It looks like The Firemonkeys are giving people in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada a early Valentines Day present with the release of Real Racing 3 in these international territories. We've already got a thread going for the game on our forums, and if you're resourceful enough to Google instructions on how to create an iTunes account in one of these three regions, you can be playing Real Racing 3 right now. Being a "New Zealander," I already snagged the game, and despite all the comment rage over the game being free to play- It knocks it out of the park from an initial impressions standpoint.

In fact, Real Racing 3 is the only iOS game in recent memory that has invoked an audible "holy sh*t" from me the first time the actual in-game graphics make an appearance. It immediately throws you into a race, with visuals that are pushing the boundaries of unbelievable for mobile devices against real people pulled from Game Center. Ridiculously impressive.

We'll be plowing through the game today, so expect a full-fledged TA Plays in the not too distant future where we'll try to explore everything the game has to offer- Including its controversial payment system. Stay tuned for that, and the official US launch on the 28th.

International App Store Link: Real Racing 3, Free

  • Rothgarr

    I am SO downloading this the moment it arrives in the U.S. App Store. I don't care what pricing model they use -- I'll reserve judgement and try it for myself.

    • asteroide

      Why ? I assume, as you're allready waiting to play, that you are allready enjoying the main concept of the game... Express yourself !

    • homosaur

      Totally agree, I am very skeptical of IAP but I'm also going to reserve judgement. For one I don't need to do 10 races in a day, I just don't get into IOS like that. I was pissed at Kairosoft for making Beastie Bay freemium when it came out on Android months ago but then I played through the whole game without even considering a consumable purchase. As long as the consumable IAP isn't required to make the thing playable then I'm at least going to keep an open mind.

      • worldcitizen1919

        It IS required that you pay to play. Or wait hours for your repairs. This game is unplayable unless your willing to pour endless amounts if cash not it or play it over a period of years.

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Lucky Europeans!

    • innerVision

      Which of the countries mentioned are European?

      • asteroide


    • B30

      How is the weather on the moon?

    • NeonGreenKermit


  • lindobomba

    Which devices are supported?

    • dancj

      I think it's iPhone 4+ and iPad 2+

  • blackharon

    Can't find it on the Canadian app store πŸ™

    • Graison Swaan

      Me neither!

    • immaculatebastard

      Add me to that list. Here's hoping it does show up sooner than later today. I want a hip new racer to play

      • asteroide

        You made a mistake : it is "I want a hip new racer to pay" (again and again)

  • Paradiso

    It's fun but I'd rather have a premium version. I appreciate that this widens the user base and all, but having to wait for everything takes some of the enjoyment out of it for me.

    So far the gold is used to speed up getting cars and upgrades and repairs, and the money is used to buy the cars, upgrades, and repairs.

    There is incentive to finish a doomed race which is a huge plus, since you still get fame and money regardless.

    Visually stunning of course, multiplayer is impressive and I can't find anything outside of the money system to complain about. I'll be playing for a long time but not without wishing I could get rid of the timers.

  • Brad Halstead

    If it just got released in the New Zealand store it won't arrive in Canadian store till this evening some time... it isn't in Canadian store yet...

  • karma32

    Sweet. I can't wait to get it so I can give it a 1 star rating for Firemonkeys being the sell-outs they are. Just kidding, no I'm not, hmmm or am I?

  • stormchild

    RR3 is most certainly *not* in the Canadian App Store, but thanks for the false alarm.

    • MrSpud

      Same here, not sure what they're talking about...

      • Yue Liu

        Tonight after 8PM PST

      • Guest

        Nope. It's after 1 am PST and it's still not there. App Store still says it's only available in New Zealand.

      • stormchild

        Nope. It's past midnight MST (11 PST) and it's still not there.

  • tanithfirst

    Not on the UK App Store either...

  • immaculatebastard

    Hey if anyone's connected to the Aussie or New Zealand stores, can you give me a heads up how big this game is supposed to be. Just want to be sure what, if anything, I'll need to clear out of my iPod.

