It's another Wednesday and that means it's another batch of weekly new releases for your iOS devices. As usual, these new games are already available in New Zealand and other international markets to the East, and will drop in the US store tonight at 11pm EST. Likely the most notable release of the week will be Real Racing 3 as it moves out of soft beta and into the worldwide market on iOS and Android simultaneously, but there are a lot of interesting types of games coming out this week so don't get lost focusing on just that. It finally feels like this year is picking up some nice steam with the recent new releases.

1001 Attempts, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - A very retro-inspired arcade game where the object is to properly bounce between the top and bottom of the screen while collecting gems and avoiding many crazy hazards.

AVP: Evolution, $4.99 - [Forum Thread] - With all the recent Aliens drama going on in the console world, I'm hoping that this mobile 3rd-person brawler in the Aliens vs Predator series can come through. Being from the same people who made Guerilla Bob [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)] and the previous Predators [$1.99] game, I think we're in good hands though.

Cognition: Episode 1, $3.99 / Lite - [Forum Thread] - A point-and-click adventure game where you can play as an FBI agent with the ability to look into the past, and you use that in order to find clues and solve the mysteries of the story. Sounds cool.

Crazy Bill, Free [Forum Thread] - A wacky sounding action game where you need to climb from floor to floor in a zombie hotel wreaking havoc on a host of zombie versions of many famous people (any likenesses are purely coincidental, I'm sure). Also, apparently donuts give you special powers in the game, which is something I can get behind.

Gravity Duck, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - Another pixely platformer from the folks over at Ravenous Games, with the hook in this particular one being that you can control gravity in order to walk on walls and ceilings and traverse the various levels. Also you play as a duck.

iStriker 2: Air Assault, 99¢ / Lite - [Forum Thread] - I usually don't get super excited for new scrolling shooters, but seeing as this is from the guys behind Hotfield [$0.99 / Free] and the excellent first iStriker [$2.99], I have a good feeling. Also I cheated and played the lite version that's been out for a few weeks, and can tell the full version will be a winner.

King Cashing 2, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - If you found yourself wondering which game I was most excited about tonight, spoiler alert: it's this one. I've been playing an early copy and if you liked the first game in any way or are even remotely intrigued with a slot-machine mechanic being worked into an RPG-style adventure, then King Cashing 2 will knock your socks off.

Penumbear, $1.99 - [Forum Thread] - A really neat looking puzzle platformer where the main mechanic involves being able to turn various kinds of lights, with certain platforms and items only being available either in certain types of lighting. Sounds very intriguing and pretty meaty too with 100 included levels.

PokerTower, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - While matching games have been done to the point of nausea already, I'm always really surprised when developers can think of a way to make the mechanics feel fresh. Here it's all about making your matches based on poker hands, with a lot of modes and some light RPG elements peppered in. I'm on board.

Real Racing 3, Free - [Forum Thread] - This likely doesn't need any introduction, but the long-awaited and controversial third entry to the Real Racing franchise is set to hit the US later tonight. One good thing about it being a freemium release: you can check it out for yourself without dropping a dime (if you can spare the 2 gigs of space, that is). I'd suggest doing so just to use as a showpiece for what our mobile devices can do, regardless of your feelings towards the pay model.

Star Hound, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - This seems like a big departure from the normally puzzle-centric Kieffer Bros. but that actually makes me even more curious to check it out. It's a mixture of endless running, endless flying, and hook-swinging mechanics. Also you're a dog. It's actually out already so I'll definitely be checking it out.

Towelfight 2: The Monacle of Destiny, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - Ok I'm fudging a little since this actually came out earlier this week, but it's too awesome of a dual-stick shooter not to include here. Don't be alarmed by a bug that locks the game in portrait mode (it supports both orientations) on the iPhone 5, a fix is already in expedited submission with Apple. Seriously, just watch the trailer and you'll know immediately whether or not you need this game.

Toy Story: Smash It!, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - As was astutely pointed out by our forum goers, this appears to be a mashup of Boom Blox and Toy Story. So, you'll play as the various Toy Story characers as you huck objects towards Toy Story-themed structures in a sort of behind-the-back, 3D Angry Birds. That actually sounds really cool.

Trenches II, Free - [Forum Thread] - No big surprises here, this is the same Trenches II that came out over a year ago, but after the EA publishing deal ended, Thunder Game Works has put it out on their own. It'll be free for the first week so people who purchased the EA version can grab this new version without an additional purchase. Spread the word!

