frightfightlogoThe App Store is a weird place in that even if it doesn't technically have a game you're looking for, chances are pretty good there is at least one (if not several) close approximations available. Whether it's first-person shooters or platformers or puzzle games, you're bound to find something that will at least somewhat scratch a particular itch for a certain game.

Which is why I find it surprising that, to my knowledge, nobody has made a Super Smash Bros.-like fighting game for the iOS platform yet. Especially since it's a fighting game with simplistic controls that I think it would translate really well to the touchscreen.

Well, without explicitly stating so, Appsolute Games looks like they're throwing their hat into the Smash Bros.-like arena with their upcoming game Fright Fight. Now, when specifically questioned if this was a Smash Bros. style game, Appsolute is playing it safe, saying it's simply a "multiplayer platform fighting game" with a little winky emoticon. Smart, as The Big N sometimes isn't too lenient with their properties. But with even just a quick glance at these screens, I think it's pretty clear they're shooting for a similar over-the-top style as Smash Bros. and it looks really cool so far.


frightfight2 frightfight

The theme in Fright Fight is actually a mashup of many kinds of themes: fantasy, horror, steampunk… all somehow brought together in a cohesive manner, which is good as that means there's no limit to the types of characters that can be added to the game. To start out the game will feature four characters: a Werewolf, Vampire, Grim Reaper and a Bigfoot. More characters and arenas will come post-release, with Frankenstein and Zombie characters already confirmed.

Fright Fight is set to launch on iOS in September, followed by Google Play, Amazon, OUYA and Nvidia Shield shortly thereafter. The game will feature cross-platform online multiplayer and it will be free-to-play. What that means exactly is that Fright Fight will launch for free with just 2 characters and 1 arena, with additional characters, arenas, power-up items and character upgrades available as IAP. Depending on how the power-ups can affect the game balance, this pay model sounds alright by me.

I'm pretty stoked to see how Fright Fight will turn out, and if you're similarly interested in seeing more then add it to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List to get alerts when more news becomes available. Already Appsolute has said in our forums that the first trailer will be hitting early next week, so definitely stay tuned for more.

  • hourglass

    The IAP makes it a no-go for me.

    • basil

      Yeah, the only reason games generally implement IAP is because they potentially make more money doing so. When characters or guns cost as much as full length games on the app store "I say no no no"

  • Reignmaker

    It will really come down to the controls. Haven't been a huge fan of button-mashers on a touch screen. The Injustice app that was released a while ago is an example of that. I know some people liked it, just not my thing.

    However, I'll probably keep an eye on this and see what the reception is like.

  • Sojourn

    DinoSmash, back in the day, was the go-to Smash Bros.-esque game on the App Store. I didn't play it much myself, but I remember arn wrote an article about it for TA back in May 2009.

  • mguniverse

    If there was a Super Smash Bros fighting game on iPhone that featured a bunch of iPhone characters, that would be infinitely more appealing than this free to play thing.

    • Jerutix

      Can you imagine how awesome that would be. Red bird, Doodler, OmNom, Swampy... who else?

      • otakuzod

        The Nameless King, and whoever the main character you were from Infinity Blade.

      • hourglass




      • Peter


      • D-Vader

        The dude from Temple Run, Sensei from Fruit Ninja, and maybe even a person from Modern Combat or NOVA.

      • Pray For Death

        "who else?"

        Energy Bar, Timer, and the insidious consumable IAP.

        There's also the second-week-of-release Price Drop, but we don't like to talk about him.

      • C. Stubb

        Don't forget the iOS exclusive Square Enix characters like Veig/Olgar and the one guy from Song Summoner. Wouldn't be a bad idea to throw in @Rodandgunman from Ridiculous Fishing either...

    • pdSlooper

      Yeah, I always thought it was the characters that made Smash Bros what it is. Hence, it's kinda nonsensical to wonder why there's no good SB clone on a platform run by a company that doesn't produce the majority of its hit games. Really, Nintendo seems to be the only company that can pull this off, aside from maybe Disney or some other company with a stable of well-established characters...

      • basil

        Forum for fantasy ios brawler characters now in the general forum

      • basil


    • Anthony

      The *point* of the Super Smash Bros. series is that a bunch of characters from different games are now in one game and they are fighting.

      I think Nintendo is following the best policy here. All the crappy Pokemon clones just reinforce the idea that the only way to play Pokemon is if you buy a Nintendo console.

      P.S. I think Nintendo is well aware they could make millions if they released their games on iOS, but that would ruin their entire business model (make a game for their console>sell consoles>make more games>sell more consoles).

  • Wizard_Mike

    This looks pretty awesome, but I'm totally not liking the sound of power-up items as iap. If these are consumable things, then I won't even bother with it.

