As we learned back in August of last year, Rodeo Games, who brought the excellent Hunters [$4.99 / $4.99 (HD)] and Hunters 2 [$1.99] top-down strategy games to the iOS platform, are hard at work on an official Warhammer Quest game for our little touchscreen Apple devices. Today they've finally released a look at the game in action, and the developers are even on hand with commentary to explain things and answer some questions they've gotten from the fans. Check it out.

As someone who isn't familiar with anything to do with Warhammer and who didn't play the original board game, I have to say I'm pretty psyched for Warhammer Quest. It looks phenomenal. For even more, take a look at our hands-on preview from earlier this week. And if you haven't already, add this to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to be notified when more news stories hit, and of course head into our forums for some community discussion. Warhammer Quest should be hitting the App Store sometime in the next month or two, and we're pretty darn excited for it.

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  • pauldavidmerritt

    Sorry, not interested. I was hoping for something more than a board game. Honest opinion: This resembles a boring Freemium and would quickly get dull with the mechanics, gameplay and pickups.

    • Nick

      I don't even know where to begin with this comment...

      This has taken the physical board game and all of its elements, put them all together digitally and presented them in an Incredibly polished package.

      Ask anyone that had Warhammer Quest if they thought it was boring, or if after years of playing they got tired of it, you'll get a resounding no.

      This isn't for you, and that's fine. This thing will sell like crazy and I can't wait for it to hit the store.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Good point.
        I never played the game, probably would like it. It's hard to see from the vid here that there's much besides moving little dudes around & whacking other dudes & getting loot. Sorta formulaic & not departing much from that.
        But if you say it follows the boardgame & looks great, I'm appreciative of that info.

      • Nick

        I can see why people might not be into it, and that's totally fine.

        I think its biggest failing is that it has no multiplayer, and while it is clearly possible to play a single device multiplayer here, it's not ideal enough.

        But even with that said, Quest was a game designed for solitairy play from the get go as well.

        As with any solitary game, how much enjoyment you will get from its lack of diversity, or perceived lack of diversity, is very subjective.

        Case in point: Windows Solitare. Has even a single game come close to the total playtime of that game? And of we are talking minimal diversity, that game is it.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      How old are you? Grow up.

      I stated what I was "hoping" and gave my "honest opinion". Take your swag trolling somewhere else.

      • Parkingtigers

        It looks to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the original boardgame, with added eye candy. Which is pretty much what people want from a boardgame app. No idea why you were so rude to the other guy about it.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Nick says, "i don't even know where to begin with this comment" was a sorry attempt at a cheap shot to someone simply stating an opinion. I'm a heavy critic with what I'm seeing, but there was no line I crossed. And cheap shots deserve a hard flick on the nose.

      • drloony

        No actually your the one trolling, nobody cares if you don't like it, move on then. This isn't for people like you

      • pauldavidmerritt

        So... What I'm gathering is this: you are only respected for your opinion if you like the game, and one should never offer criticism based on dislike.

        Bunch of intelligent, critical thinkers you all are! Even better, the more truthful this statement is, the more "thumbs down"s I will get. America is a circus of idiots 🙂

      • drloony

        I'm not American, but I guess you are. Why come onto a thread if you don't like the game? To annoy and insult people who are excited about it? Be gone troll

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Because I'm allowed to give negative critique. Anyone that whines about negative critique (which was not slandering by any means) needs to give the "uhh, you're negative, I hate you and you have no right to be on this thread" comments a rest. And you all want to call me out for being wrong and nearsighted? I'll say it again--grow up.

      • REkzkaRZ

        While I don't really get all the upset here, why are you (DrLoony being such a jackass? It wouldn't be a big deal if you'd shut the heck up. Who cares what your nationality is -- let the guy offer his feedback and let it go.
        Or are you proving your namesake? In that case, compliments -- you've succeeded!

      • john360

        You poor bugger.

      • Parkingtigers

        Your are being obnoxious now. The other poster went out of his way to "respect your opinion" by saying that if it's not for you, then that is fine. Because, you know, not everyone is going to like every kind of game. Which frankly was generous on his part considering you very harshly pre-judged the game based more on your own preconceptions than the footage shown. Yon the other hand, immediately responded with insults, and accusations of "swag trolling" which ... I don't know what the hell that is supposed to be.

        And now you are acting all butthurt because you feel your opinion is the only valid one, and needs to be respected and validated. Oh, and bonus xenophobia lashing out at an entire nation of people on a website that is international. Here's your first clue, I'm not American. Dude, you don't just have one chip on your shoulder, you have an entire bag.

