We've been rather enjoying Deus Ex: The Fall [$4.99] since it suddenly popped up in the App Store early yesterday, and many of our forum members eagerly began downloading the highly-antiicpated title as soon as it became available. However, some of those members have been treated to a harsh surprise upon trying to play the game, as Square Enix seems to have built in a form of piracy prevention that prevents players with jailbroken devices from playing Deus Ex properly. If you have a jailbroken device and you load up the game, you'll be treated to this screen, posted by one of our forum members:


That's right, if you're jailbroken you can technically play Deus Ex: The Fall, but you won't be able to fire your weapon. So, really, you can't play Deus Ex: The Fall. Now, inserting clever anti-piracy tactics is nothing new, and I've definitely had a chuckle over some of the ideas developers have come up with to deal with the piracy problem. However, as many iOS users know, jailbreaking has been around forever and is used for much more than just pirating apps from the App Store. Effectively excluding all jailbreakers seems a tad unfair.

The flip side of that, though, is that if you are jailbroken, you're technically running an unauthorized operating system on your device, and nobody is obligated to make sure that things work fine on that operating system. I tend to lean more towards this side of the coin for things like bugs and unexpected software behaviors, though. I mean, if you're choosing to be jailbroken and something doesn't work quite right because of it, that's kind of on you for not running the tested and approved operating system, and I don't feel that developers should have to go out of their way to fix those particular issues. But something that was explicitly built into a game just to mess with jailbroken devices? Well, I'm not totally sure how I feel about that just yet.

It seems like it would have been a good idea to at least let people know about this in the iTunes description or something, since you can very easily drop the money to buy Deus Ex: The Fall without realizing you can't play it properly on a jailbroken device. And I'm not so sure if Apple would be keen on giving you a refund, either, since they aren't fans of people altering their operating system. So you might just be out the $7 bucks.

It's definitely a weird situation, and it'll be interesting to see if Square Enix sticks to their guns about this or if they eventually back off, since there are plenty of jailbreakers that legitimately purchase their apps. For now, though, buyer beware if you're jailbroken. There seems to be ways around this situation, which I'm sure you can find on your own with a Google search or two, but we'll keep our ears open for any word from Square Enix if this limitation will stand or not.

  • Taclys

    Sorta a cheap move, but I am ok with this.

    • wingz

      Lol aint tht a b****!!!

    • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

      Why? I am a jailbreaker and legitimately buy all of my apps. Yes, there are those who use jail breaking very irresponsibly, but I think this is unfair, especially with that punk-ass message they stuck in there. "LOL you're jailbroken so you can't fire. TROLOLOLO"

      • Eseres

        Well, it didn't quite say "LOL" and "TROLOLOLO", did it?
        But you got some of it quoted right though.

      • Taclys

        You should definitely be allowed to play this, I have no problem with that. However, the majority of jail breakers pirate apps, and if I were square Enix with this much work out into this game, I wouldn't want it pirated.

    • shadax

      Install xCon from cydia. Problem solved.

  • ukdna

    Hilarious! Not only will they effectively steal money from law abiding people (so sayeth the Supreme Court), but do they honestly believe anyone would give up a jailbreak to play one game? Which game was it again... I already forgot...

    • C. Stubb

      Ok, define "steal". How about "law-abiding"?

      • http://www.centercode.com Luke Freiler

        Steal money = take your $7 for a product you can't use (without explaining that requirement) to play it on a device that is completely "law-abiding" (it's not illegal to Jailbreak). That work?

  • Belgmeister

    Xcon in cydia bypasses this.

    • SandmanSandlin

      Yep nice try developers.

  • m0ncrieff

    I don't like jailbreak and find software piracy bad, but have read, that there's some tweak, that fixes this problem, so jailbreak users will be ok.

  • Avantyr

    Thanks for the heads up. I feel that's just wrong, jailbreaking isn't the same as piracy and developers shouldn't be mixing them up.
    I will not be buying this at least not unless someone patches that.

    • Eseres

      Nope, jailbreaking is more like chopping the suspenders on your car to the point that it comprimises our car safety just to get a low rider.
      Or putting a "little" more gunpowder in you homemade bullets to get a little more "bang".
      Jailbreaking just gives you some options that doesn't come from the factory.
      Apple just don't wont to be responsible for anything that happens to your phone IF you jailbreak it.
      By that i meen if your device should stop working for some reason, someone should hack your device or something like that.
      Apple made the device to work in a certain way, and if you jailbreak it you'll alter the way it should operate safely.
      What if your device explode next to your ear because of it overheats or something?
      I wonder if any of those accidents that have happend to some iPhone users that had their phone exploding or catching fire had anything to do with jailbreaking...
      So in a way, i also understand that Apple strongly advice NOT to jailbreak their devices.
      Does stuff like more folder space and stuff like that really meen that much?
      The ONE thing i see about jailbreaking a iPhone is that you can get apps that blocks unwanted callers and such.
      I really miss that on a iPhone. God knows that there is a lot of phone salesmen that i would really love to block the number for.
      Salesmen and tax men LOL!

