At PAX one of the coolest things I saw at the show was Gun Media's Breach & Clear. Getting video of it on the PAX show floor was a little insane, so we met with Chris of Mighty Rabbit Studios at GDC. The gist of the game basically amounts to you controlling a squad of soldiers to, well, both breach and clear.

It's a turn based strategy game, and the way you control your soldiers is super-clever. You control each unit's movement, and can give them commands to supplement their own individual AI. Like, for instance, you can breach a door, take cover, set your viewpoint to a certain way, and then your guy will take out any enemies he can. Alternatively, you can set different way points for them to stop at, each with different little commands like looking a certain way or even using various types of equipment like grenades.

It still seems early, as there isn't much content to check out in the game yet aside from the brief demo scenarios they're doing. Regardless, the foundation seems incredibly solid and I definitely see lots of cool ways that this game could go. It definitely has all the free to play trimmings clearly visible with all the currencies on the top of the screen, but the developers have been insistent there will be no pay walls or any pay-to-win mechanics.

  • iValerio90

    AHAHAHAHAHAAH another freemium..ill PASS ! oh..and i pass dungeon hunter 4...and,obviusly, real racing 3 ..THIS GAMES DONT DESERVE MY ATTENTION MY TIME AND MY EYES !

    • PadreTomasito

      So why you have made this post? Another version of "First!!!!111"?

      • iValerio90

        nah..its a simple way to explain that there is someone intelligent that say " no, take your freemium and give me a REAL game "

      • Beards_Game

        Perhaps if people actually bought games at a price that represented the amount of work that goes into them, instead of only buying 99 cent games, we wouldn't have an app store filled with freemium crap.
        Not that you only buy 99 cent games, but in general, that is the culture of iOS games.
        You get what you pay for, and as a whole, the app store purchasers decided THIS is how it should be.

    • MidianGTX

      Oh get over yourself. Nobody wants to hear unfounded criticism. Play the game first, find out how intrusive the IAP is then form a properly-worded and constructive critique. If that's not too difficult for you.

      • iValerio90

        thats why there is so much freemium..

      • wildperson

        Many freemium models work very well and aren't intrusive, you elitist troll.

      • iValerio90

        Freemium = pestilence / therapy = FIRE

      • Jamie Churchman

        Freemium = Fire!? Are you dividing pestilence by therapy to get Fire? These are some good equations.

      • iValerio90

        It wasnt an equation :O for clean pestilence we need fire

  • iValerio90

    where is my comment? by the way...where is iron man 3 ?

    • wildperson

      Coming tonight. Endless runner.

      • iValerio90

        WOW! Thanks

  • Illuminerdy

    Honestly, I would never play a military themed game I have to pay for. I won't pay for jingoistic crap that happens to have fun gameplay. Why pay for propaganda. CODs sales figures disturb me.

    Those who say propaganda has to be state-sponsored or even intended need to look into the book or documentary Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky.

    But free? I will try it, maybe. Reminds me of the tactical element in Omertà: City of Gangsters. I played the demo and that combat felt so slow. Give me Xcom anyday.

    • Karzay

      yeesh. So it's not ok to pay for a game you call "jingoistic crap," yet you might play if it's free? lol. What kind of half-a** morality is that?

      • Illuminerdy

        I would play it to ascertain its level of irresponsibility. This is how complex thoughts are formed. You should try it.

      • Karzay

        So not paying for something you play relieves you of the responsibility for supporting it on some level? You are either supporting it or not. Thanks for the science and the invite, but I prefer rational thought instead.

      • Illuminerdy

        You brought morality into it. I don't see it as a moral issue yet. COD is a moral issue for me, so I don't play it, even for free. Breach and Clear might be innocuous by comparison. I like tactical games ( note, I didn't say tactical military games), so I am willing to try it. I won't pay a dime for any of the content in a pro-Western military game that sees enemies as terrorist bad guys. That lacks nance and intelligence. I probably won't like it, but I will try it. Same if someone shows up with Zero Dark Thirty, but I won't pay to see it in theaters.

      • Illuminerdy


      • Karzay

        You are confused. You brought morality into it with your initial post by taking a stand against "jingoistic crap," and propaganda, as you put it. Morality is moral statement or when you create rules of conduct based on principles. You clearly did so in your first 5 sentences.

        You do realize you will be playing as Navy Seals in this game, and one of the locations is Afghanistan, right? So, Be careful if you play this game. Extra careful. Western propaganda is gonna get you! LoL

  • OneBagTravel

    This is how free to play should be. Demo the game and have in game DLC to purchase. Or offer "buy everything" option.

    One thing he didn't show is if there's a "stack up" option and actually "breach and clear" commands. It just looks like you run and gun, burst into rooms and hope for the best.

  • MoHeyNow

    Man I used to love the old Rainbow Six on Mac back in the day with the tactical component of the waypoints and commands. Unfortunately that series has gone downhill to the point that it is just another shooter in a sea of fps'. This, even though it's 15 years later, does not look nearly as good or detailed and realistic but I am hopeful that one day something will use that element again and do it justice.

  • CoreyShaughnessy

    I just wanted to point out that you are all clearly dumb and obviously confused.

  • MMarzola

    This game is looking very promising and I have been looking forward to a game like this on iOs. And also, haters gonna hate!