Two years, two Kickstarter campaigns, and lots of hookers and blow later, developer Warballoon has finally beamed up Star Command to the App Store. Do some screws still need tightening? Affirmative. Should you dive in immediately? Absolutely.

After designing and naming your avatar and ship, you learn the ins and outs of running your rig. Your spacecraft is made up of three types of rooms: weaponry, science, and engineering. You decide which types of rooms you want to build, then hire crew and assign them to rooms. Without crew to operate equipment, rooms cannot function. Rooms cost tokens to build, and some rooms, such as the plasma torpedo, require special ammo tokens to operate.

With the basics under your belt, you set sail for faraway planets and mix it up with your first band of hostiles. The goal of ship battles is to knock out the opposing craft's shields and sap their hull down to zero before they do the same to you. You wait for your weapons and defensive tech to charge up, then let fly with your chosen offense by playing quick time-like minigames such as stopping three spinning balls inside tiny circles and lining up vertical and horizontal sliders. Survive, and you earn tokens you can allocate toward more rooms and upgrades for your crew and equipment.

I breezed through the first mission and felt confidence settle in. Three missions later and all hell broke loose. Enemy ships charge their weapons faster than you can power up your defenses, so expect your shields to drop offline seconds into a fight. Once you take enough damage, your hull cracks open, enabling parties of invaders to teleport on board and stalk from room to room. Crew assigned to the bridge carry blasters, so you'll want to hustle on after them before they cut down your unarmed engineers and scientists.

Oh, and when you have a sec, a fire just broke out in the healing bay, the enemy's last torpedo tore a gash in your hull that sucks out any crew that wanders too close, your plasma torpedo needs to be reloaded, that wailing alarm means you should trigger the dodge doohickey to cancel incoming blasts, restock your ammo tokens or the most devastating cargo your torpedoes will unload is a puff of air, unleash laser blasts and machine gun fire--careful not to blink during the minigame or you'll have to wait until 30 seconds to try again--and, yikes, a hulking beast of an alien just torched your one and only healer, so you'll want to reassign another crew to the healing room then hurry them on back to the firefight in the hall. And do make sure not to get yourself killed, won't you? In Star Command, you don't go down with the ship. The ship goes down with you.

Star Command is not a strategy game. You don't win by out-thinking opposing ships. You win by keeping a cool head and squelching problems as they appear. And if you can't squelch a problem right away, you set it aside and push on until you get a chance to breathe. Your ship will be a charred mess held together with spit and bubblegum by the time the victory message splashes across your screen, but even then, knee-deep in ruin and the bodies of your loyal crewmates, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your enemy's vessel explode and fly apart. You won, and in Star Command, winning feels mighty fine indeed.

"All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune," as Thoreau said, and you'll agree when you collect your hard-won reward. Sometimes, Star Command feels hard for the wrong reasons. Missions usually deteriorate into you rounding up fighters and healers into a ball of death and rolling through the ship to mop up invaders. It's a fun incident to juggle when it's one of many incidents on your plate, but wrapping up every mission in the same way gets old. Stumbling over the touch controls also grows tiresome; you tap to move characters and operate rooms, but tapping the exact crew member, room, or icon you want is tricky when the screen gets crowded.

More seriously, I encountered a game-breaking scenario near the end of the campaign. I had just finished off the enemy ship and whittled the last pack of invaders down to one. That one invader got stuck in a corner of the ship at the end of a narrow corridor. A hull breach stood between my ball o' death and the invader. The corridor was too narrow for any of my crew to cross over without getting sucked through the gap, leaving me with no other option but to reload a save from two battles prior, the last occasion where the game allowed me to log my progress.

Conceding defeat to the untouchable stowaway soured me, but only temporarily. That's the sort of AI wrinkle the developers can iron out, and it didn't stop me from diving right back in. Warballoon's final product changed in numerous ways over the past two years. Battles play out in real-time instead of over turns, research trees were pruned down to instant upgrades, and...

Well, the change list goes on for days, I'm sure. But the core idea, the thrill of pinning a captain's badge to your chest and piloting your own ship through the starry depths, remains intact in the form of an addictive and brilliantly chaotic experience.

If you're still having trouble parting with the three dollar entrance fee, check out our first TA Plays video, our second, more in-depth TA Plays + Hands-on preview, or scope out the discussion in our forums.

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  • toxiccheese

    The review, although great, didn't even matter... Already bought and playing!

  • dariusjr98

    Great review, makes me want to get the game even more.

    P.S. First!

  • Jerutix

    Instantly in love. This will tide me over until Star Trek comes out, then far beyond.

    • StarCommandGame

      And more content will be coming. Lot's more.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Yeah, good timing in release in same month as Star Trek 2. Maybe all the delays ... were 'fate'?

      • iValerio90

        the best 3 dollars spent in my life. congratulations

      • inginious

        That's why this was an instabuy for me!!

      • kilrtom

        Great job, can't wait for more content! 🙂

  • reflipp

    As a cheapskate iam.this game is the only game on iPad iplayed iwould antallet pay more for...

    • StarCommandGame

      Cheapskates unite!

    • iqSoup

      I think you meant "ant all et."

  • StarCommandGame

    Hope you guys enjoy it! Really excited to see everyone's reactions.

    • youngjoon

      I saw this game long ago but didn't really follow the development (glad I didn't, since it seems to have created a backlash). I got it on the basis of TA reviews, and I'm glad I did. It's been quite fun so far.

      I've only played a bit, but I can see that it'll just get more fun, and I'm excited about the updates that you guys are promising. It seems like the game will really grow a lot -- maybe one day I can play with friends in multiplayer, although I know this is quite a big ask.

      One thing I'd like to mention is that I wasn't too clear on how combat works. The first battle, I was confused as to why I couldn't fire lasers (the circles weren't explained well I thought) and the second battle, I didn't quite know what to do at first, as tapping was harder as it was zoomed out. Maybe a tooltip to zoom in for battles would help!

      Anyway, kudos to you guys for an excellent game! I really enjoyed it so far and I'm excited for my class to finish so I can get a few more hours on my ship!

      • Paul Graham

        I still don't understand combat and I've killed 3 ships now. This game desperately needs more explanation of the combat.

    • Aventador

      Game is smeging awesome !!!
      Enjoying the humor , beautiful graphic and effects all around.
      Can't wait for more updates

    • mstacheef

      Downloaded immediately last night, couldn't stop playing for a few hours. Outstanding game. Really tough and rewarding. Definitely a few bugs to iron out but great job guys. And so happy its not free with IAPs. Keep the updates coming.

    • Henry_Swansons_my_name

      I still can't figure out how to fire the laser canon 🙁

  • Greyskull

    Is there a universe? Or is all the gameplay within the ship? I bought Weird Worlds in Infinite Space (I think I got that slightly wrong), and would like just a lightweight exploratory function...even if it's just tapping on randomly generated dots representing star systems.

    • David Craddock

      That's exactly how travel works. You bring up a map and tap on galaxies and planets to travel there.

      • StarCommandGame

        Sandbox is one of our goals with a future version. Gonna finish android then move into new features.

      • Greyskull

        That will be great. In the game's current state, do missions take place in a pre-determined order, or are they linled to the star system you visit? Can you choose amongst several at a time?

      • zombierevolver

        Forget android, the UI is pathetic and the game is poorly developed. I struggle to defend my base. The only way to survive is to keep all ur crew together. Terrible game, bad controls and repetitive. 0 Stars. Nothing like what was stated in the Kickstarter which I backed and regretted.

      • InQ

        Well, art and music are pretty great. Game and UI design suck bad though.

  • Chris Chavez

    Android, Android, Android

    • StarCommandGame

      Soon, Soon, Soon. We promise.

      • Mark Holladay

        How soon do you think? A week? Or more like a month? I want to buy it for my Android tablet but dont want to wait too long. THanks! Game looks awesome.

      • StarCommandGame

        We have made the release date mistake before. When its close we will let EVERYONE know.

      • iqSoup

        lol--seriously, in the world of game dev firm release dates are always a bad idea!

