticulously animated the way the Boy can be crushed, shot, poisoned, dismembered, burned, drowned, impaled, shocked, and cerebrally bored by slugs, each accompanied by evocative crunches, sizzles, pops, and squishes. Figuring out that corpses can be used as ad hoc flotation devices, or to safely trigger Temple of Doom-style traps, is one of Limbo's great joys.


In Limbo, death comes hard and fast: it's part of the world, it's part of the aesthetic, and it's part of the game's design. Limbo is a puzzle-platformer, tasking players with moving through its forests, abandoned shantytowns, and decrepit oil derricks by solving an increasingly complex set of multi-step physics puzzles all the while avoiding giant spiders (oh God, the spiders!), aggressive locals, and the grinding clockwork of an inexplicably abandoned society.

The problem is that Limbo too often uses death as a teaching device. For example, there is a puzzle in the middle of the game in which a lever causes the entire room to spin. There is a crate in the room that, unless properly placed, slides into the Boy and pins him against a sawblade, which predictably butterflies him open. With no indication as to what the lever does, figuring out the first step of the puzzle is impossible without experimenting (read: being cut to ribbons) first.

That's a common style of design, but the puzzle in question calls for several more steps, each calling for a few grisly deaths, before it can be reasonably completed. And then there's the next puzzle, and the one after that, and then an entire game's worth of incremental learning, one decapitation at a time, step by ghastly step.

mzl.xfwbmvujThe cumulative effect of this repetition -- and, yeah, the frustration that comes with it -- is that Limbo's atmospherics lose their value, and the inky black shadows become impediments to progress instead of instruments of fear and tension. Once the shock of sudden death wears off, Limbo is sometimes a slog, undermining any fear or anxiety the art direction provides. Ironically, Limbo's constant barrage of death and carnage make it less unnervingly creepy, and it's stark aesthetics get relegated to window dressing for the horrowshow.

It's not that the puzzles in Limbo are bad, it's that they suck the player out of the game's beautiful, ethereal world, and into a series of calculations, strategies, and experiments. The parts don't fit together or compliment each other.

Limbo's transition to touch screens only exacerbates its internal conflict. The controls are intuitive -- drag to run, flick to jump, tap to use objects, and hold to grab onto them -- but feel imprecise and finicky when asked to contend with puzzles that call for precise timing and platforming. The Boy often feels frictionless and lightweight, which is a death knell for timed puzzles, where the difference between a bad idea and poor execution can be hard to discern.

Stripped of its brooding art style and impeccable sound design, Limbo would be a mostly successful puzzle platformer: once each discrete step of a given puzzle has been sussed out, the solutions are often elegant, and the game's learning curve is pitch perfect. The beautiful art and audio and the quiet, serene moments of gentle exploration they allow might be worth the price of entry alone. Time heals all wounds, though, and it's easier to appreciate a puzzle's neatly articulated design after surviving its repetitive meat grinder.

For example, one early section presents two pressure plates, each with a pneumatic crusher hanging over it. Jumping on the first plate freezes its crusher in place, allowing the Boy to pass by; jumping on the second one brings it down, leaving the Boy a gooey paste on the floor. That's hilarious, but only once you're in on the joke. At the time, it's just frustrating, arbitrary, and disengaging

Limbo can be elegant and even morbidly funny, but the punchline hinges on retrospective goodwill, after you've brute forced your way through the puzzles and seen the entire Rube Goldberg machine in action. The price of that knowledge is costly: repetition and frustration that saps away any tonal power the moody, oppressive atmosphere may have had. Limbo's soft-focus monochrome promises mystery and dread, but it's undercut by the very puzzles it deliberately obfuscates.

Limbo, indeed.

TouchArcade Rating

  • JRaynor

    3 stars? WTF is this???

  • AlexsIpad

    This game is fantastic, how did it get 3 stars?

  • fdmstryct

    Five stars all the way for this wonderful game.

    • diego

      I agree with the reviewer.

      Graphics: 5/5
      Puzzles: 2/5
      Fun factor: 1/5

      ---> less than 3 stars.

  • drwifflesniffle

    Just because the author sucks at puzzles and does not have the mental capability to solve them does not mean that the game should get 3 stars.

    • Piph

      Actually.... It does. He wrote the review, not you or any other person here. It's HIS opinion. There are plenty of other reviews out there to balance it out with.

  • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

    I appreciate the harsh view taken here, and you do make a very good point, but even then the positives outshine the negatives. 3 stars is unwarranted.

  • Megagator

    What. The. F.
    Three stars for an engrossing and chilling puzzler that, IMO, has the best touch screen controls for a console port ever? TA ya blew it. Big.

    • loophole

      Ik holy crap I thought the controls were incredible! I mean maybe not as precise as the console/pc version but its pretty darn close and good enough to have a good experience with the game

      • loophole

        But it was a well written review!

  • ptdshiznit818

    Let the raging begin!

  • Gforce

    Wow I never post comments. I actually had to do a password reset because that's how often I log in to comment...that being said, really 3 stars? I usually am a little tougher on the ratings than most but this is ridiculous. One of the most interesting and unique games I've ever played. I've even had non gamers (my brother and multiple friends) play this game from start to finish and even they loved it. What a joke. C'mon touch arcade go back to your roots or change the rating system to 10 stars so there's more room for flexibility.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      So, a 6/10 is somehow better?

      • LOLCAT


      • Alex

        Funny. We all know basic math smart guy. A 7 out of 10 is somehow better.

      • Skullinton

        3.5/5 is the same as a 7/10 and if I'm not mistaken TA gives .5 stars...

      • Skullinton

        Oh and please don't comebak with the 7.5/10 argument because we might as well make it out of 100 for super accuracy...

      • Jonathan Westlake

        Which is retarded. That basically means its a 10 point system so lose the childish stars and mark out of 10, like Edge does... which gave it a pretty rare 9 by the way.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        But do you know basic math? 3/5=6/10

    • Harrison

      Literally went through the same process (pass reset) to post here. I had such confidence in touch arcade before this :/

  • Rusothil

    Sounds like someone absolutely sucks at puzzles and doesn't have the mental capacity to die to understand how the puzzle works. The game is about 2 to 3 hours long! Dying is the entire meaning of Limbo, hence LIMBO. What a terrible review. Also, the touch controls are spot on.

  • TheCurrentGamer

    LOL. Really? A three out of five and your main concern is frustrating puzzles? No game is for everybody I guess, clearly that was the case with this reviewer.

    This game is a classic and a highly polished experience at a great price. Don't let the review scare you off too much, the game is a blast.

    Yes, you will die often. Yes, the puzzles require a good deal of experimentation. Thankfully, this was a design choice, and the developers did a great job of making deaths entertaining, and the experimentation fun, while the ample checkpoint system ensures that death is never a real punishment.

    IMO, this is what can happen sometimes when a reviewer has to rush through a game for review. Damn shame.

  • sirrozha

    Today is April Fool's day, right? The only frustrating thing about this game is your review. You didn't like the puzzles? You are just not smart enough too get them. You say the game could be funny sometimes? My guess is that you smell funny all the time. There is absolutely nothing in this game. I think you have asked for money to give 5 star review and they refused. Only possible explanation.

    • sirrozha

      nothing funny*

  • jaggi

    This is just ridiculous.

  • Jamie Churchman

    I feel like this review exemplifies what is wrong with iOS gaming. Maybe low IQ coin chasing is the best thing for this platform. I think there were two times I was genuinely stuck on this game, and it was rewarding to solve it. The fact that people want to breeze through and find it frustrating to have to solve things is a bit disappointing.

    • echo_pdx

      This was my take as well.

    • loophole


  • MrSpud

    Flame bait article, troll writer is obvious troll...

  • SumoSplash

    Reminiscent of Minigore 2 and the 3.5 stars it received. I'm still recovering from that injustice.

    • dancj

      Nah. 3.5 for Minigore 2 sounds more than reasonable.

      • SumoSplash

        It's easily a 4 star game at the very least. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be branded and exiled.

    • LOLCAT

      3.5 stars isn't bad...

      • SumoSplash

        It is when the game is 4 stars plus. Good graphics, solid gameplay, perfect controls, rewarded with a sub par rating. I see a recurring theme here. The good thing is that after the lame Minigore 2 rating I promised myself I'd never trust another TA review, so this latest inaccuracy is much less of a shock. Maybe I should just go play a 'five star' game like God of Blades and be bored out of my mind.

      • LOLCAT

        Ugh...I agree with you about God of Blades. But really, 3.5 stars is not a "subpar rating" it's a quite good rating for a good game.

      • dancj

        Good graphics, acceptable controls, dull repetitive gameplay IMO. I'd probably have given it 2.5-3 stars.

      • SumoSplash

        Would you prefer that we branded and then exiled you, or would you like to be exiled and then retrieved for the branding at a later date?

      • dancj

        I love it when you talk dirty

  • https://worlddomination.veig.gov/ Veigar

    This didn't deserve 3 stars. Lol.

    • cofunguy

      Yeah..deserves 2 at most, since TA rarely gives 1 star. Gotta keep those devs happy....ROFL. Sorry, it isn't that great an app if one can finish the app in one short setting.

      • Ax23000

        Yeah, just like short stories are all complete junk and a movie has to be at LEAST three hours to be any good.

  • TheCurrentGamer

    My best guess is the reviewer was on a deadline and ended up for whatever reason having to rush through the game, possibly all in on sitting. That sort of thing can ruin a game for some people. Good reviewers learn how to avoid or at least counter that issue.

  • brybry

    I think everyone (for once) is on the same page. Wow. It must be snowing in hell lol. But yeah... 3 stars? The least it deserved was 4.5 if not 5 whole stars.

  • Headchem

    I agree with the 90% rating on metacritic... I'm sure the reviewer is a nice person, though.

    • The Mad Mule

      He goes to church every Sunday.

      • basil

        No wonder he has no taste

      • PureRumble

        What church? I aint mad at him. I just wanna talk to him. Just a friendly chat, i promise...