        For the record, even as a big GW fan back in the day, I never had any interest in Warhammer Quest as it looked a little dull. But I can't say for sure if it was dull, as I never played it. Remember, if you don't like the look of the game, and wish to express that view, that is fine. But courtesy costs nothing, and your persecution complex makes you look like a paranoid teenager. Chill out man, it's just videogames.

      • Miklo Quachinator

        its not the the criticism...its the combativeness. no need to be so'll only give you wrinkles

      • Miklo Quachinator

        its not a cheap shot...he doesn't actually say anything about the guy...he just seems kind of hurt that someone entirely dismissed a game he sees a lot of qualities in...and says positive comments so others will not accept the other guys opinion without hearing a contradicting one. We're all gamers let alone human beings and we shouldn't be mad at each other for such small reasons. All the best my friends.

      • Nick

        Because it was said with the certain manner of someone who is trolling. The tone you used in the post and the flippant comments that lead no room for any kind of discussion make it foolish.

        I'm all for being critical, that's fine to be open with your issues, but do it wish some level of class.

        And learn how to reply 😉

      • MidianGTX

        I also took your comment as far more of a troll than his. He was disagreeing with your opinion, that's a legitimate response. You told him to grow up, which quite ironically, is somewhat childish.

    • Rince

      Ahm hate to break it to you, but Warhammer Quest IS A BOARD GAME. Dumbass...

  • Crimzzen

    I'm in!

  • Nick

    While I would have liked the option to have the dice rolls show and would have preferred day one multiplayer, this will suffice for now.

    It just needs to get its ass in the App Store and on my device!!!

  • oooooomonkey

    Insta buy

  • famousringo

    This looks glorious.

    The iPad is transforming into the ultimate turn-based strategy platform.

    • REkzkaRZ

      Dunno if I'd say "ultimate". It is the ultimate in sandboxed app environments where you can't mod, can't contribute, and have to rely on the devs to do anything w/your save games.
      The platform is so much more of an obstacle to creative collaboration in game-dev / game play than PC's / Macs are.

  • Honcho

    Shame all you get to see is an attacking animation wheres the skill or calculating the odds? I didnt play the board game but looking at this demo how is the player engaging the risk or reward for each attack. Other than adjacent or distance attacks doesnt appear to be anything else, only visual feedback to the continous hero phase appears to be drops in enemy health but no attack/defence stats, odds or getting a hit. Surely cant be that basic, just saying all the calculations are in there but hidden isnt good enough for me! Means no strategy!

    • Honcho

      By calculations in there i mean such as cant see the dice roll cant see the armour class etc like in dungeons and dragons. Im only baseing this on the above demo.

    • dv8godd

      Just because you don't see die rolls doesn't mean they don't have other stats you can see. Check the video again... every character and enemy has onscreen stats. When he clicks a snotling, you can see its attack and AC.

  • K-Dog

    It's basically Hunters again but with Warhammer Hunters 2 had a shop and the 'hardcore' mode where characters permanently die (i think). They didn't really mention anything else amazing gameplay-wise to differentiate it from Hunters series unfortunately.

    However, I loved Hunters and I love Warhammer. I really hope there is more to the game than what this video showed. Am sure the game will be good, but my cynical attitude is that they didn't mention/reveal any great / new sounding features.

    Will prob buy it still 🙂

    • Honcho

      I know enemies will have attack stats, and there will be varying health points for weak and stronger enemies, but without seeing percentage chances for certain attacks (like in xcom), or without seeing dice so you can determine how you missed. Feels like you cant weigh up the risk of an encounter so where are the tactics? Anyone know How you would fight on the board game, if its the same as Hunters then how does that system work. Are we talking about just hero placement and limited attack options?

  • RinoaHeartily

    Looks like hunters series with magic

    • gmattergames

      It's Developed by Rodeo, so that makes sense; their Hunter's style is perfect for the WHQ with its static top down perspective ideal for managing tactics on the board/battlefield. I'm glad they chose not to go with a variable 3d camera; I would keep it TD, even if that did.

    • REkzkaRZ

      It seems slower & somehow more dull than hunters.

      I don't get a sense of much tension in this game...

  • kizi friv

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  • gmattergames

    Unlike Hunters, it looks like the levels are played in sections. Probably done this way to maintain performance, but I wonder if your characters have to all stay in the same section or can they separate? In Hunters, I often split up the group in order to draw fire on the heavies and send the scouts around to flank through other passages.

    • skott976

      It's been a while since I played the board game, but if I remember correctly, 1 member of the group carries the torch, and everyone must stay within 1 section of him. Not sure if this version had altered from that.