      • REkzkaRZ

        Keep learning from your mistakes, young padowans. (Ooops, wrong genre.)

      • Lostpop21

        They think a month but don't hold them to it. Android is a lot harder to program for.

  • Lloyd Stang

    It's fun but it tore me new butthole...

    • StarCommandGame

      You're welcome.

      • caaalrb


    • REkzkaRZ

      Any details on that lovely description? Get shot in the aft of your ship?

  • thiefwriter

    Does this run on iPod Touch 4g?

    • thiefwriter

      Never mind, just saw your response on the preview, thanks

  • airwa1k

    Aaaaaannd purchased.

  • Zavier D'dun

    @the writer... Power up your shields and the air stops venting out! I was a lack of knowledge that failed you there good sir!

    • David Craddock

      Good to know, thanks! I didn't have a shield generator; I'd opted to go with the dodge machine. I was low on tokens and couldn't have scrapped one room to build a generator anyway, but it's good to know a solution exists.

      • Zavier D'dun

        Yep that happens! 😉 It gets easier on the Medium ships as you can make all the rooms if you plan right!

      • Zavier D'dun

        Oh yeah, any blue room that is occupied will regen the shields FYI

    • mstacheef

      Failed me too. Had no clue how to stop the hill breaches during combat. Thanks for the tip

  • ThePfhor

    Reminds me a lot of FTL on Steam. if the reasons I'm excited to play it!

    • Zavier D'dun

      Its nothing like FTL other then they are both space games!

      • iqSoup

        Well its kinda similar--both are space games where you manage not just the ship, but the crew as well.

      • REkzkaRZ

        It's similar b/c you flly ships in space, too. No other games do that... (NOT)
        Let's not pidgeon-hole the thing, let's PLAY it!

  • ThePfhor

    It reminds me a lot of FTL on Steam. I'm excited to try it! C'mon download hurry up!

  • zipsesh

    Any word on cloud saves? I don't know which device to start on.

    • Toasty_Cat

      I'm pretty sure it's got cloud saves. 🙂

    • Zavier D'dun

      Start on the largest one! And there are no cloud saves currently I believe

  • Gabriel.Voyager

    I wonder how much reserve this title If the name wasn't Star Command.
    I'm sure no 4,5 stars

    • KenGriffeyIII

      It's Touch Arcade - any game with moving pictures gets at least a 3.5

  • Illuminerdy

    I won't be buying this until it's $25.

  • Biowhere

    I'm currently doing the combat tutorial and attacking makes absolutely no sense. Most of the tutorial is confusing but the combat part is the worst so far.

    Do you tap each of the three orange circles? What's the red orbs orbiting the orange circles?

    Why when you travel does only the right arrow work?

  • Sven Anderson


    I've been waiting for this game since the first kickstarter.

    IT IS A TERRIBLE GAME! PERIOD, until ALMOST the entire game is changed, it is less than 1 star. DEMAND a refund!

    DO NOT GET THIS GAME until things have been fixed! DID THEY PLAY TEST THIS GAME?

    I'm going to provide truth to counter the BS in the above review so that you won't waste your money.

    Expect to spend a lot of time and get NOTHING out of it other than headaches and clinched fists. You will die, a lot, and either start another game or load your last save. Just to DIE AGAIN.

    If you've ever played a game, you know that you start off easy and gradually level up the difficulty. Not here, you're thrown in the deep end with lead shoes and handcuffed. If you think I'm joking, waste your time and money and find out for yourself.

    The structure of a GREAT game is here, but bad decisions make is as bad or worse than E.T. for Atari.


    First the UI is completely and utterly crap.


    Crew Selection

    Huddle the ALL crew members

    Because the ship is CONSTANTLY being boarded, you’ll want to keep the unarmed Engineers (Y) and Science (B) clustered together with the Commander (R) to repeal the enemy forces and to keep everyone healed up. You should not be able to beam aboard if shields are up.

    Unable to correctly select a character

    When you attempt to select someone you will constantly select everyone OTHER THAN the person you wanted to pick.

    Game play doesn’t freeze when you select a character.

    Unlike most games, when you highlight a character, you men are frozen while the rest of the game is active; so you have to move fast to move everyone way from the character you actually want to choose, choose them and then do the same for each other person you want to pick.

    After highlighting a character, the ONLY way to UNSELECT him is to hit the red X in the bottom left. Very frustrating in the heat of a battle.

    Only a few are armed for self-defense on a starship? WHAT!?!

    EVERYONE on a star ship should have pistols. Everyone should be able to heal each other, just NOT as GOOD as a Scientist / Healer / Blue shirt.

    There should be YBR selector buttons, that allow you to quickly select ALL Bs to come heal the dying R shirts.

    As soon as you change a character’s assignment, they shouldn’t have to WALK TO the area you assigned. They should simply become what you told them to do. But this complaint is more a result of bad design of other elements.


    I love having the “Return to Task” button. After hitting this button, the character goes back to the room you’ve assigned them.


    There are set zoom levels.

    There’s no GOOD zoom level, it’s either zoomed out to far to be able to select character or so zoomed you can select the right person, but can’t do anything with them. It wouldn’t be a problem if the rest of the game and enemies weren’t still attacking and recharging their weapons so quickly. There should only 2 set zooms as buttons to go back and forth; while allowing complete zoom freedom any other time.


    When you highlight a character, their utility range is shown, until you move them. BOO. This should always be visible if you have the person highlighted.


    I’m not hating on the “8-bit” art design, I’m hating on the mishmash of quality in graphics. You’ll have terrible blown up 8-bit characters full screen moving on a HIGHLY designed background. It’s like SeEiNg TeXt WiTh DiFfEnT cApItAlIzAtIoN. Yes it’s there, and it’s spelled correctly. Just try reading anything like that for awhile, you’re eyes will bleed.


    You’d expect some type of variety in a game that took TWO YEARS TO DEVELOP! But no, every single person you meet will result in a battle, no matter how nice they seem or what you respond with.

    Crashes I’ve played this for 2 hours and it’s crashed 3 times from a fresh reboot.

    There is SO MUCH wrong with this game, it upsets me on seeing David Craddock providing a score above 1 star. This is barely in beta stage with the amount of work that still needs to be done.

    The things this company has wasted, 2 years of dev time, 2 KickStarter campaigns worth of funds, the money you and I spent on this terrible game.

    I'll be more than happy to provide my cell phone if it helps fix this broken game.

    • Sven Anderson

      I beg someone to counter my points. I will bring proof of the smell, texture, and look of feces this game provides in tonnage. And I'm not talking about the 8-bit design choice.

      • Zavier D'dun

        What points?

      • REkzkaRZ

        I counter your points. You're wrong. How's that?

      • Skullinton

        You don't have enough mana to cast that card...

      • REkzkaRZ

        Wow, this game's got mana AND coins?!?!? Oh joy!

      • Skullinton

        Add timers and potions and you got a goty! 😀

      • Paj Saraf

        maybe, if you re focused your criticism and explained, without being aggressive, what you think is bad/wrong, maybe then we can understand you. For now, nothing you said makes sense.

      • Skullinton

        You don't have enough mana to cast that card...

      • REkzkaRZ

        I counter your points. You're wrong. How's that?

      • Tomate Diseño

        You seem to be mistaking a videogame for an 80's action movie. A game doesn't need to adhere to any formula, if you expect that then stick to the Medal of Honour series. Star Command has successfully captured the essence of old school gaming in that it provides a challenge. People playing games these days expect to be spoon fed. There's games from my pre 20's (c64 era) that I've never finished and still break out on emulators to have a go at. So yeah, you die in a videogame - used to be that was the only way a game could go, it was just a case of how long you could put off the inevitable.

    • Fatsoul

      You misspelled different.

      • Sven Anderson

        Thank you, fixed.

    • Sven Anderson

      I added _____ because the returns weren't showing up.

    • Zavier D'dun

      You have no points other then you are bad at the game? You just repeated it 3 times over...

      IT does take some practice to play but the Normal mode is quite easy to play.

      • Sven Anderson

        Please re-read my post…or read this, cause I’m repeating myself.