      • PureRumble

        *** a joke, no threat intended ***

      • nejakdivne

        A joke just blown by saying it's a joke 😉

  • Mohaawk

    I don't usually write comments but I feel like I have to here. As of recent TA's review system has been all over the place with all the new reviewers coming in and while I appreciate the point of view given here I think 3 stars is just unacceptable for a game of Limbo's calibre. Think about it youre placing a game like Limbo in the same category as Toucharcades lowest rated games since they never review anything under 3 stars. This is a sad day for Toucharcade.

    • MrAlbum

      Erm... TA DOES rate games lower than 3 stars. See: Borderlands Legends. Got rated 2 stars, if I remember right.

      Eli himself said that the higher scores are from scouring the App Store for stuff that would be interesting to write a review on, or something to that effect, if I remember right. So stuff like Infinity Diablo would be skipped in favor of something like 10000000. Thus, a lot of 1-2 star junk automatically gets passed over, which is why 3 or 3.5 stars looks like their lowest threshold. While that isn't true, it does lend itself to the illusion of truth.

      In short, the bias is because they already search for great stuff on a daily basis so that we get the best that they can find. They are mining for diamonds, because that's what WE, the readers, want to know about. Do you really want them to start bringing us rocks, dirt, slag, coal, or quartz? On average, I would wager the answer to be "no".

      Still, it would be better if TA treated this method as a guideline rather than a rule of thumb....

      • Mohaawk

        I see... but then 3.5 stars for limbo is still low without comparing to scores of other games

    • ZarieoZ

      Nicely said.

    • echo_pdx

      Looking at the other 3-star games Limbo is now lined up with makes me a little sick.

      Review scores do not exist in a vacuum. Nobody cares how your scores line up with metacritic, but there should be some internal consistency.

  • bhornburg

    I only played the Xbox version, but yeah...wtf. If u don't like these kind of games, get someone else to review them.

    Easily one of the best puzzle-platformers ever.

    • LOLCAT

      Well, one of the problems mentioned were the controls, so if you've just played the Xbox version you wouldn't know about that, would you?

      • bilboa

        The review only spends a little time complaining about the controls. Most of his complaints seem to be about the gameplay, and how he thinks the trial-and-error nature of the puzzles spoil the atmosphere too much. Those complaints apply equally to the console version, so I'd say he's qualified to comment on the review.

      • Ax23000

        While this is a valid point, I think it's abundantly clear that the reviewer has problems with the very fundamentals of the game design. The controls might have aggravated those problems for him, but his real issue is the design itself not the controls.

  • GSport

    I know you are entitled to your opinion but I think you should not review a game negatively just because YOU have a hard time solving the puzzles. God forbid if a game actually offers up a challenge!


    I am flabbergasted!

  • BrushMyNoseOff

    Didn't you write the Badland review and absolutely rave about it? (4.5 stars) Not sure what you've experienced in Limbo that disappointed you to a point where you almost made the game seem mediocre as a whole.

    • LOLCAT

      How does BADLAND have anything to do with Limbo? Just because they have a similar look doesn't mean they should get the same rating.

      • BrushMyNoseOff

        Uh... maybe because Badland doesn't hold your hand when it comes to puzzle/obstacles, and you constantly have to retry completing them. This is what the reviewer seemed to gripe with in both reviews, yet somehow in Limbo it really detracted from his experience.

      • BrushMyNoseOff

        Furthermore, no one said it should get the same rating, but the consistency of what is discussed in the reviews and their conclusions are a bit suspect. It's fine if you disagree, just chill a bit on the condescending tone you're replying to all the users with.

    • Rusothil

      Completely agree, I've played through badlands once and it was EASY compared to limbo. The reviewer just wants something to beat fast which is not the point of a puzzle game.


  • sakara214ever

    3 stars? Really? WTF?????????

  • Michaelbacon

    Ummmm. Yeah. I am confused as well. 3 stars. 3. Lets get rid of all the puzzles and just walk straight through the game. Then we would give it 5.

  • Ben Norvell

    Bullshit review...

  • ridiculocity

    Worst review ever 1 out of 10…

  • antennatree

    Again, your rating system obviously needs a larger range. And your reviewers might need larger attention spans. And how does this score lower than recent mediocre clones like PYXL or Flip Runner?

    • LOLCAT

      Just because Its a different type of game it should score higher? Both PYXL and Flip Runner were quite good and deserved the ratings they got.

      • Rusothil


  • Mandi

    Now now, the author of the article is entitled to his opinion. Even when that opinion is terribly, horribly, wrong.

    • LOLCAT

      And that is, my friend, your opinion on his opinion.

    • ZarieoZ

      Yeah, and he can freely say that in the forums, we are not shutting him up. But this is Toucharcade for God's sake, there is a high calibre that it just can't get below. When a game that got all this attention on other platforms cause its puzzles & experience get trashed for the same reason, well that's when you know that something is wrong..... & that's coming from a person who never comments on reviewers' opinions in games but I guess that this warrants a stand.

      TA for me is big & it's reviews are history & will be revisited by people again & again, it should have much more attention than that but off course Jared, Eli & Brad will back this reviewer up as always, just wish they give this game another chance with a different reviewer.

    • ZarieoZ

      And I know that TA want to work that every review is just the reviewers opinion, but it feels like TA is like an encyclopedia to iOS gamers (as I really have to know TA's opinion before downloading anything) and an encyclopedia shouldn't be entitled to one reviewer's opinion. It's inconsistent.

  • mattdolby

    Unbelievable. Best game I've played in ages. 5 stars easy.

  • Alexei Baboulevitch

    Your criticisms for this game are valid, but the rating is not. How can you give this game 3 stars when I've seen vapid infinite runners or little toy puzzle games get 4 or even 5 stars? Keep in mind, this game has NO repeating content — it's all completely unique — and it'll keep you playing for 5 or more hours. The runners — you'll pick them up, play them for a few hours, and put them down forever, all the while feeling slightly bored. I mean, are you seriously saying that this game is worse than "Garfield's Wild Ride"?! It just doesn't make any sense.

    Taking the iOS rating inflation into consideration, I'd say this game deserves at least 4.5 stars.

  • Dan

    Could Toucharcade be any less relevant?

  • Jazzpha

    A game some people see as derivative gets 4-4.5 stars:

    "TA is way too generous with stars! What the hell!"

    A game a lot of people like gets given an unpopular opinion evaluation, albeit one that at least goes to lengths to explain the reasoning behind said judgement:

    "Only 3 stars?! You shame your ancestors! HOW DARE YOU SIR!"

    Full disclosure: I have no horse in this race, having never played Limbo and feeling ambivalent about this genre in general. This outcry was just too intriguing to pass up.

    • LOLCAT

      100% agreed! I was surprised to see how much hate was going on here, considering that the users of TA seem to enjoy seeing games get low ratings.

      • MrAlbum

        Below are just my guesses from my intuition and extremely limited knowledge of TA's community.

        Before, they cried out because of a perceived "bias" that TA has toward certain tendencies, I.e. "3 STARS IS LOWEST RATING WHY?!"

        Now, they cried out because folks legitimately enjoyed the game and thought it was great. Thus, they do not see why the reviewer rated the game so "low". (3 stars is a respectable score, technically speaking....)

      • LOLCAT

        Agreed. I think 3 stars is a decent rating. (Or middling rating.) By rating a game 3 stars, they're not saying the game is BAD, just mediocre. Plus, the downsides mentioned in the review are perfectly reasonable,

      • ptdshiznit818

        When 90% of reviewers give this a good review (higher than 3 stars out of 5 and multiple perfect 100's) it becomes much less of a TA community issue and more of a reviewer issue. This review blows hard.

      • JoelSixPack

        I would have to disagree with that last statement. I think when most people look at a review score they more or less equate it to a school grading system -- I know I definitely do. So if you look at it in those terms, a 60% score is not very good.

        I've looked at tons of game reviews and review scores over the years (like probably most of us have), and I think this is the basic pattern that most sites follow:

        10=Perfect or near perfect.
        9=Excellent and an easy recommendation.
        8=Great, but some room for improvement.
        7=Good, but probably has some serious flaws.
        6=Decent, but hard to recommend unless you're a fan of the genre/series.

        And I'll stop there. My point is that most people wouldn't think that getting 60% on an English exam is respectable, and I don't think that most people think a 60% score for a video game is a respectable score. I don't think too many devs would pat themselves on the back for a 60%.

      • Greyskull

        It's not 60%. It's a 3 out of five star review. School grades? You don't think of movie reviews when you see star ratings??? A 3 star movie is considered a pretty darned good movie, usually a must see for fans of the genre, while a so-so for those who aren't.

    • Dams

      Perhaps because tou don't seem to understand that crap game get more than expected and good one less.

      Seems to be very difficult to understand. You shouldn't buy this one, you won't be able to solve the puzzle too...

      • Jazzpha

        I appreciate you missing my point, and taking the time to throw in an ad hominem jab at my assumed lack of intelligence. Classy.

        This thread just seems like a ton of people wanted TA to preach to the choir and confirm their own opinions. If you already think Limbo is god's gift to the genre, why does a rating less than 5 stars upset you? If it was one bestowed without adequate explanation, I could understand that. But why go out of your way to bash a reviewer's opinion when it's actually well argued, rather than just saying "we'll agree to disagree" and leave it at that?

        It just makes people sound incredibly petty when the venom comes out.

      • Ax23000

        I always hate this argument... Just because I already know I like the game does not take away my right to question this review. Consider there might be people who will read this review and refrain from buying an amazing and creative game. This not only robs them of a great experience, but could lead to fewer games of this caliber coming out on the platform...robbing me of future great experiences.

        For me a review is the START of a conversation, but the readers continue that conversation.

      • Jazzpha

        Right, but what I mean is it's fine for you to disagree-- it's just that I think using overly vitriolic language to make your points by bashing the reviewer is counter productive.

        Basically, you can disagree, but don't be an ass about it for no reason.