Up In Flames, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - The requisite weekly Chillingo physics puzzler, which is giving off an extremely strong Angry Birds-y vibe. The differentiator appears to be the ability to lob fireballs in order to start fires and burn down the structures that make up the levels. Sounds interesting.

  • Robert McGovern

    Curses, was hoping Talisman Prologue would be among that list.

    • Grant Quiller Stevens

      When is it going to be released?

      • tarasis

        It had been suggest the 28th Feb, like RR3 but Nomad have been quiet since.

    • shadax

      NimbleQuest for me 🙁

      • FortyOneNY

        I was hoping for NimbleQuest as well ;(

  • Robert McGovern

    Curses. I was hoping that Talisman Prologue would be among that list.

  • kyle_mccall

    What's Real Racing 3? Haven't heard anything about it!

    • menom

      It's really cool. You get to pay money to speed up the repair of things like wing mirrors and then twiddle you thumbs while it happens - like the real world only more expensive and more boring. I was going to get it but at the last minute decided to take up knitting - almost finished knitting a life-size wasp!

      • HelperMonkey

        I was going to shame you by pointing out that real car repairs are actually more expensive then IAPs, and nearly as unpopular. But the life-sized wasp thing makes me think you may be a genius. So... Post on.

      • WeirdingWay

        I'm shaming you for not understanding what hyperbole is.

      • HelperMonkey

        I understand hyperbole a million times better than anyone.

      • kyle_mccall

        Been playing it since it dropped in NZ. Starting at the back makes it hard not to rip your car up moving up.

    • mudd

      If your waiting in anticipation to play, then you've already played half the game!

      • mudd

        *you're (blah)

  • Nicholas Yu

    King Cashing 2? Insta-buy. Looks like the old king is undead and you now play his undead army against normal folk. A strange twist but I have no doubt they'll pull it off. I haven't been keeping tabs on this game, but I loved the original installment.

    • caaalrb

      Loved the first one too, but finished it in one sitting. Hoping the sequel offers a little more depth, maybe some replay value with extra characters/items to unlock?

      PokerTower looks pretty kickass too

      • Nicholas Pollender

        There is now many characters that you can equip just like the weapons. Add to that special effects to the weapons, 75 planned enemies in future updates and many more new stuff. There's also some replay value since you don't get the party members in the same order each time you play so you must adapt to their playstyle.

      • caaalrb

        Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll be picking up a copy for sure

      • Robo Rex

        king cashing was definitely the best sleeper hit i played last year, hopefully this lives up to it.

  • kristoferjones

    I'd like to note that while Trenches 2 is the "same game" that EA published, it is much approved with updates and other things players wanted that EA didn't want to update.

    • Karzay

      Good to know. Thanks!

  • ste86uk

    First I've heard of AvP been wanting a good AvP game since the old pc game online. Wonder if this is any good, anyone have it?

  • Professionalbum

    Totally excited about King Cashing 2(still play the first one) and Gravity Duck. Actually a decent week(and no I'm not talking about RR3-yes ill download it and delete it for sure by the weekend).

  • lanights

    Towelfight 2 is awesome! I bought this one earlier today and can't put it down. Just get it; it's only 99 cents...and a steal at that.

    • NOEN

      Same here. LOVE the game!

  • natedogg213

    Jared, since Eli isn't here, maybe you can shed light on this vicious rumor: Is it true that Eli Hodapp turns down cash compensation for his work at TA because he prefers to be "paid" in hand jobs?

    • Eli Hodapp

      I can confirm this personally.

      • HelperMonkey

        Don't misunderstand. Eli just can't turn down a good manicure.

  • toxiccheese

    1001 Attempts reminds me of VVVVVVVV but without the level structure.

  • bestkevin

    There are sooo many of them I want. *sigh* wish I had some credits now 🙁

  • tulsy

    I wish we could get an update on Star Command...

    • WeirdingWay

      I wonder if that game holds the record for iOS development time.

    • Nicholas Yu

      They updated their Kickstarter page last month. Their update begins with, "We suck." I am hoping to see it Q2, but who knows at this point?

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Real Racing 3? A big NO. I apologize for being negative, but I am not sorry for being real about it: I will not waste my time and two gigs of space to download a game I will delete in two day's time. RR3=Freemium crud. AvP? It is piquing my interest! Hope it's as good as the 4.99 Price tag. If so, I'm in!

    • wildperson

      And this is where the hatred of freemium just becomes stupid. A premium price doesn't mean the game is good. There are many excellent free games, and I found rr3 to be quite fun, with some unnecessary patience involved.

  • Nicholas Pollender

    Poker Tower looks awesome! When you put that much effort in a promo video it says a lot about how much effort went in the game. And I love the interface, definitively getting this one tonight.

