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‘Limbo’ Confirmed to be Coming to iOS on July 3rd for $4.99

Early last year we learned that Limbo developer Playdead was looking for a mobile programmer. Now, nothing specific was stated but everyone pretty much had a hung that the listing meant Limbo would be heading to mobile. Well, it’s been a while, but Playdead has finally confirmed that Limbo is indeed heading to iOS on July 3rd, as reported by Polygon.

Limbo originally released to Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010 to praise from critics and consumers alike. It has since been released on PlayStation 3 and Vita as well as the Mac App Store and Steam and has sold over 3 million copies to date across all platforms. The iOS version will require an iPad 2 or up, iPhone 4S or up, or the 5th generation iPod touch. I’m excited to check out how Limbo translates to the touchscreen and can’t wait for July 3rd to roll around.