The latest update for Ndemic Creation's Plague Inc. [$0.99], which adds the zombie-like Necroa Virus as a new tool for destroying all of humanity, has now gone live in the App Store. As we detailed for you last month, the Necroa Virus seems like your typical everyday deadly plague at first glance, but it actually contains some very interesting behaviors.

One branch of its mutation will turn its hosts into reanimated corpses, and you can actually use this new zombie population and its thirst for human brains to your advantage by directing them to feed on those pesky healthy people of the world. While a normal cure won't do a whole lot against zombies, you will have to watch out for a new group of zombie fighters called Z Com which will try to thwart your infection efforts.

It all sounds extremely awesome, and if you're an official Plague Inc. bad ass and are able to complete the game on brutal difficulty then you can unlock the Necroa Virus content for free. If you're like me and are terrible at this game, but still love it to pieces, you can unlock the Necroa Virus for a $1.99 in-app purchase. And whether you buy the new content or not, this update will give all players some welcome improvements to the user interface, balance and AI tweaks, additional language options, and improved performance on all devices.

Make sure to head over to the App Store to check out the latest update to Plague Inc. and hit up our forums to talk about strategies, get assistance, or just brag about your proficiency in exterminating humanity.

  • Tyler Piderit

    This game is quite a delight and no matter how challenging it is, I still try and try till I get it. I respect a game that keeps me coming back, even waving IAP's in my face that I don't buy.

    Love Plague Inc.

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    This is a great update. I'm not beating the game on 'brutal' anytime soon, so I paid for it. I don't mind IAP in this fashion, at least I have a choice: it's not a paywall.
    That being said, this opens up some cool strategies. I like the addition of the Z-Com zombie fighter resistance. It's better than simply racing to kill everyone before a cure is found. Once you go Zombie, the cure becomes moot. The update certainly adds more playability, and the devs have done a great job with it.

  • James Vaughan

    Great to see that people are enjoying it! What do people want next?

    p.s. I'm looking forwards to seeing how people find the Necroa Virus 'origin' achievements

    • Zeldaniac

      How about an animal plague that combines elements of Necroa and Neurax Worm - as in, you control a virus that affects animals, and you can infect other animals to do your bidding, and attack humans and other animals.

      Ooorrrr, a mode where you're a country that releases a bioweapon against another country while they do the same to you. Based on symptoms, you could effectively control both the bioweapon and an antidote virus for use back home.

      Just throwing ideas out. I love that you guys interact with your customers, it's kinda rare these days. Even some indie devs have sucky customer support that they never answer, and you certainly never see Gameloft or EA taking suggestions on what to next copy / port, respectively.

    • Cody Christopher

      How about combining the cheats we've unlocked with current diseases? I think I just wanna mess around with the Necroa virus that 2000 dna to spend to go on a mass slaughter.

    • PallaZ

      It would be fun and a great experience, if we wouldnt infect the world today, instead there would be the world of the 17th century p.e.
      No planes, slow infection rate and very difficult reachable unexplored parts of the World.
      PS: Great Game

    • YJohnD

      How about instead of killing everyone off, we do the reverse of what we usually do and play the human side, ie. we play the defender role against an evolving disease by modifying a cure. Or maybe we can play detective and try to locate and cure an unknown disease.

      I imagine these might be too different or complicated to implement, though, and just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

    • Erik Dahmen

      how about a plague that transforms infected people in killingmachines werewolves and vampires for example

    • jchapp82

      Alien invasion. Who needs diseases when you have crazy aliens??

    • cowtruck123

      I would like a simple update that shows a medal of some sort on each plague type on the menu telling which difficulties youve beaten each level on. Like a bronze for easy silver for normal etc...

      • FreshCuppa

        That's what the stripes in the upper right hand corner of each disease stand for. One for casual and up to three for brutal.

      • cowtruck123

        Haha. Never noticed that before. Thanks!

    • 정다운

      How about choose cheat game -like hidden plague - not in special, in 'modify genetic code', when I clear all with brutal, and It unlock

    • Nick

      Might be too controversial but maybe a religious "plague"? You could start in places with less developed educational systems and spread out from there or get a cult started in a wealthy culture and send out missionaries. Or force could be used to conquer other countries and convert people. You could spread it by outlawing evolution or scientific progress. Maybe even add a superstitious gene or something that makes people more susceptible to delusion. You could have opposition from another religion or the scientific community.

    • Oleg Trotsenko

      How about a multiplayer mode where you each get a earth and try to kill of the other persons earth before they kill you

    • Pat Brown

      I love the idea of alien invasion but not the traditional monster attack. It makes no sense to physically assault us when they can devise a whole array of weapons. Chemical, biological and parasitical -- and combinations of all three. They could mutate life that already exist. Read The Screwfly Solution by Racccoona Sheldon

  • William Hartman

    I first played this on my Nexus 7 tablet, and immediately fell in love with the game. I beat most of the original levels on "Normal", and then got an iPad a few weeks ago. I just started it on iPAd, and I SWEAR the levels are hard as heck now! Much harder, in fact I still have yet to beat Bacteria! WTF! LOL. I see every update though on iPad they have done "balancing" so I wonder if they boosted the difficulty from what I originally experienced on the Android side of things. Either way, I'm sticking at it and I WILL destroy the world! Muahahahaha!