        Point 1

        To survive boardings, you must group EVERY crew member into 1 room and just wait for them to come through the door. Leaving the rest of the ship useless. Bad game design. Good design would look like this: Every crew has phasers that help to fend off small groups, while the Red Shirts are brought in to clean up masses. This would allow the objective the game developer is attempting to allow. To have a lot going on all at once. But with huddle and pray, you just stay waiting for death, either yours or theirs. I just played the zombie stage again, even this simple strategy didn’t work. One of my crew died, cause he and others stopped attacking, EVEN THOUGH they were facing the zombies.

        Point 2

        You’re unable to select a Character. I’m sorry if I’m a gamer and I’ve been playing games for >25 years, I’ve gone through Game Development at a university and know something about User Interfaces, and User Experience design. When simple mechanics are game brakingly bad, there’s a problem.

        Point 3

        When you select a room, all time freezes. When you select a crewman, nothing freezes other than the crewman. Be consistent, either freeze everything, or freeze nothing.

        Point 4

        After selecting a crewman, make it better to DEselect him.

        Point 5

        On a starship, every crewman should have a gun or quick access to one in the room they’re in. Every crewman should be able to self-defend and heal. Now, NOT as good as the experts, RED or BLUE shirts.

        Point 6

        There should be CLASS selector buttons because you’ll have to move your entire crew enmass all the time. Because again Point 1, to survivor you must cluster.

        Point 7

        This is a result of having people unable to do anything other than their assignment. Well I have fires everywhere, and 10 intruders and no weapons being shot cause all of my men are clustered. I need to change someone’s assignment, but can’t cause they’ll have to walk through 2 walls of fire and a cluster of intruders, just to return to do it again to return to the cluster. FAIL.

        Point 8

        I like a few things in the game. I point the good things out.

        Point 9

        The zoom levels is again, bad design. I need to zoom between two heights, but can’t because of the set zoom levels.

        Point 10

        Seeing the range of the crewman: GOOD. Not having this info available all the time while I have him selected: BAD.

        Point 11

        The quality of graphics is a choice. They choose to go with terrible looking 8-bit PLUS ZOOM in and blow it up to FULL screen. Ok, I wouldn’t do that, but that’s a choice, cool. I can live with that. But imagine playing NES Super Mario Bros with random blocks showing up as 4K Ultra HD and some bricks. Maybe the clouds looking all cool and HD while the rest of the sky and background is 16-bit, while Mario is 8-bit. CHOOSE a design quality level and stick to it.

        Point 12

        Waste of time, stolen money. They’ve had 2 years and I don’t even know how much money to develop a game that is completely and UTTERLY hodgepodge, disjointed. Instead of a game that’s more than the sum of it’s parts, it’s parts are just barely worth of value.

        Are those enough points? Is that more clear than my first post? Are you able to prove those point incorrect? And who’s paying you to try?

        To be completely open, I’ve started over and attempting to play it again..but like I said, even clustering doesn’t work. The crew stop fighting back after a bit. I have to move them around to get them to fight.

      • Zavier D'dun

        Forum post these under the suggestions so WB can review them. These are good opinions but not technically wrongs just personal preferences that could improve the game at best or just extra polish at worse.

        Point #1, try using the corridors between rooms to control the flow of invaders. You can use the different rooms like the dodge/shield rooms to prevent more invasion forces. This should help a lot once you get the flow right.

      • Skullinton

        Most of your points a linked with your vad decisions and bad planing, not bad game design.

        In this game you must use strategy and manage to find a good balance between each class, otherwise it would be to easy.

        Also it's normal that it's hard, that's what they wanted to do. You can fail and you will fail. It may be because of a bad choice you did at the beginning of the game and thus you must restart the whole freaking thing. That's part of the game, weither you like it or not, so think wisely before chosing something.

      • Skullinton

        Oh, I forgot to add that I love the game. It's a 5/5 in my book. 😉

        Keep the updates coming! 😀

      • Sven Anderson

        How you you manage the classes, when you can't select them?

        Bad planning on not wanting waste time having to REBUILD all of the crew because they've died. The problem is that ALL of the enemy and ships are WELL beyond the level of your ship and crew. Like I said in the post, there's no gradual game play. You start at level 1 while you're enemies are at level 10. How do you fight against a invasion every 2 minutes and the ship shooting bombs over setting everything on fire. While your first set of weapons has just loaded?

        it's bad game design to ramp up the enemy while the player is just starting. It's also bad game design not to include friendly races to help. I saw the first race after I left the SOL galaxy and he was talking about trade and I was all hopeful that I'd have a moment to restock, but nope, within 3 minutes my ship was on fire and i had 3 crew left. I haven't gotten anything or anywhere yet. Wait a little bit before banishing the player to restart the game.

      • Skullinton

        Ball of death... That's all I have to say.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Sven, you're trying to say the game is bad by ranting ranting ranting. We hear that you didn't like it.
        "These wasn't the game you’re looking for … Move along.”
        (Sorry to quote the wrong genre, but the point is there.)

      • Lostpop21

        Have you tried tapping your crews' feet? Because thats where you select them, otherwise you select the guy behind him.

      • kilrtom

        Don't blame your poor skill level for the game.

        The game is great and perhaps is catered more to a 12+ age level. You'll improve with age don't worry.

      • Pixel_Gamer

        Your points, I like. They should consider hiring you.

      • Paul Graham

        Why would anyone read your point since you can't make it concise? People don't come to the comments to read a damn essay, post on your own blog.

      • Greyskull

        No one stole your money, it was well-documented that many features would not be present upon release which had earlier been designated for inclusion.

      • Zerol3onheart

        I bought it. It's fun. Your post is long. I tried to read it, honest, I really did, but I'd rather be playing Star Command. Hell, I'd rather be watching paint dry or my cat try and eat a taco then attempt to read that.

      • REkzkaRZ

        @Zavier -- you CRACKED me UP!!!
        "So what you're saying is... you have a strong negative opinion b/c you suck?" HA HA

        Sorry Sven, but your rant ain't gonna stop me from buying it. Looks like you got your money's worth just in terms of ranting material!!!

      • REkzkaRZ

        @Zavier -- you CRACKED me UP!!!
        "So what you're saying is... you have a strong negative opinion b/c you suck?" HA HA

        Sorry Sven, but your rant ain't gonna stop me from buying it. Looks like you got your money's worth just in terms of ranting material!!!

      • Zavier D'dun

        Most opinions come down to, I am bad and do not ask how to get better. He had some good suggestions but when it comes down to it, very few are having these issues. (Biggest issue so far is lack of knowledge of certain features like the mini games)

    • iqSoup

      Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Chill out bro! Time for a nap I think. Did you like mortgage your house and give all the money to the Kickstarter?

      Clearly the devs were a bit naive and inexperienced but it seems like a more than decent game. Like it or hate it, obviously an unimaginable amount of hard work and creativity went into this thing. If you disagree then you really don't know anything about game development--or maybe your just blinded by inexplicable rage.

      Game dev takes time and often way more than anyone could have imagined--it can take 2 years to develop even a an extremely simple game. If you want the game you described in your points above than go make it yourself. Then you can have a say in every single feature exactly how you want it. And you can decide when its ready for release and when to hold back and put more work, time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into a project. If you don't wanna develop games and instead just want to fund kickstarters then get used to not having things the way you want in the end result. In fact probably most things aren't going to be the way you imagined.

      So learn from this experience and probably try to steer clear of in the future.

    • lavenders2100 .

      I'm going to counter your points as best I can, because there is so much hyperbole in this comment it is crazy.

      "Expect to spend a lot of time and get NOTHING out of it other than headaches and clinched fists. You will die, a lot, and either start another game or load your last save. Just to DIE AGAIN."
      I seriously don't think you have a right to comment on this after 2 hours of gameplay, but I will roll with it. This game is similar in many ways to FTL, and difficulty is no exception. FTL is hard, and so is this game, so don't expect too much handholding. Maybe the easier difficulty could be tweaked a bit, but I think you should play the game more before you decide whether the game is difficult or not.