  • ste86uk

    After looking at all of the games this week I've decided to go with king cashing 2. AvP was very tempting but sounds like a small game for the price tag and not quite what I hoped.

    I've downloaded RR3 but basically to try it, it'll probably get deleted.

    • themostunclean

      I got it last week "in New Zealand" (wink, wink) and deleted it 2 days later. All it did was make me crave asphalt 7 and NFSMW. Great production but its a serious grind and the timeshift BS is more annoying than cool. Huge disappointment.

      Probably do great on the charts though. All the casual iOS gamers with too much time on their hands and money to burn will eat it up. They're the ones propping up this freemium crud and destroying gaming for us core dudes.

  • araczynski

    What Aliens REALLY needs is a proper Tower defense, the sounds alone would do it for me.

    Other than that, looks like another week to skip and catch up on the backlog. Well, I'll probably add the toy Tory to the backlogs, love the combo of gameplay.

  • Raphael Blanchet

    Hi guys!

    My name is Raphael Blanchet, and I'm one of the proud developer of PokerTower, working under the name of 3Arts Studio! I saw that some of you are excited to get the game, that's really good news!! One other good thing is that tomorrow, I'll hold a contest on the main thread of the forum ( in which five of you could win the game for free! I'm waiting you there tomorrow!

  • Mirkwood

    Pretty nice week for games!

    Be sure to check out eighty-eight too, which came out 2 days ago

  • Max0809

    Isn't it Temple Run : Oz The Brave And Powerful suppose to come out this february 28th, like for .99 cents ? I remember an article about it.

    • Karzay

      I'm waiting for a Sonic the Hedgehog or Pac-Man runner.

  • John Newton

    Looks like the drought is over. It was a lean start to 2013 but finally things are starting to gain momentum. Im sure it makes doing the podcast a bit easier having actual content to discuss 🙂

  • WeirdingWay

    Poker Smash (XBLA) > Poker Tower

    Also King Cashing 2 seems so wildly different than King Cashing it feels like it should get a different name.

    • MidianGTX

      Like a "2" at the end or something, to symbolise the progression and change.

      • WeirdingWay

        Complete change. Not progression. Just look at many many games and movies. The 2nd or 3rd is very much like the previous, stays familiar but improves, not to mention typically a connection in story. I doubt the story here is connected at all. The art is completely different.

        Hell, there's irony in your choice of avatar. Fallout games look far more like their predecessors than this game does.

      • Pray For Death

        Fallout 3 looks nothing like 1&2

    • bones boy

      They're not the same. They're similar but different.

  • chimpman252

    Might pick up Gravity Duck or 1001 attempts. Both are just like VVVVVVVVVVV 😛

    • MidianGTX

      Seems like the kinda generalisation that might work on parents...

  • garret44

    Prenumbear looks interesting. The pea shooters in gravity duck are ripped from plants vs zombies!

  • Doom

    Penumbear and 1001 attempts..try them if you have time! Both great.

  • mistygio914

    Its 8:00 pm pacific time!!!! All games are available now!!!!!!!!!!! (Except Real Racing 3)

  • bones boy

    I am super glad your game is not a rip-off of a game called Poker Smash, which is a similar game to yours but more in a Tetris style.

    • Raphael Blanchet

      Thanks! I honestly was unaware of that game called Poker Smash, as I don't play XBLA, I just learned about it from the comment below! I'm glad too it's not a rip-off haha!

      • bones boy

        I don't play XBLA. Poker Smash has been in the App Store since 2010. There is a Lite version you can download so you can see the similarities.

      • Raphael Blanchet

        Ohhh gosh haha, thanks for pointing it out! That would've been a real nightmare for us to be declared as a "Total Rip-Off". We respect other developers and we just wanted to create something original! ^^"

  • LearnIIBurn

    I always jump straight to the comments to see what everyone is excited about, you all never fail me with your recommendations!

  • LearnIIBurn

    Awesome! Glad to hear from you. Will be picking up your game tonight!

  • flashbackflip

    Everything except RR3 and AVP is pixel junk.. got tired of those .. Don't they have good designers anymore??

  • Gamer_Kev

    I love vertical shooters, but only if I can play them with an arcade stick, so most of the time I leave this genre in the realm of my consoles and PC, but they are very fun using the iCade as well. I'll have to check and see if that iStriker game supports it as it looks like fun.

  • nightc1

    Of these I'll grab Trenches 2. Nothing else seems worth my time. Kind of a dull week for new releases.