On this week's episode of the TouchArcade show, we spend a serious chunk of time talking about the independent Lucha Libre circuit. Also, we discussed Jared's beard and trimming habits in great detail. When we're not talking about this stuff, we do dive into iOS. At the top of our games segment, we sling some praise at NimbleQuest. Later, we discuss the latest Unreal Engine 3-powered bowling game and an upcoming title called Badland. Spoiler: It's pretty good.

We touch on some news, too, and spend time on two bits of user-submitted feedback. This was a weird week, as it's kinda the calm before the storm of GDC. We imagine we'll start being slightly more focused once the event passes.

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  • nestor

    "Brad, you're like a walking calamity..." Great show as always guys haha.

  • http://www.youtube.com/MetalJesusRocks Metal Jesus Rocks

    The eagle talon back scratcher talk was some of the funniest shit you've talked about in a while! The idea of you guys scratching each others back was... a visual I just don't need 🙂

  • blackbear219

    crappy food, explosive diarrhea...perhaps there is a connection to be found here.

  • blackharon

    If Jarod shaves... what will team beard be renamed to? Team skin? Dafuq... way to ruin the team Jarod.