      "The structure of a GREAT game is here, but bad decisions make is as bad or worse than E.T. for Atari."
      Comparing these two games is silly. You are comparing a game that has received generally positive feedback from TA, Pocket Tactics and forum users, to a game that was so bad that unsold copies were literally dumped in a landfill in New Mexico and was a possible cause of the 1983 video game crash.

      "First the UI is completely and utterly crap."
      Going to address this further down the post, since this argument is the equivalent to me saying "E.T is the best game ever"

      "Because the ship is CONSTANTLY being boarded, you’ll want to keep the unarmed Engineers (Y) and Science (B) clustered together with the Commander (R) to repeal the enemy forces and to keep everyone healed up. You should not be able to beam aboard if shields are up."
      You are judging a game because you couldn't play the game the way you wanted to. I have gotten by without using your tactic, and I'm sure there are many ways to go about playing the game. Choosing which rooms to build, picking certain upgrades and balancing crew members between using weapons and fighting boarders give plenty of options for choice.

      "When you attempt to select someone you will constantly select everyone OTHER THAN the person you wanted to pick."
      This is a problem I only had when men were close together. I have small fingers, so it isn't a big issue, but I'm not too sure how they could work around this one.

      "Unlike most games, when you highlight a character, you men are frozen while the rest of the game is active; so you have to move fast to move everyone way from the character you actually want to choose, choose them and then do the same for each other person you want to pick."
      I don't find this too big a deal, but since the game can be paused in many other ways at any time, I don't see why they couldn't add this in.

      "After highlighting a character, the ONLY way to UNSELECT him is to hit the red X in the bottom left. Very frustrating in the heat of a battle."
      Very small issue. They could move the button to where the abilities of the selected person are, but this isn't a giant deal, and would be completely invalid if the pause option was added when you select characters.

      "EVERYONE on a star ship should have pistols. Everyone should be able to heal each other, just NOT as GOOD as a Scientist / Healer / Blue shirt."
      "As soon as you change a character’s assignment, they shouldn’t have to WALK TO the area you assigned. They should simply become what you told them to do. But this complaint is more a result of bad design of other elements."
      Now I am putting these two together because they contradict each other. Think about it: what is the point of scientist not being as good with weapons as a tactician if you can just switch between them at will? Why worry about hull breaches or pulling guys off their stations when you have one guy who can do everything? If your healer gets damaged in a fight with your men, then you can just turn him into a tactician and make someone else the healer to heal him. In fact, this will make the stacking strategy you hate so much MORE viable! I don't agree with you here at all.

      "There should be YBR selector buttons, that allow you to quickly select ALL Bs to come heal the dying R shirts."
      And you could select all R shirts to go and attack enemies that appear in clusters. I agree, this is something that could be added.

      "There’s no GOOD zoom level, it’s either zoomed out to far to be able to select character or so zoomed you can select the right person, but can’t do anything with them. It wouldn’t be a problem if the rest of the game and enemies weren’t still attacking and recharging their weapons so quickly. There should only 2 set zooms as buttons to go back and forth; while allowing complete zoom freedom any other time."
      There are plenty of zoom levels for different situations. Buttons that make the zoom go up and down one level at a time would be a solid addition. I don't find this too big an issue though.

      "I’m not hating on the “8-bit” art design, I’m hating on the mishmash of quality in graphics. You’ll have terrible blown up 8-bit characters full screen moving on a HIGHLY designed background. It’s like SeEiNg TeXt WiTh DiFfErEnT cApItAlIzAtIoN. Yes, it’s there, and it’s spelled correctly. Just try reading anything like that for a while, you’re eyes will bleed."
      Personal preference on graphics choices, but since you are mostly zoomed in and focused on your ship, the graphics don't conflict. When completely zoomed out, the ships are small and look quite good against the background. Personal preference in my eyes, I don't think I have heard anyone else complain about this issue.

      "You’d expect some type of variety in a game that took TWO YEARS TO DEVELOP! But no, every single person you meet will result in a battle, no matter how nice they seem or what you respond with."
      Personal preference again, and I didn't fight everyone that I saw. Minor early game spoiler: I got a crewmember for from one race, so not everybody fights you. But what else would you do if you couldn't fight them? If trading goods, colonizing planets or doing something else existed, then this wouldn't be an issue, but since it doesn't it is best to keep the game about fighting.

      "Crashes I’ve played this for 2 hours and it’s crashed 3 times from a fresh reboot."
      My game has never crashed so I can't comment, but I wouldn't complain about it getting fixed.

      "The things this company has wasted, 2 years of dev time, 2 KickStarter campaigns worth of funds, the money you and I spent on this terrible game."
      It's 3 DOLLARS! It isn't a AAA budget title with mega dev teams, it isn't a massive game with a million things to do, it is a simple, premium iphone game with no in app purchases.

      Overall, you make valid points here and there, but they are almost all quality of life things that don't make the game bad. The rest of your complaints are either subjective, contradictory or hyperbolic. There are minor problems with the game, yes. But:
      A. I find the core game to be really fun
      B. This game didn't get a perfect review from TA for a reason. It does have problems. But it still got 4.5 stars. That is because the problems are minor.
      Not a terrible game in my eyes at all, and many others, including the reviewer at TA, agree with me.

      • Skullinton

        So... Much... White...

      • caaalrb

        Seriously, I'm scrolling like half a mile on my phone

      • Skullinton

        Same here 😉

    • Corky McButterpants

      But I enjoy Clinching my FiStS O_-

    • nomster

      What are you doing next month 17th thru 24th.

      I'm gathering a team of peace envoys to travel to the Middle East and need as many people with a calm mind and no tendency to get things out of perspective.

      There's no pay but you free snacks for the week. (1 bag of wasps per day)

      • Zavier D'dun

        Can't tell if "wasps" is the bug or some weird foreign food I don't know of...

      • nomster

        Its the bug. Crunchy and chewy at the same time!

    • Hatesville

      ET for Atari cracked me up.
      Jeez man, just don't play the game.

    • sektor666

      unfortunately i agree with everything you said 🙁
      (well aside from the crashes, it ran pretty stable for me)

    • MidianGTX

      What an ugly turd of a comment. Write a user review on the forum if you want people to read your opinion, but please do it like a civilised adult. Thanks.

    • Paul Graham

      Star Command truther, apparently

    • KenGriffeyIII I supposed to sign in the blank spots...or...or something?

    • Greyskull

      Did you need to use so many "_"? It made your post much longer than necessary and a whole lot more difficult to understand than it otherwise would have been.

  • Christian Valentin

    Any strategic or tactical depth to combat?
    I read there's line of sight and effect radius for crew members.
    Can you set up ambushes (wait in rooms while aliens pass through corridors)?
    Or flank by distracting enemies with one group while going around wit another group of crew members?

    • Sven Anderson

      Yes, there's line of sight and the way you're facing. I'm sure if your crew survive long enough you could flank them. But again...don't expect depth, other than the depth of pain and suffering you'll have playing this game.

    • Zavier D'dun

      Yes and no... They do have a range and you can set them up on corners or in rooms to get the jump on them.

  • nahsik

    How many hours can I put into this game?

    • Zavier D'dun

      As many as you like! I beat it on the Black Hole mode which took me quite a bit of time.

      • McCREE

        Quite a bit of time? The game has been out for less than a day.

      • Zavier D'dun

        Been playing Beta for a long time.

  • odi0n

    @ Sven Anderson,

    Actually, I decided to not buy this game, but not for the reasons you list.

    I understand that WB is a small company 2 guys deep. Originally they had true grandiose motives for this game - and I understand and believe it was never they're intention to be deceitful and switch gears after funding.

    What I truly believe is that they just bit off more than they can chew (which is nothing wrong with that) aim for the moon get the stars type of thing.

    My interest in the game from the getgo was the whole sim aspect of feeling like your in Star Trek (Exploration, Deep Diplomacy Tree, Trade, Discoveries, Viruses infecting the ship crew find a cure and many of the great ideas RogueTrooper put up in they're forum).

    When those parts of the game was cut so did my interest. That said, I sincerely wish WB well, may they sell millions of Star Command copies and hopefully, with that money the version I want, the one they would love to create - can come to fruition.