    • Nathan Melville

      is it live on the playstore? I can't find it

  • Oliver

    Necroa is so hard I bet the whole game on brutal but I can't beat necroa on easy

    • Timmy Wu

      Strange, I find it extremely easy, this is more or less my tactic. I tend to start in Egypt or Saudi Arabia for their excellent connections

      1. Research transmission up to air/water 1. Research the anti-meds 1 and anti hot and cold.

      2. Just hang out as long as you can, with no symptoms, but don't devolve if they mutate. Once the cure reaches ~200 days remaining, get the symptoms up to zombie.

      3. Get a few perks into the zombie symptom tree, not really necessary. Pour points into the hoard (increasing the size), as well as reduce decay and revive.

      4. Once a resistance appears, you should have the hoard ability, send a few waves to them before they build their defences.

      5. It's smooth sailing past this, if some areas are giving you grief and your zombies are decaying, revive zombies in neighboring countries and send them into the trouble spot.

      On easy/ normal this should work 95% of the time, on brutal the resistance is much more effective, and requires a longer "fighting" stage.

  • Timmy Wu

    I have beaten all of the plague types on brutal, and have gotten this one for free. However I have a few critiques to make.

    First of all, I found the necroa virus extremely easy, and have beaten it on brutal on the first try (although it may prove harder for new players). One of the reasons that it was so easy was the zombie horde ability. For example, it used to be difficult to infect and take over island nations like Greenland, but now, I don't even have to infect Greenland, I can simply send 1million+ zombies from Canada or Russia to completely overwhelm the 30k pop of Greenland instantly.

  • Nathan Melville

    Sounds awesome, but when does it go live on the playstore? I can't find it

    • eth32

      Goes live in a bit less than a week on the playstore

  • Michael McLaughlin

    How about trying to find a way to incorporate an alien plague. Like a meteor crashed and released a infection from outer space. Haven't put too much thought into any features for it. Spur of the moment idea.

  • Nick

    I just searched on the Android Market/Google Play I blind or is it not yet available for Android?

  • Lenny

    Play as something like SKYNET from the terminator series 🙂 not like the nano virus, kinda like the necroa but with terminators, but you have to manifest in computers first by breaking down firewalls between counties and diverting planes and ships to uninflected countries to breach the firewalls. ( eventually you could have an ability where you have things just build massive towers or something to broadcastit over a wide area or something to help you get the likes of Greenland and Madagascar. But it could be like a little bit of software in the computer that slowly grows into things such as chainmail letters suggesting killings or something (where you can get your early kills from) moving towards terminators or tanks later on (might be a little imbalance though, and I'm not suggesting a time travel feature or anything but that would be cool :p)
    The alien virus sounds cool, could make people mutate into aliens (although that might be a little like the necroa or what I'm suggesting, or rather my suggestion is kinda like the alien virus but on a different take on it)
    All in all a great game, beaten everything on brutal, apart from the necroa, which I will be giving a bash at over the weekend 🙂

  • David Nethery

    i have the free version(meaning i cant speed up and all tht other good stuff) will i be able 2 update?

  • Jarred Martin


  • Sergio Skyy Iniguez

    I can't for the life of me beat necrosis, I'm good at this game n beat everything else at brutal like nothing but I can't even beat necroa at casual? Help?

  • Sergio Skyy Iniguez

    Any strategy for necroa? I am usually good at this game n can beat any other disease at brutal, but I can't even bear necroa at casual? Any help?

  • ihatecheese

    This game is awesome. Love how the developers are dedicated to it, posting updates now and then (unlike some other ones I would mention...). 🙂

  • robosapiens

    when will this updatw come for android? i just beat everything in brutal so much time i need to kill humans in a new thr esy humans are very weak against my mighty power. lets kill already!

  • Rasmus Jerneryd

    How do you unlock the Necroa genes without buying? I completed Necroa on brutal but still didn't get the genes! 🙁

  • Thomas Walker

    I had the Neurax Worm and Necroa Virus unlocked on mine. And I downloaded the newest update. And now they're locked again.

  • InyRules

    I noticed that after the 3/13 update the neurax worm and necroa seem unfairly hard. On Normal mode on necroa, the whole world starts on a cure with only one symptom active.

  • Ian Brent Cameron

    I messaged Miniclip support with detailed Ideas annd they said they would pass it on I hope they do.

  • Jacob

    New art for the world map would be realty nice. Being able to see day shift to night with special lighting for where cities are would make time flow more interesting especially if you add decals to the map for when a nation has a riot or when a nuclear explosion happens and when the plague is killing most the population, city lights could go out and be replaced with smoke clouds. And I know time passes by fast so just have the day turn to night every 30 seconds.

  • Luke

    How about a vampire like plague?