        Does that make sense? I'm not saying no argument can happen, that'd be silly.

    • Ax23000

      Well, don't you kind of explain what's going on in your post? People expect a derivative game to get a lower score and a brilliant, creative, unique game to get a higher score. What about that is confusing? I would argue those are reasonable expectations...

  • Rivalsan

    I too was blown away at this game receiving three out of five stars. I think I might just have to watch out for this particular reviewer, because if he's willing to give this game three stars, then he's capable of giving a crap rating to anything!

    • PureRumble

      Look on it from the bright side; now u just have to wait until some game is bestowed 4-5 stars by this reviewer. Why u ask? Because then you know the mother of all great games has arrived!

      Pity i dont think it will ever happen though...

      • Nick

        I've seen his 4-5 star review games. They are far from great for the most part.

  • NOEN

    Wasn't there a "TA Plays" on this game? If I'm not mistaken, during the game E and J were talking about how GOOD the controls were. Just sayin. I guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

    • SumoSplash

      The reviewer wasn't complaining about the controls.

      • NOEN

        He wasn't?
        "Limbo's transition to touch screens only exacerbates its internal conflict. The controls are intuitive -- drag to run, flick to jump, tap to use objects, and hold to grab onto them -- but feel imprecise and finicky when asked to contend with puzzles that call for precise timing and platforming. The Boy often feels frictionless and lightweight......"

      • SumoSplash

        In relation to his overall complaint about the puzzles and deaths, the controls were not the biggest issue in his review. That's all I meant.

  • chaniaweb

    I must be the only one who actually agrees with the review. I play a lot of games, and think the controls are pretty horrible for game like this. Some puzzles require that much precision and timing that it became frustrating with the controls.

    When I lose a game because I did something wrong or because I haven't figured it out yet...ok my bad. But when i lose because the controls sucked then I just quit. Got halfway through Limbo but cant really recommend it yet.

    • Decoy_Octopus

      play the xbox version

    • Nick

      I have found platforming on iOS a pain, and there are almost no platform games that exist on my device which I honestly Enjoy playing.

      Limbo is the opposite. The controls are excellent and about as tight as you can hope for a game like this. I'm over the halfway point by a fair margin and rarely has the issue been the controls. And those rare times it has, it was my mishandling of them, as the game did the best it could.

      But saying the controls sucked is categorically wrong. When I see people like Gabrien in the forums lauding how these controls are the new standard, in can trust in that as he pretty much hates everything. Very few people will agree with you in your saying the controls are crap.

  • lordyupi

    y si es juego basura tiene 5 estrellas.

  • PureRumble

    Waaaahhht daaaa f*****ck?!?

  • diego

    Nice review! Most people like the game, so finding a negative review is really cool.

    For me, Limbo is a game that you kind of want to finish, but it gets so boring and frustrating.... And the end is also really bad.

  • Luigi_Mario


  • FraggleJP

    I get it, backwards reviewing right?
    Let me try.. I give this review 9.5/10. Am I doing this right?

    • PureRumble


  • Thumpermat

    I would like to defend the reviewer, but not necessary the 3 stars.

    I never played this game before and I immediately loved the atmosphere, the gloomy feeling, the backgrounds, etc. And for this, the felling I get is definitely 5 stars.

    And then I started to die and not only because of mistakes, but because of the puzzle design which requires dying in order to discover the solution.

    And like the reviewer, I got very frustrated and I'm not sure I want to finish the game. But I'll definitely will watch a walkthrough on YouTube. For this frustration, I personally would remove one star and my score would be four out of five.

    But each to their own for the frustration level. I don't know why it is less frustrating to die in Mario or Zelda, maybe because in these games your death is funny. In LIMBO it is definitely not.

    Sincerely, Matt

  • FIFTHSUN2012

    I have to say this game was difficult at times and a breeze in other spots, but engaging the whole way through. In my opinion everything about this game is why I am a gamer, and I am more of a Tom Clancy fan, but I love my indie puzzles. Touch controls aren't perfect but damn near. Atmosphere? Spot on throughout. Frustrating at times? Definitely. To sum it up, while I was playing I kept thinking to myself, this game is art. For that it earns a 5 in my book.

  • Chupacabra

    Complains about the puzzles in one paragraph, praises them and calls them elegant in the next...only to conclude that you must brute I force your way though the puzzles?? Doesn't sound elegant to me. Unhelpful review.

  • AcidicUK

    Not going to lie... This is a 5 star game. The review does not even clarify why it only gets 3 stars. Hard puzzles? Jesus.

  • PureRumble

    9.3 stars of 10. Thats limbos score on the review aggregating site qualityindex. Should add that most reviews have granted 9 of 10 stars, some as much as 10 stars, and all of them above 8 stars...

    All but this one.

    • PureRumble

      Let me make this shorter: qualityindex regards limbo to be the 28th best ipad game, ever.

      Too bad that nice position is gonna take a deep dump as soon as they include TAs opinion though 🙁

  • Blades144

    I think the majority of the negative comments are weighed to the game itself and not the platform it's on. I bet most of those have not purchased this game for the IOS and are mad just because they liked the game on 360, PS3, Steam, etc. I played on 360 and it was awesome. Then I played on Steam without a controller and had to use a keyboard. Towards they end it became downright no damn fun at all trying to pull off the ending puzzles. No one in their right mind can tell me this would be fun with touch controls if it sucked so bad with a keyboard.

    I agree 3 stars due to the touch controls, period. This game is
    a brutal, precise puzzle/platformer never intended for touch controls.

  • toffee

    Good grief. 2nd opinion to follow, perhaps?

    I played/loved/completed it on ps3 but the worry is that such a blatantly awful review (sorry Mr Reviewer, nothing personal) might put people off spending a couple of quid on an absolutely fantastic game and that is just wrong, especially given the way this market is headed. Quality should be recognised or else we will be left with nothing but dross.

    This comment is based on the game itself, by the way, I can't comment on controls etc as I've not yet got the ios version.

    • antennatree

      Agreed, there seems to be a double standard here. Larger , slightly pricier games seem to be reviewed much more harshly than the 99 cent "disposable" ones. We need to expect more from the platform and recognize the effort put into these deeper game experiences or all we'll be left with is forgettable bathroom break distractions and frustrating freemium experiences with ridiculous IAP disguised as real games.

  • garret44

    Dang. If touch arcade doesn't revise this review then I've just about given up on following their ratings.

    Limbo is one of the best games ever.

    The puzzles are supposed to be tough but once you figure them out like I have 20+ times, you can breeze by the game in an hour.

    What a shame

    • LOLCAT

      Hate to brake it to you...but when has TA EVER revised their reviews?

  • philadendron

    Great review. Completely explains why this game is a 3 star game. The point you made about death as a teaching tool is dead-on (no pun intended).

  • PureRumble

    Come on now we gotta hand it to the guy; he's not spooked of being very very unpopular. How many can say they're not?

  • philadendron

    Also, judging from the comments posted here, most people don't seem to understand that 3/5 stars is a "good" rating. To me, from 1 to 5, it goes bad-mediocre-good-great-excellent. 5/5 should be reserved for that rare excellent (or perfect) game. Ocarina of Time. Super Mario Brothers. Half-Life. Do you really think Limbo belongs in the company of those (and other truly excellent) games?

    • Nick

      Yes, it does.

      When I see some of the crap games here get scores higher than this (Ninja Gaiga, Garfield, Cover Orange 2, Greedy Da
      Ward and so on) I'm sorry, but there's no excuse for a 3 on this game.

      But regardless of that, this site isn't reviewing those games. It's reviewing iOS games. Does this game deserve that rating in the same space as endless runners, copycat puzzle games and some of the most empty platformers ever seen in gaming? That's an emphatic "No ship Sherlock."

      And beyond that, I stress again that Limbo will sit alongside those giants. You don't have to be a sprawling epic to be considered a classic, and Limbo (along with games like Fez and Braid) are the definition of classics.

      • philadendron

        I freely admit that iOS games can't be judged on the exact same scale as console/PC games, so you have a point there. Generally, iOS games are shorter, simpler affairs, and that's why a game like Tiny Wings can get a 4 or 5 star review.

        In consideration of that point, I can see your disappointment in the 3 star review. While I don't think Limbo (on any platform) is a 5 star game, I'll agree that 3 out of 5 is on the lower end of what I'd rate it.

        Should we start talking about you listing Fez and Limbo and Braid as being on the same level as Ocarina/Mario/Half-Life? Because that's the real crime here...

      • Nick

        The same file be said about, say, Super Mario Brothers on the NES compared to Mass Effect.

        They are small scale classic gems of this generation. It's the same way that I can say I consider Citizen Kane and There Will Be Blood to be classics. They are very different, but they are both incredibly brilliant films, but are in different generations and in different categories.

        There are no "arcade/PSN games" that can stack up against the mega giants when fighting head to head, but that doesn't make them any less deserving of being classic games. Can you think of any PSN/XBLA that are more deserving? I've seen both platforms from their infancy, and trust me. There aren't.

      • JoelSixPack

        Man, I love Braid! Probably my favorite game of all time. But you're right, Limbo will go down in gaming history as a classic, despite this one very minor blemish that will eventually fade away.

      • Nick

        Indeed. It's almost more a reflection on inconsistency with the reviews here. And from someone who has supposedly such experience, it's... Confusing.

        I still need to finish braid, I bought it (finally) when there was a sale on the PSN version and it's just awesome.

        Do yourself the favor of loading up Indie Game: The Movie off of Netflix, it's a stellar movie that really shows theirs and outs of this generation of games. Though the developer(s) of Braid and Fez and team meat have their moments of extreme arrogance... But that comes with brilliance as well.

    • PureRumble

      No! 3 stars is NOT a "good" rating. I dont think there is a single dev out there with the aspiration of developing 3/5 stars games. So its not a good thing.

