Last week, Halfbrick launched a teaser website for their forthcoming iOS game titled Fish Out of Water. As teasers are wont to do, they didn't reveal many concrete details on what exactly it is you did in the game, but during GDC this week the Australian developers have finally unveiled all the fishy details (that was terrible, I'm sorry). Check out our hands-on video where Luke and Phil from Halfbrick walk us through what will no doubt be another mobile hit.

Like many of the best mobile games, Fish Out of Water is simple for anybody to pick up and play, but it hides subtle strategic elements for those who really want to dig in and explore what the game has to offer. A bunch of cool social components, meta goals to achieve, and a nifty weather system all create a really complete package for a casual title. Expect Fish Out of Water to hit sometime in the next month or so.

  • Happy W

    I think I've been playing too much Ridiculous Fishing. As soon as those fish appeared on the screen I wanted to reach for my shotgun.

    • toxiccheese

      This game actually reminded me a lot of Monkey Bash by Megatouch. In fact the gameplay looks very similar. I think I also much prefer the graphic polish of Monkey Bash. Hopefully this will have some new ideas that help it stand out.

  • Happy W

    TA's GDC videos look so much better than those of certain other websites.

    • Happy W

      Argh! I keep hitting the "post" button by accident, before I'm finished.

      What I wanted to say is that videos like this look so much better than the kind of GDC video where it's someone's hand holding a shaky iPhone, all the fingerprints shining on the screen, etc. Good work, is what I wanted to say.

  • JamesLogan

    Looks ok but it's halfBrick they have 3 of my top 10 iOS games of all time I am sure it will be better then it looks.

  • TheFrost

    Really looking forward for Fish Out of the Water, Halfbrick ALWAYS delivers

  • wildperson

    Anyone else kind of apathetic about the GDC offerings so far?...

    • Eyce

      It's almost like GDC is a networking event for Game Developers to drink and spread knowledge (in that order) as opposed to a trade show or something.

      • prime31

        That is an entirely true statement. (Full disclosure: this comment written by a game developer currently at GDC)

      • Eyce

        So jealous. Couldn't afford the trek up this year. 🙁

  • philodygmn

    Ugh, the gems look terrible without translucency and refraction. Hopefully, this is something they'll polish!!!

    The game looks super-chill and soothing. I'd like the option to pick my own weather at least for single-player. Trying to revolve my schedule around the game's weather is just not going to happen. They should weight scores by similarity of condition instead of forcing a single playing field. Competition doesn't have to mean struggle for dominance or supremacy, all you're going for is excellence and every nuance makes each foray uniquely meritorious, IMO.

    • MidianGTX

      If you're playing specifically for one type of weather, you're probably not the target audience. The entire point of the random weather is for it to be... random. Play another game if you're that anal about "fairness".

      • Illuminerdy


  • Nuno Lourenço

    i like it

  • nestor

    Haha the fat whale's name is Micro... 😛

  • Allen Arcelo

    Hmm..not to happy about this one. I was like "Really Halfbrick, really?! A game about throwing fishes WTF." Just keep updating Fruit Ninja!!!

    • Chester_Copperpot

      But Fruit Ninja sucks.

    • Phill Ryu

      I'm imagining you commenting on another post 3 years ago:

      "Really Halfbrick, really?! A game about slashing fruit WTF."

  • Binary Cultist

    After ninja fishing and ridiculous fishing this also makes me want to get my Uzi out and shoot the source code into a million pieces, not to mention Halfbrick are a bunch or arrogant assholes. Just because you've had a few awesome titles doesn't mean you have to start turning into pathetic F-wits and never return emails from loyal followers and fellow developers. A personal vent I know but it's a joke how high and mighty they've become.

  • Illuminerdy

    "Are wont to do." Nice.

  • Oka-mi

    Looks......... Boring. :/