While we're checking out the onslaught of scheduled weekly releases which will be hitting later tonight, there's actually a new game which you can play right now which dropped ahead of the pack. It's called Fangz [$2.99 / $2.99] from two-man developer Game Whizzes, and it's a weapons-based beat 'em up that features vampires. Nice to see something other than zombies, you know?

If you've played something like Zombieville 2 [$0.99] then you should feel pretty comfortable jumping into Fangz. You make your way through levels left to right, fighting back hordes of attacking vampires with various weapons at your disposal like shotguns, machine guns, a flamethrower and more. The levels are timed too, so there's a sense of urgency to get to the end without too much dilly-dallying.

Where I think Fangz really sets itself apart from similar titles is in sheer production value. The art style and animation makes it feel like you're playing a cartoon, little specks of humor are peppered all over, and the controls are top-notch. You can tell the developers spent time making sure the game felt just right, and it shows.

Giving the game some legs is an upgrade system that sees you leveling up and improving your character's attributes as you progress, as well as unlocking new weapons and skills. Sounds like the kind of system rife for IAP, right? Well, wrong. There is none at all in Fangz, so if you're amongst the crowd that dislikes games with IAP, feel confident in picking this one up.

One other thing worth noting is that Fangz comes in two different flavors: a standard and an HD. The regular Fangz is a smaller size but doesn't contain Retina level assets for iPads and contains compressed audio. Fangz HD however spares no expense when it comes to space, and includes full resolution iPad assets and uncompressed audio. They're both the same price, but the regular version is about 100mb whereas the HD is just over 500mb, so it really comes down to if you can spare the space for the extra fidelity.

With either version, though, you'll be getting a fun and bloody romp that's been a blast so far in my short time playing. The players in our forums are absolutely loving Fangz so far, so if it sounds like you're kind of thing don't be afraid to sink your teeth into this latest brawler.

  • grits

    A developer with integrity? Time to support.

    • grits

      Art looks high quality to. Nice job!

  • http://twitter.com/GameWhizzes Game Whiz

    Thank so much for this mention! We've poured our hearts and souls into this, made what we believe to be the best 2d beat'em/shoot'em up in mobile app stores and additionally linked it to current world events.

    I hope you like this game as much as we loved doing it.

  • Stichz

    I really appreciate when you mention what kind of IAP the game have in your reviews TA, keep the good work up πŸ™‚

  • Smartbomb

    Great game, more character and soul than zombieville2, bought the non-HD version to save space.

    However it is 261mb installed so the saved space isn't quite as much as I hoped.

    • http://twitter.com/GameWhizzes Game Whiz

      The HD version occupies 1.1Gb when installed, so you've saved quite some space. The "problem" with games like these, is that I can't simply create a 3d object with some small textures on it, I have to store every little detail... and that takes space 😐

      • iPhone Jones

        Oh. Didn't realize that was an issue. I bought both because I didn't know about the HD version.

      • iPhone Jones

        I'm calling bullshit on this one! Who gives a shit about space. We've all run out before just download, play and delete! Nice game though but damn that two version system. Now I have something else to watch out for!

      • http://twitter.com/GameWhizzes Game Whiz

        Hi, I just noticed that you just gave Fangz a one star review because of this πŸ™

        I would have gladly given you a promo code for the HD version if you had asked.

        Some people do care about the available space on their devices and don't want to delete other apps/pics/music just to play one game. I tried to cater to them, but perhaps I gained nothing with it, since Fangz won't climb as high in the charts as it could and I'm facing the risk of having unhappy customers as yourself.

        Is there anything I can do so that you update your review of Fangz?


      • Smartbomb

        I think what you've done is admirable, not only are you charging for the whole game up front, you've given those of us with smaller capacity devices a choice to play your game without compromise. Just to point out, I only mentioned the 261mb install size to inform those still undecided on which version to go for. I kinda wish the AppStore displayed install sizes rather than download, it makes it a bit frustrating to find you've just signed away three times more space than you initially thought. Anyhoo, it's staying on my iPad regardless of size, it's very good fun and I shall now go post a review to show support.

      • Chester_Copperpot

        I haven't played it yet, but if the general impressions of the game are any indication, you'll get five stars from me when I get around to buying it.

        It's too bad you get slapped for trying to make people happy.

      • http://twitter.com/touchgameplay TouchGamePlay

        When was the last time you have taken a look at the Forum?! The Filesize is actually a topic each time an Release is bigger then the usual 50 MB so call yourself lucky if it`s not a topic for you nowadays.

      • Smartbomb

        I frequently engage in the forums, that doesn't change how the AppStore presents app info. I was posting info here about the installed file size here for other people's benefit not enquiring about it but thanks anyway :/

      • http://twitter.com/GameWhizzes Game Whiz

        Hey there iPhone Jones,

        So after two days of sales the smaller Fangz version is actually way above in the charts, proving that people do care about file and install size.

        Could you please update your review? You're most likely costing me sales that could be the key for me to have a shot at doing something better in the future.


  • araczynski

    WTFBBQ!?!?! no IAP!?!? this game is destined to failboat as a result! but not before I buy my copy πŸ™‚ HD of course, not that i'll have room to put it on my device anytime soon πŸ™‚

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadav.barkama Nadav Bar Kama

    any game that will bring back some of the Zombieville USA feelings is more than welcome ....

  • http://twitter.com/DavidBarajasJr David Barajas

    Good God I cannot for the life of me figure out how to beat the first boss. This guys health does not seem to go down with shooting or slicing with Katana. He throws stuff or shoots you with red laser from a distance. And uppercuts or blows stale breathe at you up close. Way to difficult to beat this boss. And it's on the easiest damn difficulty. lol