      • philadendron

        3 stars could be defined as "Fair" or "Good". No dev aspires to make those games, but that doesn't mean those games don't exist. Nothing wrong with a reviewer stating "I think Limbo is good, not great". To me, that's what a 3-star review means, and had the review been stated that way, maybe there wouldn't have been such a backlash.

    • witedahlia

      I'm still a little confused about Pixel People's 5 star review. I mean, I like Pixel People. Sort of. But ever since then I've not been too sure about the rating system.

  • kadoore

    its a 5 star game!!!

  • Dams

    They didn't pay enough like for deus ex...

  • Steven Lewis

    Kudos to the reviewer for stating his opinion regardless of popular sentiment. Reviews and review scores are subjective folks.

    • Ax23000

      Just because something is subjective does not mean that any and all opinions on it are equally valid.

  • Nick

    Thank you for the review, Joseph. I appreciate knowing that there is a reviewer who I can promptly ignore from here on out.

    While I get that reviews can be subjective, but this is far and beyond the most ridiculous review I've read on TA. It's like being the one guy who gave TS3 a negative review.

    As for the controls, you HAVE to take them in the context they're in. They aren't as good as the 360 version, which makes sense because there's no controller. But for touch screen controls, NOTHING can touch how tight these controls are. I've played, and hated, more platformer games on iOS, but I can say that these are as perfect as they could be considering we have to rely on the touch screen.

    Hell, when you give a poor review to one of the few games Yahtzee actually likes, you know there's something truly rotten in Denmark.

    • Rivalsan

      What is TS3?

      • Nick

        Toy Story 3

        The review was done by Armond White (on rottentomatoes)

        A major tragedy.

      • themostunclean

        Ha! Armond is such a douche. He gives anything good/popular bad reviews to get page hits. You should see the list of movies he gives good reviews to!

      • Nick

        Oh I did free. God, I think his review and the negative The Dark Knight reviews are why rotten tomatoes turned off the ability to comment on reviews.

  • lanights

    Not a good review at all. Have to agree with most here. *Stunned at this one*

  • 8ptagenda

    Good review, well written.

  • Mooro

    I know I am just joining in with the chorus here but I am on my 2nd play through of the game on an iPhone 4S and I am still loving it. The mood, the polish, the controls and the elegance of the puzzles are all wonderful. Really can't understand this review at all. Don't let this review put you off if you are on the fence about buying this. Just go for it.

  • Alexythimia23

    I can see what this reviewer is trying to say that in too much dying, takes away from the flow of the adventure in the sense that you become desensitised to the fear of dying, whereas where you would carefully time a jump over some spikes, he just ran in head first and lost that creepy immersion that limbo does so well, i get that, but 3 stars?? That is not justification for 3 stars, as that is one of the many aspects of limbo so unfortunately for the reviewer we think you have just had an EPIC FAIL lol

  • russiaone

    frustrating puzzles? nah. you just suck at this game.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Glad I didn't get this. I hate frustrating puzzles. I take my hat off to the reviewer for letting me know so I can make an informed decision.

  • heresandypandy

    The review itself is reasonable enough for the most part, the score however is bizarre when you compare it to other TA reviews. This is why the site shouldn't have a scoring system, basically... Tell us about the game and encourage people to make a choice based on what you've written, not based on an arbitrary and often inconsistent number.

    • LOLCAT

      Hmm...I agree with you. The review seemed very reasonable, the score seemed slightly less so.

  • oooooomonkey

    These new reviewer guys who have been writing the TA reviews lately have all wrote some really bad reviews.
    Not liking them at all.

    • SumoSplash

      I applied, but received no response.

    • Nick

      While am not with this review at all, Joseph has been writing a fair amount of reviews over the last while here, and has also done some stuff with Destructoid as well.

      But looking at his reviewed games, the simple fact that he gave that Garfield Jetpack Joyride game a higher score just boggles the mind. He's certainly a reviewer whose opinion I can be sure not to trust, good or bad.

  • J0n072295

    So let me get this straight, TA gives this brilliant game only 3 stars but gives Real Racing 3, the IAP-infested heartbreaker, 4 stars?! Seriously, I'm calling bulls**t on this one.

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    I fully expected this type of reaction, but Joseph has his opinion about the game and he backs it up well. A lot of you are missing the essence of what he says in the review. He likes the atmosphere, and he likes the style of puzzles in the game, but he DOESN'T like the two together. If you actually read the review, he very eloquently explains this.

    Just because it doesn't fit the majority of reviews for this game doesn't make his opinion wrong. Would you rather he lied about how he felt? If so, then yes, you will need to find another website to read.

    Here are a few comments I want to make about some of the stuff being said in this thread:

    "This review was rushed!" No. Limbo came out last week, Joseph played it to completion on iOS and had played it previously on consoles. This review has actually been done for several days, but we are short staffed at the moment due to some personal issues, so unfortunately it didn't get posted until today. How somebody can somehow think a review for a game that's been out on iOS for over a week and been out on other systems for several years was "rushed" is just beyond me.

    "This review is just trolling!" Just.... no.

    "TA never rates anything below 3 stars, so 3 stars for this means it's the lowest rating possible!" No, we do rate games below 3, but far less so because I'd rather visit a website that pointed out the good games to me rather than the hundreds of thousands of crappy games that I wouldn't download anyway.

    "TA must have asked for money for a 5 star review and got turned down so they gave it 3 stars!" This is so stupid it makes me feel like my head is going to explode. If you make comments like this I'm just going to ban you.

    "These new TA reviewers are terrible!" Joseph has been writing for us for a few years now and he is an excellent writer, so no.

    "You just suck at this game Mr Reviewer!" Congratulations on not even reading the review.

    Look, I understand that a lot of people love Limbo, but if you want a website that's just going to parrot other peoples' opinions and make sure their rating is in line with the current Metacritic review for something, then definitely go somewhere else. There was a lot of internal debate about this review and its score, and in the end we feel that Joseph backs up his claims well and we stand by his review. I'm sorry that so many of you disagree, but that's sort of how opinions work. I guarantee that each one of you likes some game that I probably think is terrible, but I'm not going to go egg your house and tell you you suck at video games.

    tl;dr Yes this is a polarizing review, and please feel free to disagree, but do so in an intelligent manner so we might actually have a meaningful discussion rather than just letting your seething rage flow through your fingertips and onto the internet.

    • bfos

      It seems the issue is with so many different reviewers that it's hard for readers to understand what a particular score means. There have been a lot of bad games that score at least a three that fail on way more levels than Limbo. I'm to the point where I don't have the time to consider a game if you guys don't rate it 4 or more.

      With Limbo, I've already heard enough praise that it was a quick decision for me to play it and It brings so much more than just a [sometimes problematic] control scheme and [sometimes great, sometimes cheap] puzzle platforming. The game excels in flow and rhythm with a clear, silent narrative that connects you through each puzzle so well, so discreetly that it takes you by delightful surprise throughout. This is the artistic genius of Limbo, not just the shadowy mood and near-perfect animations. Joesph's review seems to have missed this. I suspect this is the reason for the anger. Sure, you can fall back on "it's just his opinion". But, opinions very well can be wrong. And with Joseph's review misidentifying the heart and soul of Limbo, I think that would be a fair thing to say here.

      Just as you are asking your audience to not be so quick to get upset with this review, I'd ask for the same consideration from you regarding the reaction. Since this was a reaction TA fully expected, I would have suggested an exploration of the obvious disconnect that Joseph has with most everyone else who has played Limbo. Instead, you just dropped what you knew to be a bomb and are now upset with the carnage.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        No, he didn't miss it. Maybe our podcast will shed more light on this for you.

      • bfos

        The review itself misses it. Completely. That is what people are reacting to. Again, if understanding this review requires a podcast supplemental, the review itself was a failure. Hence the reaction you expected but don't appreciate.

      • Grummie


      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        It doesn't require listening to the podcast, but the text in the review couldn't be any clearer, and if you don't see his point then I don't really know what else to tell you.

      • bfos

        And, btw, I'm not just trying to pile on. I understand your frustration. Many (though I'd argue not most) of the comments are thoughtless. But I just wanted to counter your instinct that our overall, collective reaction to the review is just Internet stupidity. The review really is, despite your protests, lacking. And when you combine that with such a highly received game, this reaction should be both expected and understood.

      • bilboad

        I agree partly with you, but I think Jared is also right in his defense.

        Where I agree with you is in your statement that "it's just his opinion" is not a good defense by itself. As you say, while opinions are subjective, opinions can be wrong. No, I don't think an opinion is wrong just because it differs from mine. I would say an opinion can be said to be wrong when it is clearly based on incorrect knowledge or understanding of the subject. In this review, it seems to me that part of the reviewer's problem with the game comes from his expectation that Limbo should be some kind of story driven adventure, and he's frustrated to find that it's a puzzle/platformer first, with an interesting artistic setting. I think this part of his review is wrong, because I think the reviewer has misunderstood what kind of game Limbo is trying to be.

        That said, I kind of agreed with other aspects of his review, or even where I didn't, I thought it was fair statements of opinion. I personally didn't mind the trial-and-error aspects of the game, but I can see how others might find it disappointing and wish that more of the puzzles could be solved by cleverness alone rather than trial-and-error. What I found disappointing about the game (I played it on Xbox) was that a number of the puzzles seemed to be more about timing than cleverness. Maybe it's just my personal mix of abilities and lack thereof, but for a number of the puzzles I quickly figured out what I needed to do, but then spent a long time and lots of tedious retries before I was able to execute the timing correctly. For me this made the puzzles seem less clever and elegant than some of the reviews made it out to be. I did love the aesthetic of the game, and some of the puzzles were every bit as cool as I expected. But I can easily understand a reasonable person who wasn't missing anything about the game not giving it a 5 star review.

        So overall I have to agree with Jared's response. I think a lot of the responses on here are way over the top, and make the posters seem really thin skinned and intolerant of opinions different from their own. I also don't agree with the demand for a completely consistent site-wide numeric rating system. I like the fact that TA is a collection of individual reviewers with their own preferences and biases. As long as a reviewer clearly explains what they liked and didn't like and why, then I am able to decide for myself how much I might agree with their assessment.