    • flashbackflip

      Yep. Same reasons for me. Not interested in micro-management stuff without a story/sandbox.. I see enough of hamburger-making fast-faster-faster-tapping games my wife plays.. Will wait till decent updates IF they ever occur (i dont trust these developers)

      • Sven Anderson

        Exactly. The trust has been lost.

    • Sven Anderson

      Odi0n, I agree. Those were the parts i was looking forward to. I completely understand how projects can go awry. With my quick calc, they had 187k in funds to split between 2 people. That's 93.5k each. They could/should of hired someone to help make the game better. But lesson learnt I hope. I'm sure there was other stuff, but that doesn't matter.

      What matters is the product they released and 4.5 star review they received, the money they will continue to make because of incorrect reviews.

      If I were them, I'd provide the game for FREE with In-App purchases at a multitude of prices for people to pay what they wish. If I were an App Dev, I'd do this. Free app with a "set your own price" model. If only I could have they're source code and fix the game with 187k they raised.---IMPORTANT---I know they don't receive ALL of that money. So don't tell me that please. Again I'm making a point, don't hold me to the EXACT words I'm saying. It's 3:21am for me and I'm mad after suffering through the game.

      • Skullinton

        Incorrect review? These are called opinions so i wont hold it against you since you are entitled to have your own, but it seems that you don't understand the core idea of this game.

      • Sven Anderson

        What do you call a review that doesn't take into account being unable to select the correct crew member or batters you with enemies beyond your means. I'm sure after playing this game and dying over and over and over again. You learn the correct key combination to move forward. But again that's not what makes a game 4.5 stars. Think about another 4 or 5 star game, are those as broken or frustrating?

        My opinion is that is' worth 1 star, not worth your time. While he says it's worth 4.5, Is this game as good as ANY other 4.5 rated game? If so which game is it as good. The problem is that a near perfect, MUST HAVE rating is on such a game that is so broken and unfinished.

        Anyways...I'm extremely tired...I'm going to sleep.

      • Skullinton

        Good night, and again these are opinions and what's fun about them is that we can have different ones. 😉

      • kilrtom

        Can't select a character? Get a iPad, it's great 🙂

        Fights beyond your means? Try maxing your staff numbers first, and you'll notice that you can have 3+ crew tactical. btw, the crew can run buddy! Try managing their health by moving weaker members to the rear as you around your ship fighting off baddies. Plus get a healer at the rear. Idiot.

        I find this game to possibly be GOTY iOS material. It is fun and rewarding when you have so many things to control in a short period of time. The story is funny and obviously is just there for comical value.

        I've bee using the proton torpedo and machine gun, with a healing room and evasiveness. Great management skills and I've won every battle thus far. If I drop the ball and let a key structural wall get hit mid fight, I'll possibly lose but I try avoid those hits with evasive.

        Get this game, you won't regret it!

    • REkzkaRZ

      How do you think they'll get the $$$ to make that? From a few people willing to part with $3 to play a game that just got 4.5 stars.

      • KenGriffeyIII

        ...or their first kickstarter......or their second. I can't see money being the problem.

      • REkzkaRZ

        As long as you, who doesn't support the game, doesn't get to play it either -- I'd be ok with that.

        Otherwise, who cares about the one YOU want? You won't even put up a few bucks to make it happen -- let alone hours and hours of blood sweat & tears!

      • KenGriffeyIII

        You totally lost me there but I bought Star Command on day one like any other game I want to buy that badly. None of that makes making a second kickstarter not shady. I will suppotr their "blood sweat & tears" by purchasing their products if I find them worthy of purchase. Just like any other product. That's the reward, or to quote Don Draper, "THAT'S WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR".

    • KenGriffeyIII

      Could be wrong but in reading recent interviews with them it seemed like maybe those aspects will be featured in the PC version? I dunno I feel like what was promised can be thrown out the window at this point and we can just wait and see what actually happens. That being said I spent the $3 mostly because I can't see an iOS release get this much hype and then not see what it's about.

  • Dai Lion

    Look good, but no freemium or lite version ? i need to play before buy.

    • Zavier D'dun

      Nope sadly... maybe in the future but its well worth the $2.99... I got more time out of it then most movies!

  • VeganTnT

    This is the fourth review of the game I've read and the only one that doesn't mention bad AI or terrible combat mechanics.

    It even mentions a game breaking bug in the review yet it still gets four and a half stars??

    • Zavier D'dun

      "Game Breaking" bug was not really a bug. Look at the comments above. He sacrificed one room for another. Standing on fire is annoying but in no way game breaking, a small fix in the next patch. The rest is subjective. Combat is challenging for some, not others preference.

      • Sven Anderson

        The entire game is in need of fixes. That's the problem. This should of been played by the developers, play tested by noobs for feedback and fixed and than released. Now like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Star Wars: Episode 1, this crap will for a long time taint this game developer's name.

      • Zavier D'dun

        Yet you never state anything that is wrong

      • Sven Anderson

        Do you speak English? You'll want to RE-read my post. I stated at the very least 12 different points showing wrong things.

      • Zavier D'dun

        You stated 11 personal opinions/preferences (not necessary wrong things) and one flawed tactic. You never are forced to place all the crew in one room, I have never done this and it is probably why you are having a hard time. Each mission requires you to think differently. As for the opinions, I do agree with some of them but many are limitations on mobile or they would be game breaking.

        I suggest you forum post them so the WB can review them and make changes as necessary! Always good to have nice feedback 😉

      • Zavier D'dun

        Read it after and you should post the suggestions on the forum so their team can review it.

      • Skullinton

        You don't seem to understand the is game...

      • VeganTnT

        I read all the comments before I posted before I posted. So by "the comments above" you mean your single comment that suggests the writer power up a room to which he didn't have access?

        I must have misread something cause I could have sworn the article said game breaking bug instead of game breaking scenario. However, If a problem occurs and the only solution is "you should have built x instead of y a few minutes ago" then it's not really a solution.

        The combat may be subjective, as most things are, but I see far more people having issues with it than I do people praising it. Not addressing it at all seems all the more odd.

      • Zavier D'dun

        Any blue room will regen the shields. He probably had no one occupied in the healing/medical room to get this effect. I believe it was noted in the tooltip/tutorial that the blue rooms would do this.

        Pretty sure at that point he would have at least one blue room.

  • FLK

    Great Game, but on my iPad 3, when my ship is fully upgraded, the framerate goes near zero, everything is laggy, and it becomes very hard to play.

    Hope an update will fix that !

    • Sven Anderson did you get so far?

      • FLK

        My savegame says 2h, but I think I've played more than that. And I'm talking about the first ship.

    • Zavier D'dun

      Try saving and closing all running apps! The game needs a lot of RAM and this helps clean it up.

  • Sven Anderson

    Well, this post below was to a message I can't now find. So if you're here, who ever I was responding to. This is my answer.

    IqSoup, you are correct. I need sleep.

    I'm not saying I'm a professional Game Dev, but I've been trained and I have over 28 years of playing other games. I've been kicked out of FPS servers for pwning it. They thought I was cheating. I'm not the greatest, by far, but I know what I'm talking about.

    Yes, there is some rage. I just finished writing, "I don't understand a game that is built around making you restart the entire game from scratch." when I thought of Coin based games from the arcades decades ago. The game devs would purposely make a boss unbeatable just to piss you off and make you spend MORE money on all the attempts to foolishly try again. And made me think of dungeons of dredmor, which I like. That's a tough game, but good.

    Yes, it takes time. And I understand that, but no it SHOULDN'T take 2 years to develop a simple game. I've created a very poorly looking, but fun game in, I'll say a week, cause I can't remember the true length of time. I was wanting to say a day or two, but again, I'll say a week. The hard part is after it's been developed, is to play test it for all the different type of people there are in the world, and trying to break it.

    This version that was release feels like, I'm exaggerating, 3 - 4 month redo. They hired someone to do the backgrounds, communication between the two parties weren't clear, very high quality backgrounds were done. They threw them in, just to get it done. They had the simple ideas of roles and battles and such going on, And by simple I don't mean simple to complete, I mean more like the first level, the top most level of design. Because of having to start over at some point they were able to delve deep, so they kept everything simple.