    • asteroide

      700+ Megabites

      • immaculatebastard

        Thanks for the heads up. Now comes the decisions of what to cut to make room if I decide to grab it later.

    • Broli95

      716 MB( not installed) 1,8 GB (installed)

      • immaculatebastard

        I always find it disappointing to have the games take up nearly three times the space that's advertised as the actual size of an app.

      • borb86

        Think of it like downloading a zip or a rar file. Compressed its always much smaller.

      • homosaur

        Typical Apple oversimplification, that chaps my ass too.

      • fr33z33

        It's advertised as 1,8, so don't be disappointed

  • Paradiso

    Says 700 something on the AppStore.

    I just got my oil serviced for the first time which puts your car out of commission for 15 real time minutes unless you pay 4 gold.

    A broken headlight takes away from speed unless you wait to get it fixed.

    Earning money for cars is kinda fun, lots of events, but there is a delivery waiting period after you buy them.

    One race resulted in 10 minutes worth of repairs.

    So far engine upgrades take a couple minutes.

    • MrAlbum

      Have you tried to forego repairs and move on to the next race, at least to the point where you can buy a new car? So you can keep playing the game? You can do that, dude. Less waiting then πŸ™‚

      I woulda thunk that upgrades would be more time-intensive than a couple of minutes. Glad to hear that they don't start out ridiculously.

      Is there a timer on buying a new car, and how long is it?

      These are questions that kinda need answers!!!!!

      • Paul

        It only really helps if you set the difficulty so low its pointless. Your car is unrealistically disabled by not doing various small services. Not repairing (and you will need to as the AI is retarded) is even worse.

      • .Asa

        There is a delivery time on new cars, >10 hrs for the high end.

  • asteroide

    The game isn't that beautyfull on other hardware than last iphone or ipad. It is almost 1Go of memory space.

    Freemium process is based on waiting timer

    Real waiting 3 :

    when you have to do service on your car (not the repairs) these are the wait times:

    oil: 15 minutes (you need to do this every 4-5 races)

    engine: 3 hours (every 25-30 races)

    brakes: 60 minutes (every 15-20 races)

    suspension: 1 hour 30 minutes (every 20-25 races)

    tires: 30 minutes (every10-15 races)


    Real paying 3

    10 gold for $2.59 up to 1000 gold for a whopping $124.99

    You need to spend around 6 $ if you want to continuously play during one hour.

    You can also buy cars : 3 cars for 9$

    Will you erase paid games to install it ?

    Will you pay the big amount of money it ask to be played without frustration ? (In other words will you pay to enjoy it ?)

    Will you wait the end of the timers?

    • err404

      Give us a "super pit crew" IAP to reduce the timers down to a fun balance.
      I wouldn't hate the timer idea if it was weighted for fun and rather than frustration. It could actually add to the game. I think it could be used as an interesting game mechanic to encourage you to drive other cars and add a car management aspect to the sim.
      But instead it is implemented to make the game feel restricted unless you continuously pay. You'll have to pay for car upgrades and painting because these use the IAP currency. This leads to the game also being "pay to win". I also bet car prices will be so high in the end game that they will take to long earn unless you pay gold.
      These issues could be fixed with the right set of one time IAP that I would be willing to pay for. For example they could add a coin doubler to fix the cash rate, an exchange machine for money to gold and a fast pit crew. Sell these for $5 each. I'd be happy paying $15 total for the game to be the best it can.

    • systemx78

      Has anyone tried moving time on the clock up on their device to see if the wait times complete? This works on flights in pocket planes.

    • B30

      I really liked RR2, but I will definitely not download this Electronic FART. And that's for sure!!!

      • borb86

        Even for free eh? Nazi.

      • B30

        That's why, 'cause i will not support that freemium-crap, and by the way I doubt that you know what Nazi means, Brainiac!!!

