If you're big into behind-the-scenes video games creation stuff, you should consider checking out Geoff Keighley's latest Final Hours app, The Final Hours of Tomb Raider [$0.99 (HD)]. As you can imagine, this one chronicles the creation of the new Tomb Raider, which is an interesting game because it's both a re-imagining of Lara Croft and a complete re-boot of a long-standing franchise. It's sort of a big deal, as far as video game follow-ups go.

With some cool interactive elements, the app follows the game's four-year development cycle. It has interviews with the team, as well as exclusive concept art and videos of stuff that ended up being cut. Here's an idea of what to expect from the interactive side:

This is Keighley's third Final Hours app. The previous two covered the development of Mass Effect 3 and Portal 2 respectively. Tomb Raider, by the way, is available now on consoles and PC. We hear it's pretty good.

  • CrispyCreamed

    The game is in fact excellent. I highly recommend.

  • dancj

    Yes. Because I want to pay £2 for an advert.

  • JaysUsernam

    Sorry, can't see paying for this-I'd gladly tolerate ads in the app but not going to give up $3 for a one shot mini-documentary.

  • Dreamo84

    People are gonna buy it thinking its a game. It will be their fault. But pretty shady business practice charging for advertisement.

    • FortressLad

      If they think it's a game it is their own fault, as the screenshots don't show anything resembling gameplay.

      Also, if you go to your local bookstore (or search Amazon) there are numerous books about the making of various movies, TV shows, albums, etc. Do you consider these to also be "shady"?

  • rabidnz

    4 bucks for an ad? What a joke.

  • worldcitizen1919

    It's being sold on Steam too. I understand it compliments the game and is not an ad. I bought Tomb Raider and love it and have been playing it everyday. When I came across this on Steam I thought of getting it but wished it was on my ipad. I might get this if its a documentary which I think it is.