818839_largerOh, man, heads up: version 1.6 of Plague Inc. [$0.99] is coming later this July, and you'll want to give it a spin. Especially, if you're a hardened viral veteran that has, essentially, seen everything that game has had to offer.

You sitting down? In addition to minor tweaks and fixes, version 1.6 will bring in a new Speed Run mode that'll allow user to compare their scores whenever they beat the game. A new leaderboard system is being added, too. Here's a taste of this stuff:

Speed Run - detail Speed Run - overview

Maybe more excitingly, 1.6 is ushering in some CDC content. CDC news headlines will pop up as you play. Also, a new CDC in-game story will strengthen the overall narrative, as the org struggles to track down Patient Zero "in order to accelerate development of the cure," Plague Inc. developer tells us Ndemic Creations tells us.

CDC narrative

Neat stuff, right? Plague Inc. continues to be one of the most popular apps we've ever covered, grabbing over 10 million downloads since it hit last year. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out our TA Plays Rewind of the game -- it's an insanely good video game.

  • basil

    Almost purchased this but then looked at some of the reviews in the app store, looks like they took back a lot of modes that were available to the owner after the original purchase and put price tags on em.

    • King Random

      I haven't seen that...

    • Adams Immersive

      I've unlocked all game modes for free, including the Zombie Plague and the "cheat" modes. When you beat a mode on any setting but the easiest, it unlocks the next mode. (Except the last couple of modes, which require you to beat everything on the hard setting.)

      You only have to pay for those extras if you want to advance without beating earlier challenges first. (Which could be tempting! Some are really hard. I needed a little online help with Fungus.)

      I don't know how it used to be--maybe everything was unlocked and there was no progression to work through? If so, maybe people are mad that now you must either progress by skill or pay. But whatever it used to be, I'm happy with how it is now!

      • basil

        Ah well good, app store reviews as a rule lack much substance. Thanks for the clarification

      • JohnnyPark

        In one update back in March, they unlocked EVERYTHING. Then, several days later, they locked everything back down. I sent an email complaint, ie: why should I pay for something that WAS free? They never replied, so I wrote them off and deleted the game.

      • Micah Neveu

        Because it now has value. Or maybe it was a promotion, or an accident.
        If it is GOOD, then it is worth paying for.

      • Zetaspawn

        It was a glitch, they weren't supposed to be free, it was a glitch in one update that got fixed two or so days later, 99.9 percent of the life of this app has functioned the exact same way except for those two days. Plus they are one of the only games that allow you to unlock its extra content through play if you don't want to pay. They deserve a ton of praise for their business model.

      • sheepdog108

        I remember that, I was not that happy when they did that either. Still it is a fun game.

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      I've had this game from the first day of release, and I haven't seen that. However, I paid for both expansions, so maybe that has something to do with it. The problem with App Store reviews is that they list the earliest ones first, so you're reading reviews from March, when the last update came out. I haven't got the patience to scroll thru 3 months of reviews to see if the issue has been fixed, but in the update description it specifically states that you get to keep your unlocks, and that the 'unlock logic' was fixed. So perhaps this is a non issue at this point.
      I would recommend buying it. It has great replay value, and is challenging. Hell, the CDC asked the dev to come and give lecture on it! I'm eagerly looking forward to the next update.

    • Henry Wilkes

      Just play a couple of rounds on the free version. make up your own mind. this is one of the only three games Ive ever paid for and it was worth it.

    • Mario Kalus

      Not sure what you mean but basically all the content here you can get by beating the game on Brutal so it is enough to pay for standard game (you don't have to pay for the cheats, Neurax and Necroa and so on). Unfortunatelly I lost the saves with breaking my previous phone but it really doesn't matter as it is ok for me to "kill" again :D. Also beating first three on brutal is very easy (I will do prion and parasite today hopefully). Just keep in mind to let the Virus do what he wants and Fungus needs to be as quiet as possible (I used the very same strategy for Fungus and Bacteria) 😀

  • nini

    "Plague Inc. developer tells us Ndemic Creations tells us."

    I bet they do, Brad.

    • dariusjr98

      I'm cracking up right now! He still hasn't fixed it!

  • http://www.hopy1.com/ hopy

    Those information updates.

  • Guest

    Keep Moving Forward, I will always try to be able to do so.

  • Protoman

    I probably play this game more than any other game on either of my iDevices. If you're dedicated and wily enough you can unlock everything without paying anything extra.

    • Ndemic Creations

      Yep - that is playing the game properly! 🙂

  • Poetachica

    As far as in app purchases go, I rarely do them. Gave this one a try and totally regret the nightmare. Purchases the 7 plagues type and its still locked. Tried to restore purchase, reinstall--seems there is a bug by a few comments in the AppStore. Contacted devs, they told me to repurchase (it shouldnt be allowed via apple for same purchase twice, but if I am charged, request a refund by apple as a fix.) very disappointed with that. Such a shame, I love the game and think it has a lot of replay value. There is no way I will ever do another in app purchase with this dev again. Hope the update clears everything up, I would really like everything unlocked and want to see the different modes.

  • Ndemic Creations

    Have Apple actually deducted payment? If they have and 'restore purchase' won't bring it back - I suggest contacting them directly as it will be an issue with their billing

  • Henry Wilkes

    mutation 7 Vs mode. Play against Ai to kill the world first. balance your threat level to be less visable than your rival. get into countries before your rivals antics shut them down.

    Ndemic. please make my dream come true

  • Tinyds

    Prepare to die. My hacked game will topple the high score boards once again.

  • TyroneR

    Still a cool game to kill a spare hour 🙂
    Hopefully new plague types soon!