      • Chester_Copperpot

        Are you on something, or is that just how your brain works?

      • Eseres

        Nope, but you're obviously too dumb to understand facts.

      • swatbot

        Wrong, wrong, wrong. 'Jailbreaking' gives you administrative access to your own freaking computer, which is what you should have in the first place, like with most other tablets and computers on the market. Does your mac or PC 'explode' just because you can login as admin and browse the file directory?

        Apple's default mode has you locked into a weak and crippled user mode.

        It's amazing how easily consumers are brainwashed into fear when you use words like 'jailbreak' to describe a totally legit way of using your own computer.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        Exactly, while I don't jailbreak myself, I completely understand the reasonings to jailbreak. It's also a fact that a lot of features idevices now, was originally always available on a jailbreak device. So if apple does it...

        Anyways, that's guys a retard.

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        Dumb slave talk, drink that Apple Kool Aid deep, friend.

  • Dams

    Because it's well known that jailbreaker pay for their Apps...

    It will impact 10 whiners here or there, not much a big deal.

    • ukdna

      I'd like to know how you formed your opinion. How do you think cydia sales are doing? Or do you even know what is?

    • Ryan

      A lot of people (myself included) jailbreak for the awesome emulators and vastly improved customization options..jail breaking is legal but piracy is not, that statement is like calling all Android users pirates. I bought this game legitimately and find it screwed up that the devs are literally blocking people that bought the game from playing it with no refund options available.

      • C. Stubb

        I think they know exactly what their doing; they just don't care.

      • Illuminerdy

        Bet you got hard copies of all those ROMs you load.

    • Big D

      I jailbroke my phone so I could use iBlacklist. I pay for all my apps.

      And sure, there are people who jailbreak solely for piracy, but this won't affect them because there is already a fix for it apparently. So, once again, drm only screws paying customers.

      Glad I hadn't bought this yet.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      You're just being stiff. Jailbreak is equivalent to a PC owner that wants to over-clock their machine. Apple, I'm sorry that you're so late in the game to offer an iOS that provides desired jailbreak functions (like more than 12 apps in a folder). It's the same concept as Nvidia not wanting people to have full control with over-clocking. I'm not buying Deus Ex. Jailbreak features are important and it is not worth 7 bucks wasted on a game that doesn't work with the wonderful iOS I own, and all its functionality as a truly 'smart' phone.

  • twistedmind87

    For anyone who missed my forum posts XCon from cydia fixes this issue. Tested and verified on numerous devices.

  • Siannath

    I'm a jail breaker and I buy all my apps. Even the expensive ones. This is a total offense to me.

    • ukdna

      iBlacklist and MyWi pwn everything in the App Store. It's funny when people have no clue whatsoever what they are talking about.

    • Ryan

      Same. I'm done with Square Enix for now, if Xcon didn't work(and sometimes it doesn't) they would've effectively stole $7 from me...

    • James


    • 61050

      every app on my phone is either legally free or has been purchased. some of the IAP BS might not be quite as legit, but that isnt what were talking about

      • hourglass

        IAP is a bunch of bullshit anyway.

  • twistedmind87

    Also set permissions to owner : mobile group : mobile and read, write and execute in all boxes (use ifile or ifunbox) for the record I purchase all my apps and primarily jailbroke to get around apples ridiculous download limit as I have unlimited 3G usage. If apple sorted them selves out jailbreaking wouldn't be an issue. ios 7 starts the ball rolling with built in blacklisting and sbs style settings.

  • iOSPeace

    First they won't allow to play on iPad 2 and now jailbroken devices, I'm about to say screw DuesX and play something else

  • Ryan

    D ick move by Square Enix, don't they realize this is just going to make more jail breakers pirate their apps so they don't inadvertently waste money? Because Xcon doesn't work with all apps, we just gt lucky with this one.

  • Greyskull

    So jailbroken users who attempt to buy this game will find a cracked, pirated copy instead. Great idea.

