f6cdc161c779f0a72a8f8b6b33bbef61Looking for a mobile MOBA? You might want to peep what Zynga, of all companies, has to offer. The studio just soft-launched its own MOBA, Solstice Arena, across Canada's and New Zealand's App Store. It's a 3v3 MOBA that emphasizes the right stuff: team fights, loot, champions, and gold.

It's pretty different while still feeling familiar. I'll explain. For example, there are no creeps. Your heroes, which can tank turrets to some degree, essentially replace them. Also, while there's gold, it's dished out via a chest that needs to be captured. So, in a way, grabbing gold kinda feels like killing dragon or baron.

With us? It's weird, so Eli and I thought we'd play together to give you all a look. In the below, we play through the tutorial and play a live match -- a match where we happen to call all our teammates idiots. The wizard was feeding! It wasn't our fault we lost!

Soft launches like this usually indicate that a worldwide launch is coming pretty soon, so look out for this one in the near future.

International App Store Link: Solstice Arena, Free (Universal)

  • darklegacyx3

    This is already out in Australia, if by chance you see this, download this game straight away it's fun addicting, but it's even more better if you play with friends or you can just play online 🙂

  • Stustaff

    I know most readers will get it but for those who have t played this sort of game before how about a little explanation! I do t even know what MOBA is. I'm gonn guess its multiplayer online battle arena!??

    • Stustaff

      Also tank turrets? Creeps, killing dragon.. Baron? May as well be in Latin 😉

    • Adams Immersive

      Agreed--I don't know what's going on. I'm curious despite the Zynga name.

  • Synx75

    It is released in Europe now i guess. I'm just installing it from appstore.
    Let's see what it is worth then. 🙂

    • Endscrypt

      We're is this download ???

  • Artfoundry

    Got to play an early build of this a couple years ago - it's a lot of fun! For those who don't know, MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena. It's two teams fighting to destroy each other's tower/base. In League of Legends and DOTA, in addition to the players' heroes, there are "creeps" that help each team - AI controlled units that spawn periodically and continuously march toward the other base. But this game doesn't have those - it's purely the players' heroes. Arenas are much smaller too. So the experience is different than LOL and DOTA, but it's still a MOBA at its heart.

    • Stustaff

      I guessed right!!!??? Awesome 😉

    • Stustaff

      Oh and thanks for the info

  • FleeGamer

    Been playing it for a few days now and I have been having a lot of fun actually! Pretty awesome on all levels. I am not a MOBA player but this game got me hooked now. It super fast and addictive. The graphics are very polished. I have not seen any issue with the frame rate on my side over my 20+ games so far. Overall, I think it is the highest quality action game to date on the platform.

  • creachafeacha1

    What's a MOBA?

    • Adams Immersive

      Way to obscure to use without explaining! I've never in my life heard the term and I've been gaming since before most of me was even born.

      Artfoundry has saved the day below!

    • FleeGamer

      It means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
      I had to look it up myself first a few years back. 😛
      Basically, it is a team action fighting game
      In Solstice Arena, you can play solo and coop by the way so it is less intimidating

  • ikennonline

    The app is not universal. The developer said it supposed to support only iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini, and iPhone5. They are now working with Apple to change the app description.

    I tried the app in my iPhone 4s and the game alerts "Sorry. This device is not compatible with this game."

    • oldgamer dude

      Yep , no luck on my touch 5g , that's an odd assortment of devices ? Just including the iPhone 5 ? Way to shoot yourself in the foot zynga . Of course this is a soft launch, still weird if you ask me.

      • Team Solstice

        iPod Touch 5th Gen should now be supported in the latest update!

  • budykephe

    You are correct, MOBA means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It's pretty hard to explain this genre in a few words. Basically your goal is to destroy the opposing team's base, first the turrets (towers), which can shoot missiles on enemy heroes nearby (tanking a turret means taking hits from it while your mates damage it or the enemy team), then, when it gets vulnerable, the main building. Your tool for this is your hero, who gets some spells, levels up over time, etc. You get gold by killing the enemy heroes or, in this case, capture the chest. With the gold you can buy equipment, get stronger etc.
    Baron and dragon are monsters in League of Legends (the most popular MOBA today). These, when killed, give global gold to the team that brought them down, that's why we call them objectives. In this game capturing the chest leads to the same outcome (Gold!), hence the reference.
    I hope I could make things a bit more clear.

  • !nsomn!ac

    Hows the IAP wall? Do you hit it off the bat, or this game lets you play a while? Im asking because the game looks cool, but the Zynga icon makes me a sad panda, when it comes to IAP.

  • Ben Norvell

    Can someone tell me what a "MOBA" is?

    • Protoman

      Motorized Orbital Bamboo Antenna...it's NASAs cost saving satellite engineering of the future. lol

  • lsyuan

    is it better than gamelofts heroes of order and chaos?

    • FleeGamer

      No comparison if you ask me. I played both extensively. Solstice Arena is much better. The queues are shorter for one. The game is more fun and fast pace, two. The depth is higher i feel. Overall, I think Solstice Arena is a better made game.


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    • Rad

      Warning: The second one is a referal code. So only use it if you got no friends.
      But the first code was awesome!
      Gonna give you a downvote just for the referal thingy but other than that you did a very good job finding all those codes.