Heads up: Draw Something 2 [$0.99 / Free] is now a video game that you can play. There's two versions on the App Store. The one with a price, the "premium version" as Zynga calls it, gives you access to a free star and coin bonus and a free sparkle pen. It also doesn't have any ads. The other version is, naturally, free-to-play and can be upgraded, if you so choose. Seems like folks are digging the former.

There's a lot of people and analyst types wondering if this is going to be a big win for Zynga, which is a company that's been struggling of late. We've been passing around a NY Times article in the office this morning about this very thing. It's an interesting read that dives into how much dough the publisher has been tossing into the promotion of Draw Something 2 and how rough it's been over at the company in the recent past.

Our take is that it won't do as much damage on the charts as the first game. There was something in the air when the original managed to hit the heights that it did. The fall-off was incredible after it peaked. Folks seemed to pump their brakes on it just as hard as they hit the gas when it first came out.

Anyway, Draw Something 2 is a game you can play now. If you still like drawing pictures and making your friends guess what you drew, this seems like the game for you.

  • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

    It's a glorified board game. You bust it out for a little bit, then you shelf that bastard until you sell it at a garage sale ten years from now.

  • http://twitter.com/sakiehl Seth Kiehl

    From the New York Times article

    "Zynga is going all out for the release of the new game, with a partnership with Universal Pictures around the coming animated film “Despicable Me 2” to show related advertisements in the game as well as base drawing challenges around the movie."

    ... and they can't figure out why people stop playing their games?

    Draw Something was fun for a week. But when Zynga bought it, their being associated with it zapped away all the fun for me.

  • Sunshine

    Things going tough? You know what you should do? Try something that didn't work for you last time! Or, better yet, draw something that didn't work for you last time!

    • metalcasket

      That doesn't actually make any sense; why would they try something that didn't work for them the last time 'round? Oh wait...isn't THIS arguably just that? >_>

      • SimonReidy

        Because he definitely wasn't using sarcasm. And I'm definitely not either.

  • ItouchBrett

    Death to Zynga. Not buying.

  • B30

    Zynga, oh horror!

  • khann

    I always thought the flash game isketch was really fun. It is actually a game where you compete against others. Always fun when there is an actual competition. Too bad nothing like this appeared on iOS.

    • Greyskull

      Try Draw Mania! You play against a room full of players (turn-based or real-time) and earn points for having your drawing guessed (more points if you choose to play a harder word) or guessing first. There are coins but they aren't necessary...I have a stack and haven't used a single one. I think it lets you pick your own word to draw, rather than choosing from amongst 3 provided to you, but that's it. The game ain't free though.

  • lr1919

    Isn't one Draw Something enough? WeDraw or whatever it was called by ngmoco was WAY better than this. Too bad it's no longer supported...

    • Greyskull

      There was (is?) a game called Depict on Openfeint (might still work) which was better as well.

  • Greyskull

    Drawmania/Charadium (it was Charadium, changed its name to Drawmania) is better. It isn't free, but it's real time OR turn-based, no charges for frickin' colors, and is just plain better. And fun.

  • cesarperrin

    As a direct sequel, this should have been titled "Draw Some More Things."

  • Googlyhead

    At least they inherited a user base with the first one. A better idea would have been to leverage that, by enhancing and promoting the existing game!
    What's the point in releasing a second title that's almost exactly the same and having to build your user base from scratch.

    I played the first version before, during, and after the acquisition. As far as I can tell; they bought it, tweaked some IAP, added sponsors / ads, and left it to stagnate. Just think how much better any other dev would have looked after their progeny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rakelfairfull Rakel Fairfull

    I think this looks cool, but where's the iPad version? DUH.

  • Justdandi

    Boooo! What a joke. Buy the app only to have to shell out more money to get different colors and pens. This is such a scam. Zynga has enough issues they should have left this one alone! Draw Mania is much better!