    They've now released it hoping to get more money so they can go back and fix the problems and dig the dirt off the top so they can make it a deeper game.

    Did I say I funded them on kickstarter?

    And to provide insight on where this rage is coming from, This game has been hipped, and I've watched all fo the videos and I've been hoping and waiting on this game for 2 years. Just to find a game that if the developers had simply played it or had their significant others play for less then 40 minutes, they wouldn't of released it yet. Or would of release for free. If this came out for free, I'd still provide points of error that needed to be fixed, but there wouldn't of been nerd rage.

    • Skullinton

      I am truly sad that this game didn't live up to your expectations, but rest assured it lived up to others'.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Skullinton -- another crackup, thanks for that.

        Sven, appreciate your rage -- now get off the comment threads and go do something useful with it!! I know, why don't YOU go make a game??!?

      • lavenders2100 .

        You know what is ironic?

        This guy claims he has been trained in game development and that these guys took ages to bring their game out, but this guy hasn't made any game yet.

        Unless he wants to post it here so we can all butcher it and point out its flaws?

      • Zeldaniac

        I hate this kind of argument, where you go "well, you probably couldn't do any better." It's pointless. If someone puts their entire arm onto organ keys and pumps, it sounds like crap. I don't need to play the organ to know it sounds like crap.

        Not taking sides on Star Command (don't have it) but just pointing out this failing argument.

      • Skullinton

        It would be true, but he keeps on nagging that he studied in this discipline, that's what makes it worst...

    • Gnoupi

      "Yes, it takes time. And I understand that, but no it SHOULDN'T take 2 years to develop a simple game. I've created a very poorly looking, but fun game in, I'll say a week, cause I can't remember the true length of time. I was wanting to say a day or two, but again, I'll say a week. The hard part is after it's been developed, is to play test it for all the different type of people there are in the world, and trying to break it."

      Any developer can tell you that making the initial concept, the "little fun part" is 10% of the work. Completing the program, caring about all cases, adding content... that's most of the work.

      You have no clue about the time it takes to develop, especially with a reduced team (4 people, of them only one programmer).

    • MidianGTX

      I warned people not to let the hype get to them. It's your own dumb fault for allowing it to happen.

    • schuim

      I can't believe the amount of energy you put into these comments. You sound like you are a very frustrated person. You can make your life easier you know.. Move on!

      I'm pretty sure you have passed up more games in those 28 years of gaming you keep mentioning. After a while you learn.. this game isn't for me, i'm going to stop playing now.. Also, thanks for letting us know how awesome you are at gaming. You're totally not bragging.

    • Paul Graham

      You need a hobby, dude, you've posted 10 pages of rant on this game. It's a $3 game for IOS.

    • Justin

      Lol I'm with you Sven, I think the games a pile of crap, there is no need for any strategy other than line up the guys with guns and have healers behind, I would guess they made so many enemy's spawn because without that the game would be over in two hours, the devs themselves admitted it was only 30 percent of the game they wanted. And only 3 to 5 hours long, without so much restarting it would be over in 2 hours, 1 hour?

      Check the pocket tactics review Sven. It might calm you down a bit.

  • REkzkaRZ

    I couldn't read the revew b/c there were spoilers in it -- and not labeled as spoilers. TA -- PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN REVIEWS!!
    If you feel compelled to include them (which IMO = bad writing), please make the text hidden so we don't have to hear about it if we don't want to.
    (Not saying you've given out important hints/tips in this 'review', but you're giving away surprise events about what happens in the game --and I don't wanna hear it from you, but by playing the game!!!)

  • the fish

    Great game.
    But they NEED to add some kind of mechanic so I can choose and move more than one crew member! Or have I missed something?

  • jegmaranan

    Great game guys! There are some minor adjustments you gotta fix. The level gap between you and the enemy is just too much. It is difficult to tap characters even on an iPhone 5 during battles unless zoomed-in, which is strategically difficult because many things are all happening in real time. There has to be a pause function so you can place units effectively during battles. There should be a manual save function and autosave so you can go back to your preferred game settings after you die. The units need a better UI for management such as the use of skills during battle. All-in-all, a novel game that needs a minor fix to be perfect. I love you guys, thanks for the great game.

  • CricketDude

    100th comment

    • Zeldaniac

      Go away.

  • Rince

    So I've played though the game on normal difficulty, and it took me less than 2,5 hours (2:12 if you believe the save game clock). The new ships and rooms offer additional fun, but just want everyone to know that you are buying 5-7 hours of game play at best. That said, Star Command is still not a bad game (the mechanics are solid, and the graphics are great), but I cannot feel but a little disappointed. So much wait for so little. Still, I think it is worth the 3 bucks, just don't get your hopes too high.

    Also, to the devs, a star system is not a galaxy! The entire game takes place in one galaxy, the Milky Way. Please correct that. Furthermore, I experienced considerable slowing down after I received the three Midorian crewman before the end (iPod Touch 5th generation). You might want to take a look into that.

    Realistically, I would rate this game 3 out of 5 stars (which is not a bad score)! But it could (and I hope will) be better with future content updates.

    • Jerutix

      I think it means Galaxy view, as in see the entire galaxy, versus System view, as in see portions (per page) of the star system.

    • Matt Lindquist

      It's THREE dollars. Are you seriously arguing that 5-7 hours (the length of many SIXTY dollar games) is a bad value for that investment?!?

      And that's just talking quantity, it doesn't even begin to get into the fantastic quality of this game (from the music to the visuals to the fantastic writing).

      • Rince

        Did they teach you how to read in school? I explicitly said: "I think it is worth the 3 bucks." Gee, slow down kid!

  • troyster

    Look at it this way, it's just as good as TMNT Rooftop Runners according to the reviewer! An awesome game like this and that IAP based, crashing, bug filled runner probably shouldn't be on the same level in my opinion but there you go... In all seriousness, despite a slight feeling of disappointment from what could have been if the devs had been able to achieve their initial plans for the game, I am loving it. Awesome game and I have a feeling it's only going to get better.

    • David L Craddock

      That's not how scores work, but I don't blame you for being confused. Scores are mystifying little monsters. Read my words instead of getting hung up on decimal points.

      • troyster

        You know you screwed up. Seeing the consensus of professional and amateur reviews so different from yours for TMNT must at least raise an eyebrow for you. Its perfectly fine to have your own point of view; not all reviews need to be the same but in the case of TMNT your opinion happened to be dopey. Don't try to criticize my intelligence kid, you don't know anything about me besides the fact that I'm a random guy who thinks you give out high scores like coupons at the grocery store.

        I really don't care too much what score these games are reviewed at except it used to be a little easier to trust TA without delving into other sites reviews, comments, etc. In the end who cares anyway, the games are generally only a few bucks at most and if I buy a bad one, so what. I just made a snarky comment that occurred to me at the time and apparently you police all your threads for any dissenting opinions and attack anyone who has one. Maybe if you didn't seem so defensive it would help the way you're coming across. Look what you've done now, I just wanted to make a quick comment for fun and you had to goad me into wasting five minutes of my time responding to you. Besides, this has nothing to do with the game being reviewed here, which I happen to agree with you on even while I'm a little disappointed in the devs at the same time. It's still a good game IMO.

        We can agree to disagree I hope and I'll leave you alone about your reviews. It's not my place to tell you how to do your job. My reading comprehension is not in question though. I'm capable of grasping your incredibly cerebral writing, I just don't agree in a certain case. Get used to it.

      • Zeldaniac

        Wow. Rage much?

      • troyster

        Was Rage really the word you were looking for? I had to check to make sure you were talking to me, I didn't think I came across as particularly out of control angry. I'm sorry for offending your sensibilities.

      • Zeldaniac

        Sorry. I shall fix it.

        Passive agressive much?

      • MidianGTX

        This definitely looks like rage to me. Mega nerd rage.

      • Cheeseball

        Did you even actually PLAY TMNT: Rooftop Run? It may be "just another endless runner", but if you're into the genre it's pretty well polished, possibly Temple Run-like.

