freebieApple put together quite a celebration for the 5th anniversary of the App Store this week, offering 5 phenomenal games (and 5 apps) completely for free for a limited time.

The party hasn't stopped though, as some other developers are still getting in on the freebie fun. EA has discounted some of their most popular titles, Chopper from Majic Jungle is also celebrating its 5 year anniversary of being on the App Store and is free for the first time, and its superior sequel has been discounted to just a buck too, and so much more. Check out the full list below.

Sales from EA


Miscellaneous Sales

I imagine we'll be seeing more freebies and sales going on this week, whether to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the App Store with Apple or just plain because. It's the App Store, you don't really need a reason to have a sale, you know? If some more big titles are discounted we'll be sure to let you know, and if you're the independent type you can keep an eye on things yourself using the TouchArcade [Free] app, AppShopper Social [Free] app, or the website.

  • Robert McGovern

    If your running iOS 7 Beta 3, Peggle HD doesn't work. Crashes on start.

    • PallaZ

      Thats the reason why you shouldnt use a dev beta

      • Robert McGovern

        Agreed, but then I'm a part time dev so I do need to run the dev builds. The simulator is useful but a device is better.

        Anyway some things work, while others don't.

      • fleshman

        Dev builds for the developer devices, don't install them to promary devices.
        Anyway, i'm in the same boot:)

      • Robert McGovern

        *grin* In theory yes, though trying to convince the missus on spending additional money on testing devices (ESP when in theory you should have at least one of each class of device, plus another for each OS version you are supporting) is tricky. Plus while we have a spare iPad, the kids use it and they don't want to have their games possibly broken for a few months, so primary devices it is 🙂

      • bluspacecow

        Do the logs reveal any clues as to why it's crashing ? Maybe you could submit a ticket about it to PopCap 😛

    • handycapman

      Works on mine just fine.

      • Robert McGovern

        Curious. Does on starting the app for me. I momentarily get a black screen before being dumped back to Springboard.

      • Matt

        A couple of things to try: Do a hard reboot of the device and see if the game loads up fine this time. If not, remove the game and reinstall it and see if it works then.

  • Jake7905

    Not quite as good as yesterday's list, but today's sales have me very excited about tomorrow and the rest of the week. Who knows what's next?

  • caaalrb

    Awesome, picked up mirrors edge.

    Also, Peggle had the best pass and play multiplayer ever, I highly recommend it. My ex and I probably clocked 30 hours playing it. Had to break up with her because she kept kicking my ass though

  • dancj

    Not quite up there with yesterday's sale but Mirror's Edge is excellent and Dead Space is one of the finest games ever to grace the App Store.

  • TJF588

    Well, shucks, shows me for getting Dead Space at 99¢.

    • caaalrb

      Yeah, damn you for supporting a developer. Should be ashamed

      • _the_escape_artist_

        Hahahaha! ROFLMFAO!

      • decabao

        It's EA....

      • TJF588

        Even so, what I've read on it tells of a well-suited touch-device experience not unlike its console brethren. Hardly've played it m'self, though.

  • XboxOne

    Mini Motor Racing and Dead Space for me.

  • captainChocolade

    Wow this is cool, keep it coming! My fav price - $0!

  • TavynTheCreator

    Add me on xbox tavyndacreator1 or Xpennstate28X

  • monoclespectacle


  • Reignmaker

    Apparently a lot of these freebies are full of popup ads. FYI.

    • Jake7905

      That's EA for you, Easy Advertising.

  • D-Vader

    Most aren't optimized for 5th generation devices. :/

  • floppyent

    I love you toucharcade, thanks for the update!

  • dribblejam

    I know this has nothing to do with this post but xcom also does not work on ios 7 beta 3:p Just letting the people know!

    • Jake7905

      There's a shocker...

    • Robert McGovern

      So I've heard. It's precisely why I haven't bought it yet. Will pick it up when the beta cycle ends.

  • Nothin99

    Peggle <3

  • John

    Chopper 2 and Mini Motor Racing regular & HD all not coming up for free for me, was the sale over that quickly?

    • memphis12

      Chopper 2 is only reduced not free 😉

      • John

        Ah ok. If you don't mind checking, what do you see currently for MM Racing HD on itunes? thx

  • seinfeld95

    Christmas has come early! 🙂
    First, Tiny Wings and freaking Infinity Blade II, and now Peggle, Flight Control, Mirror's Edge and motherf*****g Dead Space?!
    Excuse my language, but this is beyond awesome!
    Thank you, TouchArcade, for notifying me of this. I love you, guys 🙂