Zynga Doubles Down on ‘Draw Something’ With the Release of ‘Draw Something 2’

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Heads up: Draw Something 2 ($0.99) is now a video game that you can play. There’s two versions on the App Store. The one with a price, the “premium version" as Zynga calls it, gives you access to a free star and coin bonus and a free sparkle pen. It also doesn’t have any ads. The other version is, naturally, free-to-play and can be upgraded, if you so choose. Seems like folks are digging the former.

There’s a lot of people and analyst types wondering if this is going to be a big win for Zynga, which is a company that’s been struggling of late. We’ve been passing around a NY Times article in the office this morning about this very thing. It’s an interesting read that dives into how much dough the publisher has been tossing into the promotion of Draw Something 2 and how rough it’s been over at the company in the recent past.

Our take is that it won’t do as much damage on the charts as the first game. There was something in the air when the original managed to hit the heights that it did. The fall-off was incredible after it peaked. Folks seemed to pump their brakes on it just as hard as they hit the gas when it first came out.

Anyway, Draw Something 2 is a game you can play now. If you still like drawing pictures and making your friends guess what you drew, this seems like the game for you.

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