  • crunc

    Yeah, this is just goofy. If you have a jailbroken device you can easily bypass the issue. They just wasted time (and thus money) coding this block.

  • Stonecutter

    I'm betting there will be a fix on Cydia by tomorrow.

    • MeesterFish11

      Install xCom from cydia, it bypasses this.

      • MeesterFish11

        xCon* My bad

  • Greyskull

    At least jailbreaking isn't required for emulators anymore (neither are appstore apps). No. Don't ask me how.

    • twistedmind87

      LOL - That wont last forever though, it is a simple code it runs ...

      • twistedmind87

        I think I miss-read you're comment, please disregard my post.

      • Greyskull

        If you meant security certificate, then you aren't completely off-base.

    • Guest


  • C. Stubb

    For those of us who don't use a jailbroken device, it's pretty easy to just laugh and say "Sucks for you" to 3rd party firmware users. Looking at this objectively is probably difficult no matter how you feel about this. A lot of these anti-piracy tricks end up looking like complete jokes or publicity stunts, ("Game Dev Tycoon" is a very memorable example of both) so it's surprising to see a major developer like SE trying something like this. Those rare jailbrakers (Is that the right word?) who actually bought this through the iTunes App Store will definitely not be very happy. I feel like something about the anti-jailbraking measures being mentioned in the App Store description would have been a good idea, as to possibly lessen the anger from the jailbraking community. (Maybe an angry JB community is what SE was going for?) Despite the extremist actions taken here, I have a feeling that the SE's ploy will only have a short-term affect. This ceasefire will end the moment some software cracker puts out something over Cydia to get around it.

    • Ryan Bach

      The "rare" jailbreaker who actually buys apps?

      If you don't know anything about the jailbreak community, kindly avoid talking about us so you can avoid casually accusing us of mostly being pirates. Cydia is full to the brim with paid software and the jailbreak community has cracked down hard on piracy repos.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Yes. It is wiser to assume most Jailbreak devices have pirated apps. Don't try to convince anyone this is not true. If you are a jailbreaker that has paid for ALL apps, that's commendable! Don't waste anyone's time on that high horse of yours, explaining there are more ethical jailbreakers than there are pirates. No offense, but that would be a near-sighted and not well thought out perspective.

      • bigballer

        I have paid for every single app. I only jailbreak for UI alterations and to install that SNES emulator.

      • lot49a

        And the SNES emulator? What are you playing on that?

      • bigballer

        Old SNES games obviously. It's impossible to plug the cartridges into my iPad.

      • BobGarrish

        Same here, though I can't speak for others. I don't even know how to install a pirated app on my iPad, I jailbroke it to circumvent the 3G download limit and then got hooked on having a faster UI and other tweaks. Most of the new features in iOS 5 were things I had six months earlier with Cydia tweaks, and I paid for those, too! I have a rooted phone for similar reasons. I'd say I spend $10 per week on my worst week between the app stores and Steam, but usually ~$20 and up to $40.

        I will say, though, that the number of people who whine about not being able to afford $3 apps on a $600 device makes me think that there are a LOT of kids who got these devices from mom and dad and thus don't have the disposable income you'd expect someone with a pricey phone to have. I'd be willing to bet these kids are both a major user demographic and also that they're very likely to pirate apps. I would have at that age if I were broke. As an adult, with an income, it wouldn't even be worth the hassle of looking for a pirated copy of something worth less than my latte!

        I think, like other cases of DRM bothering legitimate users, this will backfire with potential customers going to the 'superior' cracked version. It gets a lot easier to justify copyright infringement to yourself if the company has said that they don't want your business. Constant disc swapping, and original discs getting damaged led all kinds of people to find out about no-cd patches, and many of them took the one further step to just copying everything. The experience for legitimate customers must NEVER be worse than that for those who steal the product, but that's what bad DRM does.

      • 61050

        truth. i love it when people whine about the ridiculously cheap cost that most apps ring up at, like the people coding these programs should be hung at the town square for daring to sell their time and effort for more than a dollar. these same people would likely have no problem spending 5 bucks on gas to drive down to the town square to watch the spectacle.

    • crunc

      The fix already exists. It existed before this game was even released.

  • lilnomad

    +Getting a refund with Apple isn't hard at all. Just tell them that the game doesn't function properly on your iOS device and you would like a refund. I have done it like twice and it definitely works. Of course, they won't do it if you've already received like 5+ refunds.

    So I would say you're not out $7.

  • Ryan Bach

    I use a jailbroken device. I have never pirated an app, and I buy games for my iPad pretty much weekly.