    • echo_pdx

      I don't see a lot of people criticizing what he wrote. The issue is the score, which does not seem to match the content of the review. Metacritic is not relevant to this issue.

      Honestly, I find it suspect that you feel the need to justify the review in such depth. To me, that belies a lack of confidence in your final decision.

      • http://www.toucharcade.com Eric Ford

        Only in this bizarro land would an editor responding to ridiculous accusations and supporting his reviewer would be considered having a 'lack of confidence' in the review.

      • echo_pdx

        Lashing out at people for saying "you suck" is utterly meaningless to all involved. This, to me, belies a lack of confidence. But I do hope he and his team enjoyed the catharsis.

      • http://www.toucharcade.com Eric Ford

        The fact that you're willing to describe Jared's response as 'utterly meaningless' while completing ignoring the ridiculous comments that warranted it in the first place is a bit suspect.

        There are plenty of well-reasoned comments and arguments in this thread, and an attempt to discourage others that resort to what are essentially veiled personal attacks seems to me to be a natural response and one that should probably be made. Again, the fact that you're willing to classify his response as you do is completely bizarre to me, but to each his own I suppose.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        How do they not match?

      • VeganTnT

        I think they match perfectly.

        2/5 stars.

    • ptdshiznit818

      You guys messed up. You should have let the community rage and burn out instead of pointing out the ignorance in some of your "fans", if you will. You're only adding more fuel to the fire. And the fire isn't the backlash created by this review. It's the hate that has begun to stir towards Touch Arcade as a whole for quite some time now.

      I guarantee many people will have stopped frequenting Touch Arcade after your comment, not because of the review.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Weird that you would have a problem with someone addressing misconceptions and then asking everyone to play nice.

      • ptdshiznit818

        Not trying to be rude here, all I'm saying is that as a journalist you should expect this stuff every now and then if not often and just let it blow over. Journalists have to be able to deal with this kind of crap. It comes with the territory of being a journalist.

    • Craig Grannell

      Kudos to you as the editor for stepping into the discussion. I personally find the rating a touch harsh, but I'd also argue Limbo *for iOS* is certainly *not* a five-star game, for various reasons—not least control and timing issues. (Badland, which this reviewer also covered, has similar problems, but that it's much faster and has smaller roadblocks perhaps makes them less of a concern.)

      My thoughts are largely irrelevant, though, given that a review on this site is one person's opinion, and as long as they are thorough and honest (as seems to be the case here), you can't really ask for more than that. I've seen comments asking for site-wide consistency, but I'm not even sure how that could work. Would people really prefer it if, say, reviewers filed copy and the site editors applied the ratings?

      I've written plenty of polarising reviews myself, and sometimes things just don't click; sometimes, someone sees something others do not. Quite often on iOS, people are swept up on waves of hype, which cloud their better judgment. Again, as long as the reviewer is honest and explains their reasoning, that should be enough, even if you disagree.

      (Thinking about it, Limbo also has more than a hint of Rick Dangerous about it—and I despised that game's mechanics back in the day, so I'm not sure why I like Limbo so much. *mulls*)

    • LOLCAT

      THANKYOUTHANKYOU JARED. You just expressed everything I wanted to in that one post.

    • JoelSixPack

      Jared, I genuinely mean this in a constructive way, so please don't take offense, but I feel like I've been reading too many comments from editors and reviewers lately that range from snarky to downright rude. Why do you guys seem to get so offended by people's opinions? You have the big spot at the top of the page to write what you think, and we have our spot at the bottom. It's fine if TA staff wants to chime in, but can't you guys be more objective and tactful?

      In the past two weeks, I've seen one TA reviewer call a reader a clown, one TA reviewer call a reader an unemployed troll, more than a dozen inoffensive comments deleted because I guess you guys didn't like the issue one guy was bringing up, and now you're threatening to ban people if they talk about bribery? This is the only game review site I've seen where readers get so consistently berated by the staff.

      • echo_pdx

        It's the "us vs. them" mentality that is so prevalent in gaming today. We are the unwashed masses, the barbarians at the gate. It really is a shame that it's as bad as it is here, as it stifles conversation. If you need to moderate, fine, moderate, ban away, but don't make a big stink like this. It's embarrassing.

        I feel like things have been spiraling out of control ever since the decision to stop doing the big Wednesday "coming tonight" post went over like a lead balloon. That set something off over there...the attitude has been increasingly toxic ever since. The TA editors need to take a long look in the mirror and decide if this is really the kind of relationship they want to have with their readers.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Hey I remember you I think we used to battle each other in… Mos Speedrun was it?

        Anyway, I hear what you are saying. I really didn't think my comment was very offensive, or defensive I guess. Mainly I was trying to address the real jackass stuff people were saying over and over, and asking people to be nice to each other.

        Yes the comments are for your opinions, but there is a right way and a wrong way to give them. I won't tolerate personal attacks and yes, even accusations of bribery. They don't contribute to the discussion.

  • Ignacio

    I will have to agree with the puzzles being -at least sometimes- arbitrary, and that advancing through repeated deaths may prove offputing to some players. Yet I believe that Limbo is a master example of arthouse gaming, and the whole experience is so cinematographic and eerie, that it's fair to give it a shot. It boils down to a matter of personal taste: I for one was impresssed by the sheer level of detail that went on trying to represent the different types of deaths, but it's easy to see why anyone else would find this rather superflous and just plain frustrating. Amazing review nonetheless.

  • Deixa

    The problem I had wasn't the puzzles, it was mainly timing the challenges you face.
    I had this on the PS3 but just want to know is this the full game you get on the PS3 or a toned down mobile version?

    • Rivalsan

      It is a 100% full port of the game.

  • Harrison

    Death is a part of this game. It isn't too punishing and the puzzles are an adequate difficulty.

  • Press2Play

    this is one of the best game on my iphone right now.

  • McGannahann

    ? Wow

  • Jake7905

    Wow, I'm more surprised by the nastiness of the comments then by the review itself. In the end it's someone's opinion, and even if you disagree, some respect should be given to the writer and his opinion.

    • LOLCAT

      Thank you. That needed to be said.

  • masvil

    I think someone hacked TA site and wrote this review. Right?

  • Flare_TM

    I feel sorry for you Joseph...

  • echo_pdx

    I'm not normally one to complain about review scores, but this really is a little puzzling.

  • InkyTheGhost

    If this review were actually well written and well argued, then no one would be confused why he gave it a 3/5.

    • Jake7905

      Yes, because all of those "confused" by a 3/5 score wrote such eloquent counterpoints in response. Face it, if the same exact review had a 4/5 score no one would be screaming bloody murder.

      • BrushMyNoseOff

        Some have brought up interesting points, but it's pointless one way or another as everything ends up being "that's your opinion" talk.

        Again, the scoring system is the culprit here, but if one was to take it away entirely, majority of the user base would never read any reviews.

      • Jake7905

        I agree a rating system based on objective criteria would be ideal, rather then a system that bases ratings on subjective personal preference.

      • InkyTheGhost

        There are actually some eloquent responses here. For example, bfos.

        As for your second point, you may be right...Joseph also wrote a review for Badland, in which he criticized the controls. In that case, his opinion was wrong - the controls worked exactly as they were designed to work. But no one freaked because he gave it a good score.

        Back to this review. It's just not that good. One of his complaints is that you can only appreciate the puzzles after you've completed them. That just makes no sense to me. How else can you fully appreciate a puzzle until you've finished it?

        Also, as others have pointed out, he seems to have ignored many of the strengths of this game.

        He's free to have his opinion, and TA is free to publish and support it. But the negative response here and in the LIMBO thread is pretty telling.

      • Jake7905

        While I do disagree with the writer's review, and encourage others to do so, most of the complaints written here come across as nothing more then a temper tantrum. I meant no offense to thoughtful commenters such as yourself. Just those that seem more concerned with the rating rather then the review, and whose primary argument is vulgarity, caps, and exclamation points.

      • Jake7905

        Your kind of critique is what I hoped to see when I looked at the comments posted.

    • ZarieoZ

      Well, the point here is the review is well written, I find it good actually, I felt every part of what he said, & it might be true. But my point here is that you don't give a person who hate racing games real racing to review, he will trash it even if it was the best game ever. What I feel here is not that he is bad at the review, it's that he is not in sync with the game, it's plain not his type & that's not fair for the game nor the devs cause it's a good game & should be approached by a reviewer who gets to read between it's lines, here he just read the lines, which is dying over & over again & missed the rest of the journey.

  • Skullinton

    People must stop looking at the score and read the review. It's the important part. It seems that many jumped to the comments as soon as they saw 3* (I for once did to see the reactions) instead of reading the article. Most of the points stated by the reviewer are true and some are more suggestive. I don't totally agree with what he says, but when I took a step back it made a lot of sense.

    • bfos

      While I agree in principle on scores, I just don't have the time to read every review so thoroughly. I do rely on scores to decide what to read more closely. I do prefer the way sites like Kotaku provide succinct, separate bullet points on why someone would want to play a game.

      • Skullinton

        Score can be a convenient way to see if a game is good or not (I use it often) but I've also often found that if you take the time to read the reviews often a lot of positive come out of them even though the score was bad.

        Anyways back on topic, the reason I posted that is that many comments posted above seem to be criticizing the score without taking into account the review...

  • Adams Immersive

    I find the review very helpful in knowing just what a person might or might not like about the game. The review lets me judge how I myself would rate it (and so the star rating of the reviewer means little).

    I'm still interested in this, but a little less so. Thanks for explaining the nature of the frustration so clearly.

  • mako9227

    Wow. You guys really messed up this time.