      • Karl Burnett

        I'm with you. The game has been ruined. I have deleted it. Would gladly pay $20 for a premium game. As a developer myself, I have made a promise to NEVER include IAP or in game ads... the industry has taken a most unwelcome turn...

      • Karl Burnett

        It is in no way free... have you played it?

    • Pete Morris

      Exactly the calculation I came to - $6 an hour...

      If we see this game at the top of the "Top Grossing" chart, then we can basically kiss quality gaming on iOS goodbye forever.

      If this cynical cash grab works, everyone else is going to follow suit.

  • Paradiso

    The target audience for this game is not at all what it was for the last two.

    This is a casual racing simulator with an emphasis on social challenges and short play times.

    That being said, this is going to make them millions of dollars, no doubt in my mind. The target audience happens to make up a majority of customers on the AppStore.

  • Telltales

    The graphics are amazing on my iPad 4. It crashed on me a couple of times in the beginning, but I reset my device and it seems to work fine now

    Racing gameplay is just as enjoyable as Real Racing 2, definitely feels better tho especially with the upped graphics. Having to wait for repairs is really dumbing down the experience however. It was really enjoyable to continue racing in the other RR games without thinking I have to spend money to speed things up, but this is already annoying. I'd rather save up for upgrades, so I'm just gunna have to wait a bit.

    Maybe I'll just go back to playing Real Racing 2 while my car repairs, right now I have to play the waiting game on Real Racing 3. Kinda sucks. Oh hell, screw you Firemonkeys/EA...good game ruined by a crap waiting IAP system

    • Telltales

      Messing with the system a bit more. Seriously, these repair times really suck. I can't imagine continue playing this game for a long time and waiting or spending crazy amounts of money just to keep playing. The hell is this crap? No way am I continuing this train wreck. Game already deleted

    • karma32

      Deleted the game too.
      5 hours to repair my car or I think it was like 10 coins, haha. No thank you!

      • worldcitizen1919

        5 hours!! 10 coins?? That's like $2 just to continue playing. You did the best thing and deleted. I dread my next repair time. My last was 15 minutes and gets longer each time. EA must be out to destroy the franchise as its competition to Need for Speed.

      • macsmister

        Why couldn't they do freemium like asphalt 7? I never have to wait in that game.

  • Nada Tosnas

    Not in the Canadian store!

  • Charles Albert

    i hope that each and every one of you supporting this huge dickmove die of cancer.

    • Awesomenessprime

      I think it's time for a diaper change, buddy.

      • immaculatebastard

        Off topid from the OP but your screen name is Fantastic!

    • immaculatebastard

      That's pretty harsh bro'ski. Maybe you should sit outside playing your games, get some vitamin d and get out of what I hope is just some winter time blues..

    • karma32


    • pauldavidmerritt

      I don't agree to an agonizing death to anyone, but anyone that does support this dick move, Freemium money cow, needs to just move on to playing Four Square. Or, maybe making balloon animals, knitting a sweatshirt. If YOU help these developers continuing the iAP plague--stop. Stop it! Now! The MORE you buy from this crap, the LESS they will come out with really great games. Geeze. Stop playing games like you're a twelve yr. old using mommy and daddy's credit card.

    • homosaur

      I recommend you trying to get laid and not sit playing IOS bullshit all day.

  • mrbubbyboi

    Ausfag here. I can confirm that this game is not available yet on the australian AppStore. Only in New Zealand at the moment. So frustrating.

    • asteroide

      You allready are playing the game man : waiting for playing this is THE concept.

  • Charles Albert

    fucking freemium bullshit ruining the mobile games market

    • PureRumble

      Hey how does he get to type the f-word but it gets censored when i try to?

    • PureRumble


    • PureRumble

      Ok nm. I must have confused the comment boards with the forums...

  • tranceforma

    I found it on NZ store but I live in the uk :-((((((

  • MR. King β™›

    Can't wait to find it in the dutch appstore!