        I don't see why it wouldn't get a 4 star review, aside from the fact that it includes optional IAP, meaning you can unlock nearly everything through some minor grinding.

  • leeorus jezorus

    Worth every shekel !!!

  • MrFoobar1

    Wish there was the chance for more of an explorative sandbox game where optionally I wouldn't need to get into battles but could focus on discovery and building my ship. Really not interested in the defense angle... the pixel graphics look so super-neat, I'd probably get too attached anyway to my ship to see it being lasered away by green guys.

    I respect the developer's decisions and am certainly not saying that any game should be for everyone. If this game is made for people looking for space battles, that's perfectly fine. Just wanted to provide this as constructive feedback.

  • arnaud boutle

    Bought the game after reading the TA review.
    Love the 8bits design
    Hating the gameplay. Not moch to do in this game. Crap. Deleted.
    Sorry devs but all that buzz to finally have a bad time managing game... Erk !

  • JordanC07

    Great game! Sandbox version sounds marvellous.

  • Kaje

    I think I'm alone here, but I'm disappointed with this.

    Having backed the game, I expected something different. I was ok with changes being made for development reasons, afterall we all aim a little too high sometimes - but I feel Star Command is now a very linear, very limited game that feels very claustrophobic.

    Move to a planet, kill a ship. Move to a planet, kill a ship. Move to a planet, kill a ship.

    There's no strategy, no variation, nothing. Customisation is limited to picking a skin colour, a set combination of hair/beards, and a ship colour. Oh and a name. And then placing certain rooms in certain pre-defined positions.

    It's worth the money, but it's just really shallow. Ridiculously, annoyingly, heart-breakingly shallow.

  • arnaud boutle

    Not so great, not so good gameplay. Quickly boring. Gameplay based on failing and redo... Disapointing empty gameplay.

  • otakuzod

    To each their own I guess. Me? Personally, I love the game, and can't wait to see more.

  • Gamer1st

    My first post here.
    Hi all.
    I've been gaming since I was a 10 years old and played Space Invaders in a bowling ally the year it was released. I play on all the consoles, current handhelds, and Pc, and just started on iPad because they have too many games out to still ignore the platform.

    I like this game but it has quite a few bugs. So many that I decided to stop playing till a patch hits. I've got plenty of other games to keep my busy right now. Some of the glitches I've seen so far are a crew member dropping dead in an undamaged ship. A crew member dying after being sucked out a hole in the ship and his body sticking in place near the ship even after leaving the solar system. A room giving a constant no-crew present indicator even with crew assigned and more serious glitches like a wall just vanishing and sucking a guy out of the ship. I may give it another go later but if I keep spotting bugs I'll have to wait to play till its patched or it'll just ruin the game for me.
    It's too bad. The game looks like it'll be fun once they get it lined out.

  • zombierevolver

    Galaxy on Fire 2 pawns this game 10000 times. This game is pathetic

    • Paul Graham

      Well those two games have zero similarity so I don't even know how you would bother to compare them.

  • iValerio90

    THIS is a TRUE game not a f***ing ea or gameloft game """""""""""""""""FREE""""""""""""""" to play with a s****ing freemium model

    • Zeldaniac

      The 28 quotation marks really accentuated your point. Well done, sir.

  • nosuchperson

    Really loved the game so far, I think it has to be judged as what it is not what it might have been. what it does it does well. slight niggles with bugs are my only complaint, games got very laggy in the later missions, and occasionally crashes when there's lots going on, which is obviously really frustrating in the final battles.

  • Galenmereth

    While I had some fun, there's just way too many annoying issues right now. And please pause the time when I'm scrolling through my crew to find the right person for a task; playing this on iPhone 4 is really frustrating because it's really hard to select units and rooms properly.

  • mr ed209

    Great idea, but I agree with quite a few of Sven's criticisms. Firstly the text is just ugly and hard to read.

    But mainly, I don't understand why you have to walk a crew member to a specific room just to arm them. I agree that being able to fire weapons should be something every crew member on my ship should have.

    Engineering, medical, one I can understand the specialism, but firing a weapon has got to be standard on such a sparsely crewed ship, surely? Everyone on Serenity had a gun, pretty much.

    It makes the game unnecessarily frustrating and hard to enjoy. Am I playing it wrong? Do other people enjoy having to march crew to a weapon room before they can shoot anything?

    • psk

      I do. I see it as a mechanic, it has a time associated with it, and also it may take you past invaders who shoot you. I'm not sure why its getting so much hate really ... Remember breakout, why did we have to bounce the ball off those stupid blocks, why couldn't they just pop when you look at em...? 🙂 dunno I like it, it's a gme and it feels a bit like star trek. Whoop.

      • mr ed209

        But within the logic of a small starship and minimal crew, why would they not arm everyone from the outset? The Breakout comparison doesn't really work; it makes perfect sense for the ball to break the bricks instead of looking at them.

        It makes sense to specialise engineering and medical, but not really any sense to not arm everyone.

      • psk

        Yeah sorry breakout was a stupid comparison... Still for me it's really clear now: red shoots, blue heals, yellow repairs. I do agree though if this was real life everyone would have a laser pistol... 🙂 can see it being an update perhaps, but then you need a new mechanic to differentiate reds, which needs more balancing/assets/code.

  • Mojorising

    Screw it im taking a sick day tommorow, I cant quit grinning as i play this, seriously you should see my face. Okey thats enough! Back to the game.

  • speedyph


  • The kernel

    I love the game intently. I will be getting absolutely ZERO work done over the next few weeks.

  • psk

    Enjoying the game. Awful thread. Is there a way I can just give the guy $2 to be a little zen?

  • psk

    I don't think you can make the game you want for $20k. 🙁

    • Douglas Burton

      They ended up getting 36k, then 160k a year later. So they should've been able to make the game people expected.

      • Skullinton

        The 160k is for the pc game, you should o ly consider the 36k in this case.

      • psk

        20k is also what the asked for. When investing in anything the investor has to make an informed des ion about the viability of the investment. Kick starter is no different, and investors share responsibility IMHO.

      • Will Buckingham

        Investors expect to see something in return for their investment. You backed an idea, and the most you were promised in return was a t-shirt or promo item code when the game came out. This has become a very large problem with Kickstarter; unrealistic expectations. I understand that many people are frustrated that the idea they backed did not come to fruition in the form they wanted, but really, the fault here is pretty evenly split between the devs being unaware of the issues that come up during development and the backers having the insanely unrealistic expectation that nothing would change from the original dream.

        There are tons of professional development houses that have given interviews about how their game is going to be some high concept genre redefining masterpiece with tons of varied content that will make the player's experience unique... and then when it comes out the reality of development has set in and it's a generic FPS on rails with a semi-unique skin over it, and half the envisioned features are nowhere to be seen. And this happens to studios with sometimes hundreds of people working on the project. This was 4 guys who had never made a game before; the chances of them pulling off a masterpiece first try on a limited budget is ludicrously low. It looks like they managed to put out a pretty good combat game though, and I look forward to seeing what new content follows from the PC development back to iOS.

  • Gforce

    I agree with you Sven. My issue is selecting units and movement. It's a little sluggish and arming the men is an annoyance. I understand why some welcome this as it provides another challenge but I'm a casual gamer. The frustration that it brings hasn't translated into fun like other difficult games do for me.

  • DranDran

    Just dropped by to add my five cents to the roaring chorus of mostly-approval. The game is great fun. Is it perfect? No. Missions are a little linear, and while you can revisit old points to grind for upgrades, I find myself missing that random variety that FTL had.

    I have no issues with only redshirts having phasers, its a gameplay decision.. Do I want more grunts, o healers? Or engies to repair in case theres a breach? These choices are what make the game interesting, and if everyone could fire a gun, the game loses what little depth it has.

    If the dev is reading this, please allow for more variety in missions.. Even if its a luck based one.

    Also, top priority, add that tactical, pause option! Allow me to pause the action, select crewmembers and give each an action to perform or at least a waypoint to go to, before unpausing. Combat would be SO much better.

