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Uber Entertainment Reveals ‘Outland Games’

Here’s a neat surprise: Uber Entertainment, the Kirkland-based studio behind Super Monday Night Combat and Planetary Annihilation, is primed to release its first iPhone and iPad game this coming Thursday. Set in the universe of Monday Night Combat, Outland Games is an auto-runner that tasks you with running, slashing, and leaping your way to freedom as millions watch around the globe. It’s like Running Man, but… literal.

We’ve been playing around with a build for a couple of days, and while it is very much a simple runner, it has some neat spots of design. The combo system is pretty cool. As you leap across crevices and thrash the game’s robotic enemies, you can chain together your actions and basically juggle yourself. There’s also the Monday Night Combat-influenced trimmings — the over-the-top announcing, the characters, and the focus on cash and character garb.

If you were wondering, it controls pretty well and the persistent systems are keeping us moving along. Give it a look, if you’re interested. And by the way: it’ll hit at 99¢ as a Universal app.