    From now on, those games will never again include a SQEnix release. If you treat your customers like criminals, you will lose them as customers.

    • hourglass

      You'll last until they release a really awesome game. Then you'll crack and buy it.

      • Ryan Bach

        There are a lot of really awesome games these days, more than I have time to play.

  • tognesimo

    It's a shame I bought the app and I cannot fire because my device is jailbroken :(! i ask immediately the refund!

    • pauldavidmerritt

      You won't get a refund. Outside all the glamourous things about Apple, they don't mind people's money being wasted (just like SqEnix). When people pay for a bad deal, the businesses are still smiling (IAP's, Deus Ex, and apps that go .99 cents systematically every month. Funny - they will bring the price back up hoping that, if you didn't know it was a dollar last week, it'll cost ya 7 bucks this week).

      The price and money tactics in this industry are so messed up. VERY few businesses would ethically avoid the mess, as opposed to going along with it because these weasels make easier money. This all boils down to what business teaches these days: minimize input, maximize output. Anyone is a schlum if they don't know about this yet. Even all the dumb computer game "DLC's", giving you an extra map or, for God's sake, an extra gun is nothin more than trying to sell a 50 dollar game for seventy five bucks total. Minimize input, maximize output.

      • Greyskull

        If you know how to word your correspondence with Apple, and for some reason you are a higher tier customer (don't know how I ended up that way), you'll get a refund. And goodies, like free movie rentals to keep you happy.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Ahh, thanks for the info. Until I learn more about app-side customer support, I digress on this specific topic of interest. However, I am still reluctant to agree with your perspective.

    • C. Stubb

      Good luck with that.

  • Reignmaker


  • twistedmind87

    This is also ironic as you can run pirate apps without jailbreak now. It is popular in China....

  • Chupacabra

    What a petty move. I like know they're "sorry" about something that is completely under their own control, though.

  • deviladv

    Legally, Square Enix could get in trouble for this for not clearly stating that this won't work on a jailbroken device. Look at it from a lawyer's standpoint. It does say it will work on iPads, iPhones and iPods, it doesn't explicitly exclude jailbroken devices, which can run apps like any other device.

    However it's the continuing saga of large software retailers believing that treating customers like criminals is the way to endear them and make money.

    • Zwilnik

      Technically, a jailbroken iPad/iPhone/iPod isn't an iPad/iPhone/iPod from the App Store listing point of view as Apple already counts them as non supported devices. So legally they should be ok.

      However in terms of player support, it's not the greatest idea in the world. It's certainly got them some press, but with a lot of negativity and somehow I think a Deus Ex game would get a decent enough bit of press anyway. They're not actually calling jailbroken players criminals, but it's not a great way of asking jail breakers not to play their game.

      I can also see why they'd do it, depending on their current information on how many pirated copies of their games are running on jailbroken devices (this varies from genre to genre and publisher to publisher) they may feel it's worthwhile to reduce the number of jailbroken players in the game. Especially if there's online content.

    • C. Stubb

      "Requires iOS 5.0 or later." says the App Store description.

      3rd party firmware is not iOS.

      My firm will send you the invoice 😉

    • Eseres

      They did say that the game won't work on jailbroken devices. Read the AppStore description. Its stated at the very top along with the info of the game being iPad2 and iPhone4 supported soon.

  • SyKot

    I hope the Jailbroken guys rate this 1 -Star on the AppStore.

  • Adams Immersive

    I notice that the people affected by this kind of thing are angry with the developers--and rightly so! But so rarely do they aim any of the anger at the pirates who give jailbreaking a bad name. They surely deserve some blame as well.

    • Ryan Bach

      Pirates will just use a tweak that hides the fact that they're jailbroken. Like most attempts to combat piracy by making software less functional across the board, this only really hurts legitimate customers.

  • LA4k


  • FIFTHSUN2012

    I don't have a jailbroken device, but this is a screwed situation. I agree that developers don't owe it to people to have software that works on all the different modified devices. Making a bug that tells you it won't work because you jailbroke your phone, AFTER you paid for it? Not cool. Jailbreaking is not piracy and this is coming from someone who never jailbreaks my stuff. Its too bad cause its a great game. Hope they come up with a better solution.

  • http://aidan.info.tm/ Aidan Cheddar

    That seems rather unfair, especially if it was gotten the legit way.

  • VeganTnT

    Is there really any surprise that Square Enix would stoop this low? After they made the iPhone version of TWEWY require the camera flash so it wouldn't run on the iPad (in violation of the AppStore rules as running in 2x is a key selling point for iPads) I decided never to buy their games on launch.