  • toxiccheese

    I'll tell you what this is... It's just one reviewers opinion. I do not agree with it either, but that's my opinion as well. I loved this game, I never once found the controls or puzzles frustrating, and finished it in two short sessions. Easily one of my most memorable gaming experiences on iOS. At least you and I both agree that this clearly deserves a much higher rating. Others may not, but that's ok too. 🙂

  • Rusothil


    • loophole

      First time I strongly disagree with TA

  • Duloku

    How can it be that games like gangstar Vegas got more stars than this. This review is so not cool everybody out there go buy limbo 6/6 stars "Duloku's reviews"

  • Alex

    Now maybe people will see my dislike for Touch Arcade's archaic rating system. I got so much flack for this before.
    Their ratings suck. It's based on preference, not fact.
    The rating system should be based on fact.
    Controls, Length, Replayability, Bugs, so on. Then take the average out of 10 with 1/2 stars.
    Not, I feel like this game is a 3 star game. It's bullshit and because everyone's personal taste affect the review, the rating should be scientific.
    The review itself will always be personal. The rating shouldn't be though.

    • Skullinton

      The fact is that for some people (the reviewer included) the puzzles mechanics are frustrating ence the 3* review.

    • nightc1

      I agree. Reviews should be largely based on more factual information. Sadly most
      Reviews skip over all the key factual info that i need, which is why I typically don't read TA reviews anymore. I think the core score (if you have to give one) should be primarily based on if the game is actually fun or it does something that really touches on some emotional level unless technical issues ruin the experience. Sadly scores are arbitrarily handed out because they aren't brave enough to buck the system and let the content of their words alone inform.

      If someone doesn't like a game to begin with due to playing it on other platforms the they shouldn't even be allowed to review it on a professional level. I have a feeling this reviewer isn't a fan of the genre at all.

      • dancj

        That's crazy talk.

        No matter how hard you try a review is always going to be subjective. If I review a game that's incredibly polished and has excellent sound, graphics and controls, but for whatever reason isn't fun to play then I would give it a low score - because at the end of the day, that is what games are about.

        That can only ever be subjective.

        IMO, there's non problem with this reviewer giving this game 3 stars if that reflects his experience. If anything is questionable it's the apparent rule that only one TouchArcade reviewer can review any given game.

  • ImJPaul

    This is just brutally inaccurate. That's my opinion. We're all entitled to one, right?

    You had to know you were gonna get a rise out of people when you have dear beloved Limbo 3 stars. I've enjoyed reading the arguments and I'm surprised this has gotten more attention then Dungeons getting cancelled. Crazy.

    • evilsearch

      people already lost hope months ago when chair said that IBD is on a postpone stage. so basically after months passing by, people just simply dont care bout the game anymore. and yes limbo is brutally rated 3 stars.

  • evilsearch

    TA review always suck. they are not gamers, they just the journalist who know nothing about games but pretend and act like they know anything bout games. limbo here, one of the few games that I'm dying to see it getting ported to iOS and finally it comes with all its glory to my beloved idevice and i simply gave it 4.5(if playdead give us another option of control scheme then ill give it a 5). suddenly they just rate it 3 stars. oh,well i have to understand that its just an opinion, A SUCKS ONE for sure!!!

  • Doc Robby

    A reviewer has one responsibility... and that is to provide their personal opinion of the reviewed game. He/She only has to be responsible to him/herself otherwise there in no authenticity or integrity in the review. This would be an insult to the readers such as you. To expect the reviewer to rate something according to our views is immature and egotistical. This is not to say that we may disagree with the reviewer and point out why we disagree, but here we are really only expressing our truth and the way we personally see things just as the reviewer did in their review. To say to someone, "You don't have a right to your opinion because it's different than mine", is an act of frustration and futility.

    But that is exactly what many of the comments here seem to be saying.

    There's something about someone not being part of the group mentality or of our personal opinion that we as humans find particularly offensive. This has caused more strife in history than can imagined.
    I disagree with this review. I don't however disagree with his right to his opinion however illogical I may find it and thus, I don't need to get irritated about it.

    It's not personal.

    Let me repeat that... It's not personal!

    TA is made up of individuals. Thank God they don't march in lock-step in their opinions in order to appease the masses. Because of this I choose to read the reviews of a reviewer who I already know generally shares my taste in games. Others, like this reviewer, I take with a grain of salt knowing that the he has a place just right for someone else.

  • kioshi

    The iOS version has a 92% rating on Metacritic, higher than the PC, Xbox and Vita versions.

    So if you wanna read other reviews, this game is a critical success, although I do respect some reviewer not rating it highly. This is not a game everyone in the world will love (I do though and is give it 4.5 or 5 stars).

  • B3nlok

    150 coments and counting...Is there any reason to believe they could reach such numbers doing a predictable 55 review?

  • blackout845

    I just wanna see how many likes i can get

  • anada

    Taste is subjective and everyone has their own opinions, but if someone gave, say, Mario Galaxy 3/5 or 6/10 or 60/100 would anyone take it seriously? If you own a site or a magazine and someone slaps an average score on a classic or "masterpiece" then that is not only a reflection on the reviewer, but on the site/magazine itself. If a reviewer turned in a 60/100 for Goldeneye to a N64 magazine back in the day do you think they would print it just because he didn't like the endless spawning of enemies?

    When you are in an influential position, like TA is, there needs to be some responsibility and accountability on scoring games, especially a perfect port of a widely regarded classic like Limbo. I'm not saying that you need to look up the metacritic score and copy it over, but when you are the odd one out (by a fair margin) then the question needs to be raised if you have the right person in the hot seat.

    • Skullinton

      No one will take a person seriously if they slap a ridicoulous score without backing it up. Here The reviewer pointed out the reasons why his experience wasn't perfect, thus justifiing his rating. And having the other side of the medal can always be plaisant.

      Also not following the thrend of great / near perfect review shouldn't raise any alarms, sice every reviewer is entitled to its opinion.

      Finally the beauty of Metacritic is that you can see all the reviews and compare them to make a judgement.

      • anada

        Sure, but Eli has said before that their star scores are how much they recommend the game. A game like Limbo should be highly recommended, no doubt, not given an average score.

        To expand on my earlier point, if Rolling Stone Magazine decided to do an article on "the worst albums of all time" and the writer had Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd at number one, and explained in detail why he felt it was a horrible album, would his opinion be wrong? No. But would Rolling Stone publish it? Nope. They'd throw it in the bin and get someone else to write the article.

      • Skullinton

        The reviewer doesn't highly recommend the game, what do you need more? They chose him to review the game and they agreed on the rating he gave (as stated by Jared above).

  • MrsKaherEsq

    TA is trolling.

  • Jef Crisis

    limbo is awesome on Xbox. definitely NOT a touch screen game. disagree with everything else. I've completed it several times on Xbox and not once found it annoying or frustrating. guess this guy didnt like Another World or Flashback either?....

  • Scape3d

    Couldn't disagree with this review and rating more. This game is a masterpiece.

  • Dark NRG

    Shameful review!!! I wouldn't give this guys troubles to a monkey on a rock!
    I woulda said "Unreal!", but feared him reviewing my comment as a game at 2 Stars.

  • Jef Crisis

    to be honest if you haven't played limbo already on another device... what are you doing??? the only need for a review is to see how the controls have been translated to touch!

    and in other news; RA RA RA RA RA RA etc

  • JimmyTW

    Insane review, not only taken against how universally lauded the game is elsewhere by gamers and critics alike. But when you see some of the ratings they give to other games, are we really saying that Limbo is comparable to Whirl the Squirrel in quality? I'm questioning my faith in touch arcade now

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      Without wanting to stick my hand too far into this mess, Joseph didn't review Whirl, I did. Admittedly, I was a little lazy that day and opted not to use my time machine to travel to the future and see what score a different person would give to a different game in a different genre, so I do apologize for that.

      While I think it's generally fair to compare different reviews from the same reviewer, trying to compare scores from two different people is a fool's errand. You don't know what score I would have given Limbo, nor do you know what score Joseph would have given Whirl. We are two different individuals giving our honest opinions of different games.

      • http://www.polygame.co.nz/ Karl Burnett

        Agreed. I also don't think scores should be compared to other games... each one is rated on its own merit. You can't compare Limbo to Street Fighter IV, for example...

      • lena

        I appreciate that you are two different persons, but TA has alway made it very clear that the scores are not just one persons opinion, that they have to stand behind it. That's the reason the Love Me Not review was pulled, for example: the editor didn't agree with the score of the reviewer, even though the reviewer backed up their opinion just fine.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        And the editors do stand behind Joseph's score of Limbo and my score of Whirl. That doesn't mean our threes are the same score. This isn't science, it's art.

      • theiof

        Readers don't look at the names of the reviewer. They look at the reputation of TA and compare every review with that. That is not to say that you can compare Limbo to Whirl, cuz the games are different. But every review has to come from TA, TA is bound to that. If you order the website of TA by reviewer it is different, but TA does not, it orders by review/game.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        I know, but surely you can't ask us to somehow think and feel in lockstep with each other? That's kind of an impossible request.

        The rest of this isn't directed specifically at you, theiof, but in spite of my desires, my hand is pretty deep in this mess now, so I might as well say my peace.

        I mean, we're all gamers here, and we all get pretty passionate about this stuff, and why not? We love this hobby, right? But there must be a time in the past for everyone here where you tried a big, well-loved, hyped game, and it just didn't work out for you, right?

        I know for me, for example, Mirror's Edge, the console/PC version that is, just didn't work out for me at all. I *should* have liked it, but I didn't. I could point out its flaws all day long. But for many people, including much of the press, the game clicked with them sufficiently that they overlooked all of the flaws.

        I think that's what's happened here with Joseph and Limbo. It's obviously a very beloved game, but it has its flaws (I feel Joseph did a good job of pointing them out), and while most players aren't bothered by those flaws, Joseph was, and reported so honestly. As a gamer, and one with a keen interest in design, I find it interesting to hear the views of someone who didn't like something otherwise beloved, provided they articulate their views well enough.

        I can find a thousand reviews talking about why Limbo is great, but Joseph's is one of the only ones I've read that told me the ways Limbo doesn't work, and that's pretty fascinating to me as a fan of the game. I'd certainly much rather read that than Joseph trying to lie about his feelings in order to try to provide some kind of objective review, like Limbo is some sort of toaster.

