This week on The TouchArcade Show, we go deep on this week's biggest piece of news: the Sony PlayStation 4 reveal. Or, at least, we talk about its system specs, how it'll work with the iPhone and iPad, and how it stacks up with our expectations. If this isn't so interesting to you, don't worry, we do get around to iOS stuff. Year Walk leads off our games discussion, while titles like Backflip Madness and House of the Lost Mini bring up the rear. We also get to some industry news and answer your user comments and feedback.

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Anyway, this was a weird week because of a major console reveal but I think you'll dig how we manage to relate it to our platforms of choice. Next week, it'll be back to the same old, so look forward to that.

Here are your show notes:



  • Brandon

    I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. In the summer I listen to them while I mow the lawn. Really helps keep me entertained. So thank you toucharcade.

    • bradnicholson

      Nah, thank you for listening, bro. Couldn't do it without ya.

  • B3nlok

    The PS conversation segment was somewhat disappointing. I was expecting you to go deeper into the subject, even though im aware this is an ios podcast. Out of many things that were left out, I really couldn't be more surprised to see you guys not talking about games at all. Yes, games. The reason behind the PS4 existence. Its an interesting area for discussion, mainly because the PS3 to PS4 transition does not seem to be as radical as PS2 to PS3, let alone the PS1 to PS2, plus the whole debate of diminishing returns, as we get closer to Photorealism.

    • mudd

      I keep hearing about diminishing returns, and I guess that's valid, but I think there is an opportunity here for better games since developers can't rely as much on 'revolutionary' graphics over gameplay.

      • B3nlok

        Your statement holds some truth. But then you see a mediocre linear shooter that is Killzone as a flagship title for PS4 and you come to the realization that this is the PS3 all over again, only with slightly better graphics.

  • m44

    You guys should have called the show "Drop that bass all over your face." 🙂 Nice one guys.

  • willisgotratchet

    Sorry guys, but your ps4 talk was very depressing...

  • nuno lourenco

    where is the link of the music ?