    For a company so adamant about treating iOS like a proper platform they do the most underhanded things.

    • twistedmind87

      Deus x requirements (from plst) opengles-2 front-facing-camera and Bluetooth-le

      • VeganTnT

        Not too bad considering they say it doesn't run on that hardware in the app description. They say that they are working on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 support. If it doesn't play well on that hardware it makes sense to make it require BTLE so you can't download it.

        Of course, now square enix have updated the app description with "do not purchase if you have voided your warranty and jailbroken your device"

        Since when does a third party software company get to put restrictions on me for voiding a warranty of hardware I own?

  • JordanC07

    I think this is great. There should be more preventions to jail breaking like this. Honestly, apple should send out a bug that lets your phone be unusable if jail broken.

    • misfitskater6

      It doesn't prevent anything, there was a way to get around this before the game even came out.

    • misfitskater6

      And that's a genius idea for Apple, gee I wonder why they haven't done something like that...

    • Ryan Bach

      "Honestly, apple should send out a bug that lets your phone be unusable if jail broken."

      You... You really don't know how technology works, do you?

    • C. Stubb

      I don't think it works like that...

  • MrAlbum

    Just out of curiosity, I took a look at the user reviews on the App Store. While there are occasional one-star and two-star reviews, they are quite rare compared to the glut of four- and five-star reviews that praise the game for the qualities that already came out in the press. It also seems that the majority of the one-star/two-star reviews are about the jail-broken device issue.

    This means that jail breakers are either a.) not making their voices heard, or b.) not nearly as numerous or as vocal as they make themselves out to be. Or possibly something else that I am not seeing.

    I agree that Square Enix should not have excluded jail-broken devices, because it is legal to jail-break. What needs to be prevented are the pirates who crack the app and offer it for free, from the dev's perspective. If cracked versions of the game had this restriction, then that restriction would have been reasonable, because it punishes those who are stealing from the company, not folks who legally jailbreak and responsibly manage their jail broken devices.

    • MrAlbum

      When I made the assumptions at a.) and b.), it is in the context of comparing the number of negative reviews to the number of positive reviews. I made the comparison because the majority of the negative reviews happen to be about the jail-broken issue, which makes said comparison relevant to the discussion.

      • C. Stubb

        Notice how you have to purchase the game to leave a review...?

        Yeah, you know what I'm getting at.

        Considering the following:

        1. The number of people that -claim- to have bought the game legally, and complain they cannot play it properly due to the restrictions against jailbroken devices.

        2. The number of people who -actually- bought the game legally, and leave negative reviews on the App Store because they cannot play it properly due to the restrictions against jailbroken devices.

        3. The difference between the two numbers.

        So go on, you poor, oppressed, cheated jailbreakers. Go to the App Store, leave a negative review, and prove your innocence!

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        Yeah, so risk $7 to complain? What a stupid suggestion. Some of you Apple fanboys need to lay off the Kool Aid

    • Eseres

      If you read the paperworks that come with a iPad/iPod/iPhone, it states that any altering of the device software is not allowed, and that they can/may/will do prosecute you. By jailbreaking iOS software you breake the Apple policy and guidelines

  • Zeldaniac

    Get screensaver for PC: no one cares

  • hourglass

    It's a great game. I'm amazed that Square put the anti-jailbreaking software in; that could lose them some serious cash.

  • mutts

    Once again it's shows DRM is hurting paying customers.
    And give free reign to piracy. SE has doen it again won't be buying this one.
    Not that it would run on my iPad 2 anyway. 🙂

    Now i wonder if there will be a revolt against DRM under IOS users, or are they gona let this pass. And say wow whatsapp a good developement.

    • Eseres

      According to Square Enix, you'll get to play it on your iPad2 soon. They said so in the AppStore description.

      • mutts

        Yeah i read that, but the fact that they do not support it from the start say enough to me.
        SInce the ipad 2 has a huge market share it odd to not include it from the start. While the ipad mini is suported and that is basicly a mini ipad 2.

  • Eseres

    I was thinking of jailbraking my iPhone once, just because i read this article about cheating in a game (, Ghostbusters i think). It was about how i could get unlimmited of something in the game. Anyways, for it to work, i had to jailbreak my device.

    Could this stuff in Deus Ex (and other games,) be a way for them to prevent the users (you) from getting IAP stuff in a game for free? Im just asking...