        And you know, sometimes it chafes to read a less enthusiastic point of view on something you love. It chafes me a little sometimes, and I thought I'd put that behind me years ago. I read a review of Yakuza 5 that made me go nuts a few months ago, haha, so I understand why some people are getting a little heated. But in the end, if you played this game, and you love this game, and you know you love this game, why does Joseph's review being lower than you may have expected matter?

        Don't worry about its sales or its metacritic, Limbo will do just fine with or without the sway of a single review. You will surely see more games from the very talented team behind it. This is just one guy who didn't like it as well as some of the rest of you did, saying pretty clearly why he didn't like it. Disagree with him by all means. Refute him as much as you like. But respect that the guy is not a robot and has the right to speak his true feelings on the game without being told to hold his tongue. If that honesty causes you not to trust this site, I'm not really sure what to say about that.

        P.S. Whirl got a great update, it's at least 2x Limbo now! 😉

      • http://www.polygame.co.nz/ Karl Burnett


      • theiof

        I'm not asking that from you or other reviewers. I'm simply saying that it is TA's job to set one front and consistency in regard to earlier and future reviews.

        In regard to the rest I am fond of honesty. The reviewer did a good job with that. Also his arguments are good, but read my other comments down below about this. It doesn't end up relatively to the good things of the game.

        A reviewers job is not only to be honest but to be as objective as he/she can be as well. The rating should be a product of the objectivities and not one of subjectivity.

        Again, it is TA's job to hold that objectivity up. Even if, certainly when, the comments of the reviewer are more dynamic than what is broadly proclaimed.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Thanks for your reply, theiof. I see where you're coming from. I think we're not too far apart here, but we do differ on a fundamental point. You feel that reviewers should strive to be as objective as possible, but I don't necessarily agree with that. Game criticism still has a long way to go, but I'd hope the ultimate end is that it becomes the same as other forms of entertainment and art criticism, because that would mean gaming was probably something more than a simple disposable consumer product. Nobody asked Ebert to be objective. We don't ask book, music, or art critics to set their personal feelings aside as much as possible. I think that we ask that of game critics is a sure sign gaming still has a lot of development in the future.

      • theiof

        For me it's two-sided. You make a good point, some games are art in my pov as well. Some are not ;). But that's one side.

        The other side is objectivity because there are mechanical things about a game. The controls, the port, history of, power of graphics and a lot more are subject to objectivity. That's inherent to technology and innovation yes, and inherent to games as well. What works and what doesn't.

        Style, learning curve, story, art direction and a lot more are art centric decisions and are subject to subjectivity. So I think that reviewing games has to evolve, but it shouldn't forget its roots. The happy medium 😉 I agree ánd disagree with you. Thank you too, having a normal discussion under 'comment'-circumstances are rare and nice to have nowadays.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Thank you for a nice discussion as well. I'd best cut it here for the night, though. I'm on my phone now and Discus is such a pain on here. 🙂

        Happy gaming, folks, whatever side of this you fall on!

      • nightc1

        There are games and genre I personally don't enjoy. I would never attempt to review them for fans of those genre no matter how much I needed the commission. It's just being professional and ethical.

        If you were in the market to buy a car and had settled in on a Volkswagen because you've bought them before and like them, would you value car reviews from someone that hated Volkswagens or German engineering? I know that I wouldn't. Same for games. I wouldn't value the review one bit from someone that dislikes figuring out puzzles in an adventure game. That would be like me reviewing a Rally racing game. I have never clicked with them. How would my review help those that like the genre determine if the new game is worth buying? It's up to the gamer to determine if they like a specific genre, but up to reviewers to want to help gamers or not.

        Anyone can write reviews, but not everyone should. They do not help readers make informed purchasing decisions or better yet help determine if a game is worth their time. Posting just for shock and awe just to be different is trolling.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        I think you're assuming a lot about Joseph, but I suppose it can't be helped.

        Is that all Limbo is to you, then? A car? You just want to know if everything runs well, completely divorced from the feelings it inspires? That seems like a bit of a shabby way to treat a game like this, in my opinion.

      • Dioxis Mining

        In my unbiased opinion as the developer of Whirl the Squirrel, I wholeheartedly agree with Shaun that the new update makes Whirl absolutely excellent! It incorporated all the community feedback I received about the game from forums and reviewers.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Ummmmm no, not at all. That was not the Love Me Not situation at all. Please don't spread misinformation.

      • ZarieoZ

        The point is that what's you feel, each reviewer at TA see his review as his opinion. But for the viewer, it is TA's opinion. I hate that before reading each review, I have to see who wrote to see if I should skip it. What I wanna say that when he mentioned whirl he wasn't accusing you cause as I said, for him, it's TA's opinion. The viewer won't keep record of every game & It's reviewer, it's all TA for him.

        Anyway, don't take my comment personally. I don't remember what games you reviewed but I can vouch for your writing skills Shaun, it caught my attention before, several times. You have a way with words & your reviews are insightful.

    • Dioxis Mining

      JimmyTW, I won't comment on Limbo, but I have to say, especially with the new, great update I just put out, give Whirl the Squirrel a try if you haven't already. It's extremely high-quality. The challenge in the first levels was just a little much in version 1.0. The new update fixes all of that and more.

  • Alex Wolf

    I dont like this reviewer

    • Guest

      He speaks so highly of you, though.

    • http://www.polygame.co.nz/ Karl Burnett

      He speaks so highly of you, though...

  • http://www.kizi10.info/ Kizi 10

    The details are well-explained and very concise.

  • Jake7905

    Just wondering, what's the record for most comments posted for a review on Touch Arcade?

    • nightc1

      I think that's part of the purpose of the review. They say there's no such thing as bad press, but bad press still kills the reputation. It's sad the workers at TA don't care about the reputation they create as a collective.

  • theiof

    What? For the first time I'm disappointed with TA. You make a good point with the frustration. It is one of the traps of the game. But not falling into that trap is one of the game's greatest inventions and joys. The learning curve is so good in all parts. I was scared shitless and it was breathtaking from beginning to the end. You got to have the will to dive into the game and it will take you from the first second. If you just want to play out the game, yes, it is frustrating. But that does not cost the game 2 whole stars. It costs the game a half star! That was my disbelieve after reading a good review. Only three? Usually I buy games or not after reading TA, but in this regard it is reversed...

    • theiof

      BTW: It is a reviewer's choice to swim against the... by critiquing a formerly known game classic. I do like that TA and/or the reviewer tries to look critically instead of copying of following the trend surrounding Limbo's ratings elsewhere. But the arguments are just not worth a two star fall... You need to rate flaws in regard to context and the positive context of Limbo exceeds the flaw the reviewer points out.

    • ChaosIsMe

      So you didn't buy it based on his review? Sounds like you saved yourself 5 dollars. Don't see a problem here.

      • theiof

        No I did buy it, because of a demo I played before. Hence the 'reversed'.

      • ChaosIsMe

        Well then if you enjoy it stop whining, chief.

      • theiof

        You need to get yourself a hobby or some other time consuming activity, cause posting here is only bad for you. Instead I have had a couple of really interesting conversations and discussions, something that tickles my intellect, the intellect of others and it keeps me sharp. You know the sole-purpose of threads like this right? It is dis-cus-sing, something you clearly contradict with your young and foolish comment. So get lost kid.

  • heresandypandy

    I'm afraid if you want to understand the puzzling review score you're going to need to die a few times.

  • Vestid

    I never finished Limbo. Found it boring. The atmosphere was fun for about 15 mins. The puzzles were annoying or lame most of the time (including cheap deaths). Plenty of iOS games that are much more fun. Good review. That is all.

  • Alexythimia23

    Wow! Lol why is jared nelson so obviously upset at peoples opinions? This is a forum so just like josephs personal 3star score, we also have our opinions, so threatening to ban someone? Grow up please we are all hopefully adults and can take the criticism on the chin, but no need to get your proverbial panties in a bunch over this, read my earlier review and i get where the reviewer is coming from to a degree, but a 3 star is unwarranted, lets show support for games like this so we do get more great games available for us ios users, peace out.

  • ChaosIsMe

    Good review. Nice to see a reviewer who doesn't need to piggy back on the opinions of others on these faux-artsy games. It's kind of a shame to see such a backlash for expressing opinion, but I'd willing to bet the majority of those whining are children.

  • lanights

    I'm sorry, but when this amazing port receives the same 3 star review as 'Attack of the Spooklings', there is undeniably something amiss here.

    • slamraman

      I'd've given Attack of the Spooklings more. For what it is, it's perfect.

  • PadreTomasito

    3 stars? Come on. It's a good 4/5 star game. Really polished, nice idea, even if don't like to see all this deaths (especialy dying kids) the game is quite good.

  • NickyNichols

    If your app wasn't so nicely made I would no longer come here. And give back our coming tonight articles! Damn TA, what has happened?

  • Piccadillio

    Wow. Considering how many 4.5 and 5 star reviews this place hands out, it's surprising to see one of the most highly-rated games of the last couple of years only get 3 stars.

    But I guess that's how we work, as humans. For example, I didn't like Shadow of the Colossus - a game that is often mentioned as being among the greatest ever made. This is an example of why reviews are useful, but shouldn't be taken as gospel.

    • Nick

      That reminds me, I need to play the copy of Shadow I pined so long for and have yet to really play. Friggin backlog.

  • Haunter

    This is more controversial that when Real Racing 3 was annoinced Free to Play!

  • madmaxmedia

    I love this game on Mac (haven't tried on iOS yet), but actually understand the reviewer's point about the puzzles. It involves a lot of trial-and-error, but for me it completely fit the esthetic of the game.

  • grits

    Limbo is one of my top games of this generation. It's brilliant. That's my opinion.

  • squirpe

    So by this reasoning, will the next Angry Birds game get 3 stars because the reviewer gets stuck on a level? I think not.

