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GDC 2013: Halfbrick Takes the Lid Off ‘Fish Out of Water’ Details

Last week, Halfbrick launched a teaser website for their forthcoming iOS game titled Fish Out of Water. As teasers are wont to do, they didn’t reveal many concrete details on what exactly it is you did in the game, but during GDC this week the Australian developers have finally unveiled all the fishy details (that was terrible, I’m sorry). Check out our hands-on video where Luke and Phil from Halfbrick walk us through what will no doubt be another mobile hit.

Like many of the best mobile games, Fish Out of Water is simple for anybody to pick up and play, but it hides subtle strategic elements for those who really want to dig in and explore what the game has to offer. A bunch of cool social components, meta goals to achieve, and a nifty weather system all create a really complete package for a casual title. Expect Fish Out of Water to hit sometime in the next month or so.