    And another thing. Not to say anything bad about those who have a jailbroken device, because i see your point and the upsides of jailbreaking. But have you guys with an Apple device read the instruction manual/copyright papers that come with it? It says that Apple can and will deactivate any devices that violates their policy stated in those papers. And that includes jailbreaking and any unautorized altering of the software. Not that i see how they'll find out about it, but basically they say "mess with your device and we'll mess your device up". And the thing about it is that you've (probably) paid for your device in a store or got it as a present, so its legaly yours, but in a way NOT yours anyways... Anyways, the point is that the device costs money, and i don't see how people is willing to risk that amount of money on jailbreaking... Why not get another device instead?

    And another thing. If you got your iPhone/iPad/iPod from anywhere else BUT a store already jailbroken, the device might be stolen. I just say, watch your backs people. Because, even if jailbreaking technically isn't illegal, according to Apple, messing with "their" device/software is a violation of their policy/user guidelines.

    Im just saying...

    • Eseres

      Aaaaaannd. Before anyone asks. No! None of my Apple devices are jailbroken.
      (If any Apple employees should wonder.)

    • Ryan Bach

      Apple does not go out of their way to brick your device if they catch you jailbreaking. They just release software updates that close the security loopholes used by jailbreak software. That's why people have to wait for a new jailbreak to come out with every new major iOS version release.

      It has been specifically ruled, at least in the US, that jailbreaking is fair use. Apple is allowed to make jailbreaking difficult, and to void your warranty for jailbreaking, but users are allowed to try anyway. That's the current status of jailbreaking under the law.

      If you get your device used from anyone other than Apple, it *could* be stolen. The device being jailbroken has absolutely nothing to do with that. Are you trying to say that people who would break Apple's terms of use are also the kind of people who would steal things? If so, that's pretty insulting to jailbreakers. If not, I have absolutely no idea what connection you're trying to draw between jailbroken software and stolen hardware.

      • Eseres

        Oh my God! Both dumb AND unable to read? How old are you? 7 and a half?
        Read the paperworks that came with your phone/tablet.
        I would find it for you IF you were an adult, but since you can't read i won't bother taking the time.

  • ODMay

    Does this game has online multiplayer?

    • Eseres

      No. Deus Ex: The Fall has no multiplayer in it.

  • SporadicMovement


  • SporadicMovement

    And how much attention is the game getting now because of this? Marketing Dept. ftw!

    • pauldavidmerritt

      I agree. It amazes me how most of general public doesn't understand this part of business. When a Dev releases an app and has a certain amount of reviews, it grabs attention to the public simply because it has a large number. If this were a multiple choice question, everyone would get it right. But, a very high percentage is oblivious to these tactics companies take advantage of. This will happen--especially if their net profit is just smiling harder (IAP scandals and PC game DLC packages containing a gun or two are perfect examples). Games are getting less interesting, smaller, losing depth. Why? Sell half the game first, sell it for more than half the price, then convince them to spend the money on the other half and DLC guns. Does a 12 pack of 8oz. Coca-Cola come to mind? Look at the price per oz., you'll see what I'm talking about.

      'Season Pass' ring a bell? These DLC's use the same tactic as a grocery store changing food isles around--new product, refreshing experience; a new way to get you to buy the same product.

  • witedahlia

    I officially hate Squeenix now. I'm going to make a resolution: I will not buy anything from them again. I'm done.

  • jimmyhazard

    Hilarious and awesome.

    So now you play Deus Ex on ultra hard mode.

    • Eseres

      They'll have to stealth kill EVERY enemy in the game to beat it 😛
      But then again, i didn't need to use any guns during the two-three first missions, exept for the crossbow/dartgun thing in the tutorial.

      With that said. I wonder when the first hardcore gamer beats this game on a jailbroken device LOL!
      He'd be either a really good gamer or a really bad liar 😀

  • mclifford82

    You've got to be kidding me! I am outraged! I will not buy another Square Enix game so long as I live ...

    Unless it's Final Fantasy VI

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Yep. I agree. Desperate times call for desperate measures--and stupidity here and there.

    Final Fantasy III? Thanks, Squeenix. I Keep a keen eye on that one.

  • johnny.90210

    If iOS 7 have everything I need to control my phone easier, I wouldn't need jailbreak my iDevices anymore.

  • Kamizak3

    No, this is the ulimate stealth challenge!

  • diaskeaus

    To all if you jailbreakers who legitimately buy your apps -- this move is not for you! This move is a direct result of the millions/millions/millions/and millions of Asians who jailbreak and refuse to pay for their games.

    I am a teacher in China and have hundreds of students each semester and I have not yet found a single student who pays legitimately for their apps. They steal them ALL. Even the free ones. It is just the culture and acceptable modus operandi in China.

