limboiconWhen Playdead announced that Limbo would be coming July 3rd, I thought they meant "July 3rd" in that it was set for a July 4th release but would technically hit the night before on the 3rd due to how timezones work, like the normal batch of weekly "Thursday" releases.

But nope! They meant the date they set actually was July 3rd, and that means that we're getting Limbo [$3.99] a whole day earlier than I (we?) thought. High fives all around.

In fact, it's out right this very moment, my friends. That's what I'm here letting you know, you know? Here's a trailer of the original PC version if you're sitting there wondering just what this whole "Limbo" thing is that I'm talking about.

I'm eager to sit down and finally play Limbo as for whatever reason it's eluded me on other platforms thus far, but if Brad and I struggling on early puzzles in our TA Plays proves anything, it's that even those who might have played Limbo already can still benefit from a fresh run through the game. Be sure to check it out, drop your impressions in our forums, and keep an eye out for a full review in the very near future.

  • loophole

    Just bought it and pleasantly surprised about how good and accurate the controls are. A must buy super creepy!

    • Clashingskulls

      Same here!

    • Tommmy

      iOS 6 required... The developers are mean fucks.

      • one.sixty.four

        So? All compatible devices ethier came standard with (iPad 4, iPhone 5, iPod 5G, iPad mini) or is compatible with (iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3) iOS 6.

      • Matt Curtis

        Why is that an issue? iOS7 is nearly out and you aren't updates to iOS6?

      • darkcrayon

        Right, I'd much prefer the developers hold features back and make sure it's compatible with a 2 year old OS... What?

      • swatbot

        Maybe to do with jailbreaking (aka having administrative access to your own device)? I know personally I won't be upgrading to iOS 7 or even newer versions of iOS 6 beyond the jb version, and crippling my access on my iPad back to a lame user mode with no decent file management.. no matter what games are released.. I hope no games require me to update to a newer version of iOS 6. That aside, other reason, iOS 6 runs like shite on some of my older devices. But it runs like a charm on my iPad 4.

    • jweevil

      I jump almost every time he dies, I don't like horror at all but this is fantastic!

      • loophole

        Haha jweevil I'm the same:) this game blows my mind

  • Matt Curtis

    Dammit. Man I need to update my device.

  • SumoSplash

    Gimme Gimme Gimme.

  • Clashingskulls

    Although this game has been out on gaming consoles and PC, surely LIMBO will win iOS Game of the Year.

    • loophole

      I sure hope so as it definitely deserves it

    • Jake7905

      XCOM would have something to say about that.

      • Clashingskulls

        Maybe...but I'm sure it'll give 'em a run for its money.

      • Jake7905

        Nah, I mean I love Limbo, but when it com

      • Jake7905

        Nah, I love this game but when it comes to depth and complexity, Limbo can't touch XCOM. Not even close.

      • BulkSlash

        Did you guys like XCOM on iOS? Maybe I should give it another go but I found it very jerky on my iPad 3 and there were a few frustrating times when it seemed like I couldn't move because nothing I selected would work and it wouldn't tell me why. The two finger rotation only seemed to move in fixed amounts too.

        I'd have tried it on my iPhone 5 but annoyingly the iCloud save wouldn't appear on it (seems to happen a lot with iCloud between my iPad and iPhone...)

      • Jake7905

        Try using the buttons for moving the camera, it makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to moving between different elevations. And make sure you restart your device after installation and have no other apps open before you play.

      • swatbot

        Even on my iPad 4 there is constant massive frame rate drops. I've yet to try turning everything off and rebooting though. It must be very resource-heavy.

      • Jake7905

        It is, any problems I had running it went away after I did a reboot, and I'm running it on a 4s and IPad 2. Since then I had two crashes, in both cases it was because I forgot to close all other apps.

      • BulkSlash

        Thanks guys, I'll definitely give it another go. iOS is so stable I don't think I've rebooted my iPad for at least a couple of months now! It's not like my PC which gets a fresh boot every day...

    • garret44

      It'll definitely be on my ios game of the year list, I was losing hope in this being ported.

      But now life feels pretty complete 🙂

    • Opinion

      That would be disappointing, i'd prefer an original release to be great enough to get IOS game of the year. Still have a lot of year left though.

  • garret44

    Finally got to start it again be4 going to bed

    Damn it feels like I am experiencing it all over again. Controls might take a little getting used to but still simple

    The look and sound are outstanding, makes you feel like you're in it

    • NickyNichols

      I love how it doesn't hold your hand. No tutorial, no buttons, it's just play. I wish more games did this.

      • NeonGreenKermit

        I miss games being games, not glitzy interactive story experiences that propel you through to the end like you might as well be on rails (*cough*BioshockInfinite*cough*). Games like the Police, Kings and Space Quest series are great examples, and more recently, something like Dark Souls and Lone Survivor.

      • swatbot

        Same here. Games like Dark Souls are so much more rewarding if you put the time into them, but sadly the instant payoff isn't there, and they just aren't for everyone.

  • NickyNichols

    Rough day today... $10 borderlands 2 on Xbox, $2.50 FTL for PC, and now this!?!?

  • Kloo13

    If you are looking for cool platformers on iOS there is LAD it´s a Limbo like and Pixhelland a super meat boy like.

  • Peter Bohanna

    PLz PLz optimize and make compatible with ipod touch 4G!!

  • Lucas

    Wow, the controls are some of the most intuitive I've ever seen in any iPhone game or application! You don't even need instructions. Just do what you naturally would and it simply works.

    • loophole

      Ik dude I was rlly impressed

  • Scape3d

    LOVE it on iOS! It looks/plays wonderfully on my iPhone 4S.

  • swatbot

    Picked it up, can't wait to give it a shot! I've only played the demo on other platforms, so most of it will be completely new to me.

  • Caccia

    Fully impressed by AppsGoer’s review on Limbo game.

  • Coconut Island Apps

    Wow this look great going instabuy when I get home tonight

  • nadav bar kama

    got it, the ambient is great ... im missing some kind of HELP/TIP/WALKTHROUGH assistance .... never less, it is in "my here to stay" apps list!

  • Adan Santos

    Is iCloud working for anyone?