  • MrAlbum

    I suppose if one were to compare SSB to SF, the control options might seem simplistic. Then again, I've played most every Smash Bros title to date, and I can tell you that the series does NOT have simple controls. Every character has unique moves with advantages/disadvantages, different basic attacks do different things depending on their direction, Smash attacks need to be timed but are very powerful, throws are tricky to do but very useful, some characters have range while others don't, some special attacks act like an extra jump while others don't, etc....

    I'm just RAEG RAEG ARGH ARGH because I'm a long-time fan of the franchise. And that my brothers and I have gotten so good at the N64 original that we can solo some 3-on-1 team battles with certain characters against the hardest difficulty A.I. That's three Level 9 computer players teamed up against one of us in VS mode. And in Team Battle mode, friendly fire is turned off (kinda/sorta... explosive items can still affect teammates, but otherwise... yeah). Plus, we could pull it off with no items enabled, so no star of invincibility or hammer of ownage to get us out of a jam; just pure skill.

    Aaaaaanyway... yeah. This game's got some massive shoes to fill if it's gonna ape that classic.

    • Matt Curtis


    • Catacul

      Haha, I also play the hardest AI in SSB games in 3 vs 1 matches. It's really fun, but still too easy. But I have to say that SSB has easy controls that can be "emulated" on the iPhone. Gameplay doesn't have to do with those controls.

      BTW, Yoshi and Kirby player ^.^

      • MrAlbum

        I'm a fan of Ness, with Mario as a backup. My brothers are near-intuitive experts with Link, and one of them used to be amazing with Fox. Seriously, he did things with that furball that made him a force to be reckoned with.

        Did you know that Kirby's up special is especially deadly at the edges of pits and cliffs? If you catch folks with the downswing, you can rocket them downwards to certain death regardless of their damage percent. It's kinda broken, but darn finicky to get right.

      • Catacul

        I know. Gotta love meteor smashes! But I wouldn't call that broken. Meta Knight is broken.

        Link, Ness and Fox are some of my worst characters. With Mario I'm average. Doctor Mario in Melee is way better B)

        Another thing that most people don't know is that Yoshi DOES have a recovery move. After the double jump, if you didn't reach the stage, you can use Egg Throw up to 5 times or so to reach it. Egg Throw pushes Yoshi forward while airborne.

    • hourglass

      I crush the level 9 bots with pretty much every character.

      • MrAlbum

        Yeah, in the N64 game, the A.I. is a little predictable. They will always go for items, no matter what they are, and they will most likely walk sllloooowwwlllyyyy up to them, even on the hardest difficulty. Perfect Smash opportunity there.

        Does the crushing happen in free-for-all, or 3-vs-1 team battle? There is a difference 🙂

  • Fright Fight

    Thanks for the great article Jared!

    Just to clarify regarding the IAPS. There will no "power-ups" that can be purchased through IAPs. There will be boosts that can be purchased prior to matches for coins (virtual currency). An example of a boost would be 2x coins or XP for that match.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to write to us in the forum or write to

    Thanks again!

    • C. Stubb

      Nice to know there won't be any way for the guy with a loose wallet to buy his way to victory.

  • Dams

    Doesn't looks good anyway

  • Trahannn

    I have been looking for SMSB clone on the App Store for awhile now, and this is still not the answer to my prayers. The free-to-play part kills me.

    If gladly pay $15-$30 if someone created something very close to it, but I'm not paying little by little to get the whole package.

    • OutSpoken

      $30!?!?, I understand some people want proper full console quality games on ios, but imo when we start talking about paying $15 and upwards for ios games, thats when things start getting a little bit carried away.

      To me one of the main draws for the AppStore today are the many decent inexpensive apps for under $10. This current pricing model is the main reason i haven't the urge to buy a standalone console, as i simply dont want to pay $30-40 for games anymore.

      • Trahannn

        Well console games start off at $50-$60 these days. For half of the price, you can get a game that is in full, with excellent graphics, gameplay, and optimization of the device.

        I bet once Apple has a controller for iOS, we could possibly see games that has more "wow" factors and are worth $15-$30.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Very ineresting

  • OutSpoken

    Regarding this game, i like the idea of a SSB clone for ios, but the screens leave little to desire plus only two chars on release with iAP...not sounding great.

    Another additional char for an all-star ios line up could have: Barry Steakfries from Jetpack joyride.

  • OutSpoken

    Another game i wish were on ios is One piece Jump ultimate stars 🙂

  • Fright Fight

    The game is totally free, except for additional characters. Characters can be purchased with real money in the in-app store or with the coins (virtual currency) that will be obtained after every match played.

    There are no IAPs for boosts, and there is no pay-to-win model. Everything can be achieved trough playing the game.

    • markxx80

      Is there a story to this game?

      • Fright Fight

        There is no single player story mode, but that is something that may be added in the future. You will be able to practice vs bots.

        Core gameplay is real-time online multiplayer brawling.

  • markxx80

    Trailer is coming out tomorrow.

  • Fate1121

    Game looks slow and sluggish compared to smash brothers