    Limbo is a wonderful game, a travesty it got 3 stars here. Should have been 4.5 at least.

  • dogface

    My dad, who has never even played this game said it's worth more than 3 stars.

    • ChaosIsMe

      Very compelling argument.

  • oldgamer dude

    There are a lot of comments about this review for sure. But a review you don't agree with thankfully doesn't make the game less fun.

    Well like a couple of others have said the review has some good points. The score just seems off, but I don't think this is going to hurt sales of this game. It's got good reviews on the App Store and a good meta critic score. More people look at those than TA.

  • SumoSplash

    As it's been stated elsewhere, it's not so much the review as it is the rating. It's actually well written and you can't fault an opposing viewpoint. However, when I looked at the 3 out of 5, my record player needle skipped, lightning struck outside my window and then the ground started to shake.

  • http://about.me/davidlnguyen David Nguyen

    Just came here to say that while I'm not very good at this game and yes, I do think it's frustrating, but that's to the fault of my lack of skill not the game. I've played iphone games since the app store launched and this is definitely a 5 star app in my opinion. The touch controls are perfect and they retained the lack of interface and controls showing on the screen to keep you really immersed in the experience. This is one of the few games that actually feels like the iphone was designed for these types of games and will set an example of how developers can successfully implement controls onto a IOS device for a seamless user experience.

  • pjoernrachzarck

    Joseph Lerayis entitled to his opinion. But I, for one, will stay far away from whatever else he will be publishing to the internet in the future.

  • 61050

    this was the first game in a LONG time to hold my attention and leave me with a "what's next" kind of feeling. to each their own though. i didnt and still dont see why sword and sworcery was so well received. doesnt mean its a bad game, it just didnt click with me. this did, for me, but apparently didnt for the reviewer. its not the end of the world.

  • Trunks252

    I own this on pc, and while it surely isn't the best game ever, it deserves AT THE VERY LEAST 3.5 stars. And that's worst case scenario. I'd say it deserves a 80-90%. These touch arcade reviews have always seemed a bit sketchy to me, but this is ridiculous. 3 stars? Frustrating puzzles? That's the point. People who don't like certain genres shouldn't review in them.

  • liverpoolfcxx9

    as a game that received a 9 as a console game from top review sites, this score makes no sense... i know we shouldnt go based on other reviews but many of far more credible reviewers scored it near perfect for consoles and when the controls supposedly transfer so well how can it earn only a 3/5 for a great port on ios when ios games generally are no where near console quality

  • pxlpshr

    All you guys are getting you a$$holes torn on the podcast. Rage forums.

  • broomburgo

    The author completely misunderstood the game. Do yourself a favor and buy it, ignoring this review. It's a 5 start game.

  • Neehan

    I'm never making any purchases based off a TA review again.

  • JammaTal

    epic failure by TA. this game has something very special about it.
    the whoes of the reviewer can be highlighted with this quote:"...brute forced your way through the puzzles."
    no way! no brute force needed. he must have missed something like careful observation, analyzing, brainstorming, thinking. it just never felt "frustrating" or "repetitive" for me. nor destroyed the puzzles the fascinating mood. obviously because i not bruteforced through them.
    challenging, enjoyable and satisfying was my experience.
    the rating is totally out of bounds compared to many other ratings on TA.
    sad affair 🙁

    • Doc Robby

      Like I said in an earlier post: TA has many reviewers and just because you don't like this review over Limbo doesn't make it an 'epic failure' by TA. We're not talking about the Borg here with a collective group conscious that marches in lockstep with one another, but rather individual reviewers who have one job and one job only... to say it like they see it whether we agree with it or not. Otherwise in trying to please the masses they would have to resort to being dishonest with themselves and writing an article lacking integrity. Is this what you want??? There are so many people here that have had their ego's bruised by someone else's opinion that they don't agree with that it's really quite sad. Since when have our opinions become God? TA can't win for losing. It might help if you realize that Joseph's reviews may not be for you and instead find a reviewer that does reflect your views in most cases. Joseph may represent one end of the bell curve at TA but he will still resonate with many readers who are of like mind. He has his place and his review is not a personal affront like so many here seem to take it. In order to avoid this fiasco of opinion wars in the future, I would suggest to TA to have at least 2 reviewers cover the bigger games in a Syskel and Ebert style. It would create a friendly and possibly fun tension where the reader can perhaps find a bit of them self in one or both of the reviews. Two reviewers might also help the readers see something that the other reviewer missed, gaining a better perspective of where the game lacks and where it thrives. It will present TA as more consistent, yet also unique in its reviews. Of course if one reviewer thinks that the other reviewer is full of crap that could be fun too if done right. It would certainly draw more readers in.

      On a side not... I'm an American that's been living in the Netherlands for the past few years. When the did the word 'Epic' all of as sudden show up in our language so much? It's so overused that it's become ridiculous and lame (no offense intended to the reviewer above). It's as bad as when Cartman decided to use 'Heller' to describe everything.

      • themostunclean

        It's "hella" and that started in SoCal before Cartman adopted it. I used to hear tour kids from California use it all the time. Good thing it had a very short lifespan, annoying.

  • http://www.yepi2.co/ yepi

    thank articles very so much

  • http://www.yepi2.co/ yepi

    really! i don't care this things, but i has more know

  • yaboyrasp

    Never seen a bunch of nerds rage so much over a number

    • FraggleJP

      Well you have now, so you'll have to find something else to belittle to make yourself feel big.

  • arosellisp

    It makes me pretty sad to read thi review. I understand that it is the opinion of the reviewer, but also it also represents toucharcade's opinion, and I really think they should be more careful with who reviews things. This Game has made a huge impact on the gaming world. It has a reason why so many outlets gave it 10/10 scores, maybe he/she should have looked into that.

    • themostunclean

      I think the point was to drum up controversy and page-hits. And, well.... It worked. I can't remember the last time a TA article had this many comments.

      On the bright side, it also put Limbo back on the "hot new games" list because of forum activity.

  • http://applebits.at/ Diga

    Can't disagree more, definitive a 5 star game.

  • habitablejam3

    Frustrating puzzles...More like awesome puzzles

  • http://twitter.com/BeRad_Ent Be-Rad

    *shakes head*

  • paul_a

    Something smells I say! 3 stars?????

  • doinbox

    This is a bad review. This game is amazing to the reviewer incase you didn't realise! Its a puzzle game!

  • Alexythimia23

    Lmfao so funny that Joseph leroy has not written another review since this one! As supposedly TA's reviewers have backed his ratings up as a bold move to point out flaws on an otherwise perfect game, if so.... Why is he not writing any more reviews? Or is he on leave to be home schooled on how to critique a game?

  • Lostpop21

    I think that 3 isnt bad. But this game deserves better...

  • http://www.yepi10.net/ yepi 10

    story is very great.

  • Ollivar Frank

    Boring? I could understand frustrating but not boring. And the ending was an ending. He found his sister. Anything after that would be a book few people buy or a sequel.

  • jfv

    I appreciate this reviewers opinion, and I feel like some might agree, but I think the majority of people disagree. I really strongly think that multiple reviewers should come together to agree on a score. Limbo can be many things, and for me it was a super fun physics based puzzle game with a stark and beautiful art style, and with so many sick and twisted death animations, it made me want to go back and die in as many horrible ways as possible. I did not find the deaths to be frustrating for me, as I usually could figure out how to do a puzzle within one or two deaths, and then when I would complete a puzzle I would have that moment of triumph where I would say "yes!" To myself. So touch arcade. Read the comments. Do something about this.

  • liteking

    I played and loved Limbo on PC. But to be honest, I think the iOS version deserve 3 stars. The control on iOS version is so irritating that make me give up after 15 minutes

  • mzinn

    It took me a little time to get into the game. I was like yeah whatever & then it happened. I became obsessed. I quickly looked online for how many "levels" it had as i didn't want to finish the game too soon. Happily i saw that the game had enough in it to keep my going for a while. So i played on & kept finding more & more enjoyment in Limbo. I love that you don't have to totally restart or restart too far back when you die. The controls are pretty good even though I'm not a huge fan of these type. Takes a few attempts to figure out the move & timing but that adds to the fun. This game is way more fun than i originally thought. First five minutes I would have given it a 3. After thirty minutes its a solid 4.5. LOVE IT!

  • mzinn

    5 stars. Awesome game. Dark & an absolute blast. Im near the end & am going slow so its not over. Love this game

  • JonathonWilder

    I enjoyed the game, and finished it... but even I admit there was times it grew frustrating enough I had to step away and about half way through I begin missing the forest part of the game. Puzzles are meant to be challenging but not if the puzzle requires dying multiple times.

    From a certain perspective, it was as if some cruel gaming god liked seeing a person die time and time again. More is the constant deaths that actually took me out of the game at some points and even when the mood was right there was question of what the story actually was.

    There are few details from the game itself and over 10 different theories involving what the game is actually about. I honestly feel 3 to be a fair rating, at best a 4 for me. There was times it was just too frustrating to be a 5 out of 5.

    • Lelouch

      I know what you mean about those types of games. I hate having to die and restart. It's frustrating, and puts me on edge, which prevents me from doing my best! XD

  • Poncho Guy

    I completely agree with this review and don't see how this game is getting such high reviews. The point everyone's making about the reviewer being 'bad at puzzles" is completely misplaced, the puzzles strive on trial and error with deaths you can't predict which just adds cheap difficulty. I could blast through the puzzles easily but had to die multiple times just to know what to do which isn't fun.

    Overall the atmosphere is 5/5 and if you get emersed I can easily see how everyone can love the story. But if you take a step back, take out the graphics and look at the games puzzles platforming, I would say this game only deserves 1 or 2 stars at most and should just be an animated movie.

  • Luzsec

    My favorite game ever get 3 stars from TA... :/

  • Raphael Alexander

    I'm here from the Inside review. I agree about the puzzles, and I think the touch controls make it impossible to finish the game.

LIMBO Reviewed by Joseph Leray on . Rating: 3