  • jallenwse

    So if your not from Australia, New Zealand or Canada you have to wait till the 28th???

    • asteroide

      Well in fact even if you have the game you have to wait...

  • chief78

    Honestly 50/50 on the IAP system. This was done in CSR racing and it got to the point where I just didn't want to wait to play, or pay to play. Too bad, because at the right price point this game could crush sales.

    • MidianGTX

      This is exactly what I said. CSR levels of waiting around will kill this for me.

      • blackharon

        Hoping the game-play is at least head and shoulders above CSR... else I'll be disappointed. The wait doesn't bother me - at all - since my gaming sessions to a few minutes once or twice a day anyway.

  • MidianGTX

    This will no doubt make the devs a truckload of money, but perhaps our one area of solace is the hope that deep, deep down, they feel dirty. They could have written a love letter to gaming, instead they sat on the kitchen floor and shot up.

    • mreford

      Why should we hope they feel dirty? They're a business and their goal is to make money so they can continue to earn a living. We've seen way too many good studios in the gaming space go down lately because their "love letters" didn't sell well.

      Simple fact is this was done to stay alive in the current iOS gaming environment. Also, I'm sure if these guys poured all their resources into a 'premium' game, charged a premium price and ended up getting shuttered due to lack of sales most of the people whining in this thread wouldn't give a damn and would instead point to 'too high of a price' as the reason for it all.

      • MidianGTX

        EA is definitely all about the business, Firemint however, started a lot smaller. It's the guys who do the creating who initially get into development because they love games, and I'm pretty sure in an ideal world none of them actually want to resort to nickel and diming people in this way. I know for sure if I made a game I'd absolutely hate taking this route and if I had a multi-million dollar publisher behind me I'd be hoping and praying their brand will enable me to focus on creating a fantastic game free of controversy and shady business practises.

    • homosaur

      The reason they do that is because of the whiny twats that frequent forums like this that bitch "oh $5 is way too expensive, I'd pay $2 max." When your market has no respect for quality work and won't pay for it, what can you do?

    • Jared Nelson

      This is easily one of the most insulting comments I've ever read. That's really saying something for the internet, too.

      • Illuminerdy

        Agreed. I tend to write blasphemous things, but the fact that his comment was in earnest made me shake my head.

      • Cory Gillmore

        I wasn't insulted by his comment at all. I'm insulted at this game however. And you should be too. This is not good. The IAP system takes away from the enjoyment of the game.

      • Jared Nelson

        I guess you've never put any sort of work into something that you care about only to have an armchair analyst reduce it to nothing behind the safety of a computer screen.

        Anyway, I'm playing the game right now and enjoying the hell out of it, so your comment really doesn't make sense at all.

      • systemx78

        Wow Jared, two full comments to this thread. Those oil changes must be giving you a lot of time to counter-troll

      • Jared Nelson

        No it just bugs me when people use the internet as a license to be an asshole.

      • Cory Gillmore

        People use the Internet to voice their opinions (and sometimes be assholes while doing it) and we can do that. And you can also call us assholes lol. But I don't understand how you can defend this travesty of a game. In order for me to play this game in the same way I enjoyed RR2 I would probably have to buy the 1000 good coin pack which would cost me $100. I do have a lot of free time even at work and I'd really like to be able to sit down and enjoy this game for hours on end without having to worry with this wait time mess.

      • Jared Nelson

        But have you PLAYED it yet? i feel like I am begging for the impossible here, but all I ask is that people not be overly knee jerk and extremely unpleasant about this whole thing before they've even tried the damn game.

        EA made the game freemium. Endlessly complaining and spouting vitriol, and insulting the developers doesn't accomplish anything.

      • Cheeseball

        Nah, MidianGTX's comment just made himself look stuipd and immature.

      • ConceptNormal

        Lmao!!! This games wait to time has Jared showing his true colors! Too funny.