    There is a lot of promise here, and while I think the 4.5 score is a little on the high side, if the dev keeps those updates and improvements coming, this may end as one of the iOS classics over time.

    Make it so.

  • Ken Lee

    Quite disappointed. Feels like FTL already has everything this game can offer.

  • Matt Lindquist

    I'm just going to upfront say it--I really enjoy this game. It's got a TON of charm and personality. The writing is sharp and funny. The music is perfect. The graphics and art style are exactly what I want.

    I'm also a little sad. I just found about this game a week ago. I didn't come in with all the preconceptions and pie in the sky dreams that so many of you seem to have had and it just strikes me as lame that so many people are being disappointed by what is--in fact--a very fun little game. It sucks for you and it sucks for the developer.

    I've found the gameplay to be enjoyable. It is basically just a fighting game (complete with a VS screen before each battle) for space ships, but it's a good one. I get that some of you wanted tech trees and diplomacy and exploration and I certainly hope the developer still has its sights set on some of these ideas for future expansions, BUT at some point you have to accept the game for what it IS not what it isn't.

    What it IS is actually a pretty fun game if you give it a chance.

    • Matt Lindquist

      Oh! I forgot to mention something kind of awesome that happened while I played today. It was the first really tough fight of the game and I was still getting used to things so the aliens were blowing holes in my poor little Nightingale.

      Shields were down and vacuum was sucking the atmo out of my ship. Suddenly I got the alert and icon that enemy boarders were about to beam in. I lined up my security officers/doctor and waited. Lo and behold the aliens beamed down right in front of the breach AND WERE PROMPTLY SUCKED OUT INTO THE COLD DARK OF SPACE.

      There was much rejoicing.

      It's these sorts of moments that really make me love this game.

    • DranDran

      Yu hace to understand the community's poi t of view too, after 2 years of hype and developme t time, and two kickstarter fund drives, people were expecting a little more than a "fun little space combat game". Which is not to say what we got is terrible, far from it, but theres a feeling of a missed chance and wasted potential and a certain lack of depth for a game this long in the making.

      Lets hope the updates make it live up to its potential, if not... Lack of variety will probably see me... Jumping ship pretty soon.

  • chamillion205

    Great game... But hard as hell!!!

  • Montgomery Gabrys

    Tips : if you find yourself out of tokens and the crew required to take on the bigger enemies, go back to Mercury and wipe out the scout ship, go to earth, hire new crew, repeat. I got stuck getting my weapons upgraded to the point that I had only a crew of 4 going into the bigger raider portions of the game.

    Also - and this is hilarious - use hull breeches to your advantage. I've had at least 2 raiding parties sucked out wholesale before they could do any damage. The result is instant anticlimactic humor, the kind where you hear the voice of Patton Oswalt saying "o-kay ...".

  • jamie oliver

    not my cup of coffee. i really was waiting for that title but, its just to simple for me. Its just fighting all the time, and its not so strategical as it could be. My Crew member are just moving and acting like idiots if i dont command theme, and its not transparent which tactic could be the winnig one (more crew, more room updates, more rooms, etc?) its just a lot of try and error. And there are nearly no help in the game. if star command what not so expected it wouldnt have such a lot attention.

  • Christian Heidarson

    Having played it for two hours, I have decided to stop until your first update. I like the game, but I end up fighting more with the control scheme than with the baddies. It's frustrating and takes away from what I am sure should be rewarding challenge.

    Couple of suggestions
    1) idle workers. It's not obvious who is idle without clicking on them. Ideally, the crew should have some basic AI, such as returning to work in a room that they are in once they are not performing any other task. But just having a menu somewhere showing which crew members are idle and providing a one click shortcut to their location would improve the experience a lot.
    2) combat is extremely frustrating, especially since it is so lethal. Indicators of crew under attack would help, but really, there should be a way to just click on crew, click on threat and sit back. Currently, I need to micromanage all crew down to the individual grid box. This would be fine if combat was tactical like xcom, but without any real tactical options it feels more like lemmings than space combat.
    3) repairs and ammo rebuild. After a fight, there tends to be quite a lot of sitting around while the crew repairs the ship, heals and replenishes ammo. There are no real option available here except be patient or not, so why not just replenish everything after a fight?
    4) the effects of fires and hill damage are not obvious. In fact, single box holes in the hull can be difficult to spot until someone gets sucked out. When fires start, I notice engineers continue repairing for a few seconds after the last one is put out. Not sure if this is a glitch or whether it reflects rooms that are damaged but not on fire. If the latter, there should be a way to see damage levels of individual rooms. To be honest, I am not sure I know what fires do, really... Do they reduce the efficiency of the room? Are they just a visual indicator? Are crew hurt by nearby fires?

  • Frogshackle

    Didn't care for the game at all... great promise but gameplay swings wildly from boring to frustrating and then back again. Crew A.I. is virtually non-existent so enjoy the absurd amount of micro-management. I dig the art and the premise but it comes off as a poor man's version of SPACE ALERT (a board game that works this real-time premise PERFECTLY and doesn't require eight fingers with pinpoint precision).

  • Ted Rampersad

    The game is good, but its not on "normal mode", Its slow. and you would have to restart alot. and also the weapon firing game-play should be change.. its so hard waiting on it to load and then having to just get one shot in? its good after a while but honestly we would lose interest after a couple of game... because i don't just have one game on my phone... There should be a fast forward in this game.. and i dont like the idea of invaders.. at first it was cool. because i just group every one and win.. but when ur taking fire from enemy ship and invaders.. its impossible.. especially later on.. where the ships have higher shield/hp points./ and the fires./and the reloading time ect.

    Please Work On This To Make A Better Game.....

  • Morgan01

    Was getting ready to download and read all the posts. Sounds like a mixed bag of opinions. Looking like it's best to wait for an update...

    • badr

      The game is not horrible, nor unplayable. Some people exagerate, but its not half bad. It can be better, but its not game breaking, for $3 its not a bad deal. I am enjoying it and its quite challenging...

  • dahut

    It reminds me a lot of FTL in the overall gameplay and design. Customizable ship that you fly to combat other ships. Repeat. The combat mechanics involve waiting for timers to fill to fire weapons and engage defense mechanisms.

    The pros:

    You get to customize a starship and travel through space
    Fairly straightforward gameplay
    Should be able to expand on the game easily
    It's challenging once you get to the 3rd-4th mission

    Art direction (80s pixel graphics) and style is pretty neat


    The pseudo-3D view is clunky compared to the top-down view that FTL has. You need to click on your crew member to move them from place to place. That becomes quite hard in large scrum. I'm wishing for crew portraits on the side of the screen to more easily select particular crew.

    In order to change a crew member's role they need to travel to the appropriate room first, which can be quite time-consuming. For example. If I wanted to switch a bridge crew member (red) on the bridge to Repair (yellow), he/she has to travel to a yellow room first. I'd rather they just start repairing but at whatever skill they have for that.

    The gameplay doesn't get varied (I've only gotten as far as the 5-6th mission so that might change) so far. It's ship-ship combat. It's probably asking too much for an app of this price.

  • boxofglitter

    Have to agree with Sven. I think the game has promise - I played through it twice (beating it both times) on my first play through to give it a fair shot.
    1. There's an over reliance on the game design on boarding actions by the enemy, with no way of returning the favor either.

    2. There's little point protecting any part of the ship except the weapon rooms - the tactical and engine rooms don't appear to do anything.

    3. I couldn't see a way for my ship to be destroyed, everything was blasted to pieces on my 2nd playthrough but having the two weapons rooms in tip top shape (with engineers and scientists in there) meant I could kill anything. It looks like the only loss condition is if your captain dies.

    4. There's no variability in the playthroughs, they're mostly linear, the story has no real options for diplomacy.

    I can sort of see where the Warballoon is trying to go with this, but it's mostly incomplete. There is no way the game as it stands deserves 4.5 stars, it just feels like the reviewer didn't play through the whole thing. It plays like a demo of a larger game, which is ok, except I already paid my $3 to get in. I will be avoiding future titles from Warballoon until they've got more time to cook them.

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