    • http://aidan.info.tm/ Aidan Cheddar

      It's Asians who assembled all your iDevices.

      • C. Stubb

        Actually, I keep in contact with a friend of mine who moved to China from the US. At first, he was amazed at the amount of copyright violation going on. Most cities have an area known as the "fake market" where vendors sell copied DVD and CD media on disk. The Chinese Internet contains Google websites featuring enormous caches of downloadable pirate media that's can't even be accessed from anywhere else in the world. The culture is shamelessly open and tolerant when it comes to Internet piracy.

        While I don't believe that SE did this specifically with the Chinese population in mind, I can confidently say that more jailbreakers will feel the sting in China than the rest of the world combined.

      • http://aidan.info.tm/ Aidan Cheddar

        They were blaming an entire race just because of China. China != Asians.

      • detourne

        Right. But we still get blamed for it. A lot of these AAA games aren't available on the Korean App Store. Makes me want to jailbreak my devices and start pirating since I can't get them legally.

      • diaskeaus

        Lolz. Blaming an entire culture and race?

        Nonsense. I blame Apple. They are the ones who set up a nonsense store in China and then don't supervise it for piracy and cost. They have encouraged the current situation, and to say anything less WOULD be racist. So watch where you throw your barbs.

        This is not a racial problem. It's a national issue and needs to solved with incentives and enforced regulations. Jail breaking is not common here because people are ethically bothered by Apple or iTunes. It is done more because jail breaking culture is acceptable. Saying that statement is racist would be like me stating that many Americans don't vote because they feel a lack of connections to politics. It's absurd.

    • payme50cent111

      Oh great, another disgruntled foreign "teacher" in a third world country. Hey do you teach people how to stereotype be a good racist like yourself as well? Maybe you should be thinking of another profession organizing a hate group or something.

      Most of the people in developing nations pirate games. It's not only acceptable in China but pretty much any place where $7 USD means a day or two of salary. Companies are never going to make money off the poor anyway. This restriction is aimed towards pirates in first world countries who can actually afford, but don't pay for the games.

      • diaskeaus

        No one is disgruntled or racist -- I merely said I have not found yet any of my students who legitimately buy their games from the App Store. When asked why, they just tell me the games cost too much. There is a slight uplift in the price, but not much.

  • dekon

    Who needs Jailbreaking today (exept for installing cracked apps)?
    Just install iOS 7, Problem solved.

    • http://aidan.info.tm/ Aidan Cheddar

      Same thing was said about iOS 6.

  • detourne

    Well for some reason, neither Deus Ex nor Xcom are available in the Korean App Store yet.
    I might as well jailbreak my phone and get a fix going since I can't legally buy the games.

  • rfdtrtdf

    Want to know how to play Deus Ex: The Fall on jailbroken devices? Search AppsGoer Deus Ex: The Fall forum to get the trick.

  • payme50cent111

    Another reason not to jailbreak your device.

    On the other hand, given the limited quantity of bullets in the game and odd aiming mechanisms, I find it far easier to simply get close and use insta-kill to get through the game. You just run behind a guy, get close and do insta-kill, then run back and wait your energy to recharge.

  • Onikage725

    Hardly a new tactic from devs. And yes, there's an app for that :p

  • goosicus

    Good. All you people claiming that you "need" to jailbreak your devices for functionality are full of crap. You do it to tinker with the phone for funzies. OMG iBlacklist is so important! Orrrrrr, you could just ring up your telco and have a number blacklisted.

    There is genuinely zero need to jailbreak.

    Sidenote: I recently attended an apple repair training session where they showed us pictures of an iPhone that had exploded after overheating, apparently as a result of the battery software being altered on a jailbroken device. I don't know whether it was genuinely the case or not, but it looked like it would have caused some nasty damage if it had been in someone's hand at the time.

    • homosaur

      Luckily for everyone, it's literally none of your fucking business. I'm not sure what kind if twat would ridicule users who want to purchase a game who are annoyed about an issue that doesn't affect them, but I guess the answer is this kind ^

      • goosicus

        Calm down honky. You're clearly butthurt that you have to step through some hoops to play a game, all because you want your pointless mods.

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        Once again, literally none of your fucking business what I do with my hardware I paid for, muppet, and if I wanted to pirate this game I could in a heartbeat.

      • goosicus

        Then you're a criminal.

