You might remember a long time ago, in May of last year to be exact, we learned of a very cool story about how Devolver Digital held a very unorthodox "open call" at GDC 2012 for up and coming developers to pitch them ideas about the games they're working on for possible publishing deals. One of the fruits of that experiment was a game called Dungeon Hearts from indie developer Cube Roots, which Devolver was impressed with and jumped on board to assist getting the game finished an out the door.

Even at that time both parties knew Dungeon Hearts was a ways off, pegging it for an early 2013 release, which sounded like forever back then. Well, time is a funny thing because here we are already in the early goings of 2013, and as promised Cube Roots and Devolver Digital have announced that Dungeon Hearts is set to arrive on the iPad later this month on March 28th. Here's a new trailer.

Dungeon Hearts seems like the perfect game to take advantage of the larger screen space of the iPad, but I'd be curious to know if the team has toyed around with putting the game on iPhone or iPod touch as well. For now, the game will be for just the iPad as far as Apple devices go, but will be launching on PC and Mac through Steam in addition to regular PC distribution channels. I'm curious to finally get my hands on Dungeon Hearts, and if you are too then mark your calendar for March 28th when it launches in the App Store for $2.99.

  • Jazzpha

    Here's hoping for a universal update if it does well enough! Been looking forward to this for a while, and if Supergiant can pull off not only making Bastion universal, but making it work excellently on the iPhone, I assume Cube Roots and Devolver can pull a similar rabbit out of their hats.

  • ste86uk

    So many games I want to try that are all iPad oh it's annoying!

    • MidianGTX

      We need games to lure people to iPad so that everyone will buy one and we can all enjoy superior touch gaming on a beautifully large screen!

      • Benegesserit

        That we can all bring with us to play while on the john at work!

  • Adams Immersive

    Wow, actually looks different! I almost didn't click Play when I saw the headline "Match-3." I wouldn't really use the term match-3 for this.

  • Thawkk

    Nice, I've been thinking about this game for about a month now, wondering what happened to it, since they said early 2013. Glad to see it's still coming.

  • mrTofu

    This looks awesome

  • Bool Zero

    Definitely buying!

  • Benegesserit

    Not a fan of the cheap looking 3D models (better to just go 2D unless you spend a lot of money in great 3D models) but the gameplay seems interesting. I wonder if the playfield is Theatrhythm inspired.

  • mycoolroy

    Meh, don't like the cheap character models. And this is Just an overdone match three title with a small twist.

  • JCat_NY