Following the development of a game you're excited about can be an emotional ride. We originally got excited for the action-RPG The Shadow Sun from Ossian Studios way back in October of 2010. The visuals, for that time, looked really impressive, and the developers at Ossian had experience working on some beloved RPG franchises over the years, like games in the Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate series.


It was a game worth getting excited for, but after missing its intended "late 2010" release things fell disappointingly silent on the Shadow Sun front save for the occasional forum post that they were indeed still toiling away at it.

Then earlier this year in May, Ossian released a progress update and a batch of new screens. It seemed that the story and basic concept of The Shadow Sun remained the same, but the game had expanded greatly in terms of scope and improved visuals. More than two years later, I found myself excited all over again for The Shadow Sun.

This week Ossian sent along another progress update, and another set of new screens. They also mention that The Shadow Sun is currently in beta and moving along smoothly, meaning that we might actually, seriously, for realsies get to play it in the not-too-distant future!


screen09 screen08

Make sure that you have The Shadow Sun locked and loaded on your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List so you can get an alert when more news hits, like a firm release date, and check out what people in the forums are saying about this highly-anticipated RPG. The good news is that with the beta underway Ossian should be able to hit their intended release of this summer, and I'm really hoping that it will be well worth the wait.

  • Matt Curtis

    This looks so much like a revamped, more awesome Aralon:S&S to me.

  • Eseres

    This looks cool.

  • Zdgames

    It beter be the best damn iOS game ever if they want me to buy after telling us they would release twice and then felling on both dates and also insulting and mocking me and several other forums posters that just wanted to know how progress was coming.

    • MrSpud

      Yep, it better be really, really good! They have a lot to make up for, at one point I wouldn't think twice to throw my money at them but they will have to earn my trust back first. Will see...

      • jForsythe

        And just imagine how much you would be whining about the bugs and stuff if they released early. Not to mention they have put in more content.

  • Opinion

    Way better than the first couple of screens.

  • araczynski

    Hmmm, whatever they've been working on these last three years, graphics weren't a priority apparently, still looks ugly.

    • tranceforma

      Yeah it LOOKS two years old already. iOS graphics have come a long way since they started making this!

    • greatnoob

      Well maybe if we had a 5" GPU in our iPhones with a heat sink it would look better. But you're missing the main point: this is an open world RPG. Not a linearly crafted FPS (MC4) that can push out more polys and shaders since the areas are under the developer's control, thus they don't need to worry as much with render distance, shaders and textures. In an open world RPG you really cannot expect much. Look at Skyrim for instance.

      This still looks great in my opinion!

      ~ Game developer 2¢

      • Zdgames

        Yea the graphics are fine it's the game play and the dev I worry about I still play the elder scrolls arena from1994 for gods sake and my favorite iOS rpg is the quest by redshift.