    • Eseres

      I fully agree with you. There have been some cases in my country too with iphones exploding or catching fire.
      One of them cought fire while being charged. I too wonder if the cause was jailbraked phones or some kind of mailfunction.
      The devices are buildt to function in a certain way to be safe. When bypassing those safty functions you are welcoming accidents.
      But then again, they won't understand untill they're missing their fingers or an ear.
      Untill then, let them jailbreak their devices till kingdom come. They'll never listen to a friendly warning anyways.
      The iBlacklist and unlimmited folder space and stuff are obviously more important to them.

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        in my country there is problem, and the problem is jailbroken phone

    • Stustaff

      I have unlimited data via my phone contract. I travel a LOT and like to be able to talk and see my little son. I don't want to pay the $15 wifi charge in the hotel.
      So I jail broke and installed 3G unrestricted to allow me to FaceTime over 3G.

      I wanted to buy deusex but now won't. If I Were a pirate I'd download deusex for free and install Xcon for free.

      All they have done is lose a paying customer/inconvenience paying customers andante pirates spend an extra 15 seconds downloading Xcon.

      Whilst I and others don't NEED to jailbreak. Going out of their way to inconvenience us is very poor customer service!

    • miumius

      I agree with your sidenote... But not your main point. Tons of people jailbreak for a myriad of reasons -- whether it be more customization, improved efficiency, or simply doing things that aren't possible on iOS but probably should be (such as the features of an android device). "There is genuinely zero need to jailbreak": Have you checked the ridiculous amount of tweaks people use to make their phone theirs?

      And sure, some people do jailbreak their phone for the "funzies" (such as color/font/background customizations)... But why is that your business? Their doing it because they cannot on stock iOS. Which already invalidates your argument of being zero reason to jailbreak.

      As for installing dangerous tweaks, that's the fault of the user... Not the jailbreak itself.

  • lewsheff

    I have a good tip for people, don't download this xcon thing on cydia so you can play the game, download "xcom" which is in my opinion the best game on ios, do this and you won't want to play on de the fall.

  • stormchild

    I don't jailbreak my devices, but this is a real douche move. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to jailbreak that have nothing to do with software piracy. Assuming that all jailbreakers are pirates is ignorant and discriminatory.

  • Pivi

    Err, sorry, but are why most of You THIS upset? Get xCon and play the game You've payed for, it's not that You can't play the game.
    Morality issues? BS, this is just marketing and publicity. Negative publicity gives positive rewards in the end, because it brings more customers.

    Believe it or not, most of the people who reads this "scandal", will look at the game, read a review, and buy it in the end, because the game is great, and who gives a poop about the drama?

    As for myself, I have used a jailbroken device in the past to use emulators, but since most of my favorite games resurfaced as a port on iOS, I updated to 6.1.3, and I'll update to iOS7. I understand that the "jailbreak community" got a needle to the back, but hey, guess what, jailbreak got a cure for the needle, use it instead of whining. If I was to use a jailbroken device, I would want to find the method to get over the problem.

    • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

      Uh, breaking the game is a problem with the company whether you can get around it or not. The point is not whether it's addressable but that it's a dumb, pointless idea by Squeenix. If I wanted, I could pirate this game at will with a jailbroken device. I don't do that though because I don't trust the pirate apps to not have malware and want to support the developers. The only people Squeenix customers are hurting are legitimate buyers.

      • Pivi

        Yeah, I'll give You that it's a dumb idea from SquareEnix, if it wasn't an intentional marketing technic, but hey, that won't stop me from playing their games if they're GOOD.

        My point is that there's this drama about "they stole my money", but there's a free method to evade the problem, so in the end there's no harm done.
        Don't get me wrong, I hate unmoral things as well as everyone else, but there's no harm done here, noone lost any money (only those, who despite their jailbroken device, won't install the fix), so there shouldn't be this much flame. I've seen much worse things in my life, and I'm much more interested in Baldur's Gate: EE's status, because that can really screw over a company.

      • Pivi

        And one last thing.

        I'm pretty sure that one of the upcoming updates for Deus Ex will simply erase this jailbreak restriction, thus there'll be another major news about the game, what'll bring even more customers. Do the math. 🙂

  • {SQUEEK}

    Non JB here and never cared to do it care wether people do it or not.

    I kinda just laughed this issue.

    Reason I laughed wasn't that it wouldn't work for JB phones it was the fact I knew some one would get around this.

    Not surprised at all.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    There's no way it's legal not to state that the game isn't fully playable on jailbroken devices. I'll actually be surprised if this doesn't result in a class action suit for Squeenix.

    • Pivi

      Actually it is there in the description. The question is WHEN they put it there.