      • ConceptNormal

        Corey and Jared: you've both made great points. While your both waiting to change your oil and tires on your car, you should get together for tea before your next race. (Talk it out, cuz the tea shop doesn't take gold coins)

      • Jared Nelson

        Oh cool, what are my true colors? I'd like to know.

  • .Asa

    Does anyone know how to set up a New Zealand account without payment info?

    • Gauloises

      Just read my Post!

  • JordanC07

    Not in Canada yet.

  • JordanC07

    I was excited for this but I'm going to skip this game now because of the free to play set up πŸ™ so disappointed.

  • FreezeFrozen

    Just as a try, I hit your link from my iPhone 5, and fall off on NZ's appstore. But I live in France ! Now my appstore is the New Zealand one's. And I'm kind off stuck in this... . How to get back to my original store ? (I'm rebooting the iPhone right now..)
    by the way, the more I read the comments, the less I want to download the game πŸ™‚

  • Gauloises

    Got it!!! Thx to the New Zealand Account i am already in! And its in German already!

  • iValerio90

    everyone pass this s**t ! dont download app with in app system they are killing videogames !

    • Awesomenessprime

      Nah. I'm gonna download it.

      • borb86

        Pretty much. Lol

    • Paul

      At least you can download it and give a 1 star rating for your trouble.

      • Awesomenessprime

        It's definitely a 1 star game. I mean, I know this before I've played it.

      • iValerio90

        Done ! ill repeat it a milion times again

      • Paul

        Well that isn't sensible. At least I played it and got hit by a stupid wait time and aggressive pay wall before I reviewed.

  • Gauloises

    For all who Waiting!!!! Lock Out your Account in Iphone!!! Go to the Real Racing 3 Link in Touch Arcade! Try Buyin and Open a New Account in New Zealand Store. After Download Logout again and whoops there it is in Austria!

  • GaZ-OiD

    Don't delete it!!!!!!! Simply play it when the game is available to play WITHOUT paying the IAPs yes you have to wait and then you play for free. Deleting and you can't play at all. We all have other games to play and a life to live! Just play it when you can and do something else when you can't πŸ™‚

    • asteroide

      I say delete and that's all ! There is so many good game that can take the 2Go of memory of this shit

  • borb86

    Nobody else finds it annoying that people are bitching and complaining about the f2p structure of this game before even trying it and seeing how it actually affects their experience with it?

    • Awesomenessprime

      That's too smart for this lot.

    • homosaur

      You mean people should actually try stuff before running their mouths? Yeah that would be a nice innovation.

    • Paul

      I am playing it (when my 6 hour oil and tyre change finishes) so I find you annoying in your assumptions. It sucks. I played 25 minutes and now have a 6 hour wait or cough up.

      • borb86

        Sorry you find my assumption annoying. Good luck with your tyre change. Those tyres can really be a hassle. I'll take you with even more consideration now.

    • err404

      The issue that like every game with this type of premium currency system, the game will seem fine and not too burdensome for the first couple of hours. Then it slowly turns up the timers and cost as you progress until it is not reasonable to continue progressing through the game w/o paying.
      I don't want to dig deep into a game that I am highly confident will spit in my face AFTER I dedicate my time to it.
      Sure I'll try it out and may buy some one time IAP if they fix the underlying progression issues, but I can promise that I will NEVER directly buy in game currency.

    • Charles Albert

      i find it even more annoying that are plenty of dimwits like yourself that doesnt have the slightest idea how unacceptably wrong the IAP in this game is and still opose to the complainers for some reason that cant be explain other than retardment

      • Awesomenessprime

        Hey the idiot "cancer" comment guy! I don't think you're in the position to claim anyone else's comment is out of retardment. Quit being a baby. It's a video game.

  • jallenwse

    Ea seem to be pretty good at ruining games... Dead space 3 wasn't the best

  • King Random

    When is the game coming out in the UK App Store?

    • tranceforma


  • Adams Immersive

    I'll definitely download it.

