Tomorrow is the official launch date of EA and Firemonkey's Real Racing 3, and GameTrailers has scored the exclusive launch trailer for this occasion. Real Racing 3 is taking a bold step into the world of freemium, and EA is taking a gamble by disgruntling a huge majority of its hardcore fanbase for a chance to reach the much, much wider casual mobile gaming audience. Only time will tell how that move will pan out, but one thing I think everyone can agree on is that Real Racing 3 is a stunning visual masterpiece on mobile.

Unless EA has something else planned, then Real Racing 3 should be hitting the US App Store tonight at 11pm EST along with all this week's other new releases. It's possible they might manually "flip the switch" to set it live at a different time, but we'll be sure to post and let you know when it's officially out in the US. You can also check out the discussion thread in our forums, which is filled with lots of talk about the freemium pay model but also is filled with impressions from people who have been playing Real Racing 3 since its soft launch earlier this month. Expect a whole lot more on Real Racing 3 in the very near future.


  • nonstickron

    Its really great so far. Saving up for that second car is kinda hard at the beginning.

  • skeblik

    It better support iPod 4 or I'll be pissed.

    • oooooomonkey

      It does support ipod4g it just doesn't look as good

    • regkilla

      Upgrade. I'm tired of people complaining about games crashing, not working right on their iPod Touch 4th Generations. Throw it away!

      • skeblik

        Dude... I'm a teen and don't have money to spend in shiny new tech. Plus my parents won't let me. Geez...

      • Gamer_Kev

        Not everybody can or wants to throw away their money every time a new iOS device comes out. Only a creep thinks they have any business telling others what to do with their stuff.

  • Broli95

    I've downloaded this with my NZ account. I'm italian and i would want to download it from "my App Store", will i lose my savedata if i do it?

    • nightc1

      Unless you can backup the data using a separate program that is able to access the space of the iDevice, then yeah, the game data should not be accessible by the local version of the game. Even if you can backup the data, there's no guarantee it'll work. Being on the same version as the one released tonight should help on compatibility if this is even possible. It would probably be safer just to stick with the foreign version you downloaded.

    • decabao

      GUYS! GUYS! All you're data is safe! I just updated to the "normal" version with my regular account and I still have the same amount of money/gold/progress

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Not interested. I'll stick with RR2. Freemium weasels.

  • cistian ionut

    On my iphone 3GS this game is working

    • skeblik

      SWEET!! Thanks for the info.

    • regkilla

      outdated much?

  • cistian ionut

    On my iphone 3gs is working

  • SportsGamer

    How big is this game?

    • McCREE

      1.8G installed

    • nightc1

      1.8GB installed, 0.8 GB (716MB) for the download, so you'll need around 2.6GB free to even get the download started.

  • tranceforma

    I'm downloading this as soon as it lands

  • SportsGamer

    I have limited ipad space, anyone who downloaded from international store tell us the file size?

    • nightc1

      You need around 2.6GB free. That's 1.8GB for the installed game and 0.8 GB (actually 716MB) for the download. So 2.6GB free should get the download started but it may need a little more. You might want to free 3GB to be safe.

      • SportsGamer

        Thank you so much for the information. I'll start clearing away now.

      • skeblik

        I was almost finished with Max Payne but had to delete it to make space... 🙁

  • bramblett05

    Great its another thing about real racing 3 shocker. Go show a game that's more important or at least one that deserves more attention

    • MrAlbum

      As if turning a previously premium-exclusive franchise into a freemium IAP-fest is not important to talk about.

      I think you're just tired of the flaming and hating. Me too, dude. 🙁

  • err404

    I have been playing for the last 2 weeks, and I must say the core game is very good (other than AI). My main gripe is that money comes in too slow considering that you will need to upgrade cars to be competitive. Upgrades are expensive. It's hard to judge the wait times yet because they have been swinging these times high and low throughout the soft release.
    While I am having fun with the game, the grind returns to little reward. I don't see the game having legs.

    • McCREE

      You only need to upgrade your cars to stay competitive with your GC friends. The AI scales based on what you're bringing to the table.

      • err404

        That makes sense. I frequently have one or two opponents that drastically outstrip the rest of the pack. Putting them first on the grid while you need to fight from last can make it almost impossible w/o upgrades. I don't like feeling that I need to outclass my opponents in order to win.
        Still, the game is great fun and these issues can be worked on once they get a larger sample of racer performance.

  • Bart274

    I have played this game a couple of days and after 76 races I had 5 cars and 3 of them are already fully upgraded!
    What I miss most is the ability to have a local real multiplayer or online real multiplayer to play against some friends in real time!

  • err404

    I hate it when a racing game starts the player in the fastest car in the last place on the grid while expecting them to drive clean and pass 21 cars in 3 laps.

    • dariusjr98


  • Karzay

    Real racing with real wait times!!!

  • tarasis

    It's been released in Germany. Downloading now 🙂

  • Peter321

    Out in Denmark too

  • PureRumble

    Oooh oooh ooh ooh its out in sweden! Out in sweden too!!

    ... aaaaaaaaand NOOOOT downloading now!

    downloading never!!

    waiting... still waiting... waiting... any minute now...

    • PureRumble

      But man gotta add: what a SHITstorm this is gonna turn out to be. Let the heated opinion bashing begin!

  • Appvism

    Finally, can't wait to try this out myself!

  • macatron

    Is it just me, or does TA's new video player really suck. Sure, I can play the video, but I'm unable to go full screen, pause it or even back out of it for that matter. Hell, I had to completely close out of the TA app just to exit the freakin' video. >:( What gives!!