    But I'll definitely wait until after the first update... in vague protest of EA in general: I don't want to feel like I contributed to next week's headline: "EA's Real Racing 3 Downloaded 900 Million Times in First Week."

  • Cory Gillmore

    I've downloaded it with my NZ account and I'm sorry but I have to say that my favorite mobile franchise of all time has been ruined by greed. And possibly iPhone piracy I guess.. This is a sad day for RR fans. It's a shame because it definitely looks and plays better than even. I like the idea of having to pay for repairs with in game currency. But not with the good coins that cost real money to acquire.

    • Cory Gillmore

      But I'll also add that we all need to download it and leave a review. An honest review. Good or bad. I've left my 1 star review and I hope they read it. If all cause enough of a fuss maybe they'll give us the game we all so dearly want. I'll not spend a dime on this IAP system they have in place. But I'd happily buy the game outright for over $10. Unlocking the full game via IAP would completly rule out piracy. I really hope they fix this shit...

      • Pete Morris

        I'm kind of torn.

        There's a great game lurking underneath this cynical IAP layer of crud on top.

        I feel crappy leaving a 1 star, for the devs who've delivered the goods and had their work ruined by EA's accountants...

        Maybe 2 star then lol

  • sakara214ever

    Hope it is a nice game. I'm afraid it will be a
    -free to play- but not a -free to enjoy- game. I hope i'm wrong but i will not pay EA's iapps which sometimes are 99$!!!! I'll just delete it.

  • XtrEmEiLLuSioN

    No full retina display for iPhone 4S? I believe iPhone 4S can handle full retina display in the game.

  • Talaen

    Adding a one-time timer unlock for $9.99 is all they needed to do to be successful.

    That would allow people the choice of occasionally making an IAP to address timers periodically, or a larger purchase to drop them forever, all while still keeping the game accessible to the masses.

    What they did is blatant greed without any consideration for the people who WANT to actually buy a game and control their investment into a game as one time purchase.

    • Jared Nelson

      But what if selling an unlock for $9.99 isn't enough? This is the most expensive mobile game ever made. Assuming you are giving them some sort of fair price at $10 is sort of delusional.

      Conversely, if you feel the game is worth only $10 then what is stopping you from spending that amount on IAP and using it to bypass the timers when you don't feel like waiting?

      • dancj

        Presumably because (s)he feels happy to pay for a full game, but not to cut down the waiting time for a few repairs and then be back to the game asking for more money.

      • Furtin

        I'm sorry but wouldn't it add up like crazy? Seeing how many iOS devices are floating around I would guess that this title would be downloaded roughly a million times the next weeks and months to come. That would make it ten.million.dollar!

        If that isn't enough for EA and Firemonkeys together, I don't know what kind of a businessmodel they are after...

      • Jared Nelson

        You are assuming it's easy to sell a million copies of something at $10. It's not, at all. Then there is Apple's cut so even if your scenario played out your 10 million is actually 6 million. That *might* be enough to break even on the game, but even then it's a huge gamble to think you'd get to that one million mark in the first place.

        You don't have to like freemium but it's the pay model that has proven it's able to make money, and all gaming idealism aside that is the ultimate goal of making any game.

      • zebedee

        But this is not selling a million copies of "something". This is selling a million copies of the most anticipated, hyped (and rightly so) follow up to the best selling racer on the AppStore. Of course it will shift a million copies. In the first week most likely.
        The endlessly infinite price is what puts us off IAP. Sure I'll download it but I can tell ya now that I, for one, will never buy repairs for my cars. Eventually I will get bored of waiting, I will delete. Doesn't matter how good it is to play. And this is versus the fixed price model which would have given EA $10 as an easy sale to me.
        If that isn't enough for them, embellish it with some 'Special Edition' versions with different tracks and cars. Again, a single fixed purchase. Low costs to EA as the Platform is developed and debugged and they are just adding data models.
        I don't believe I have ever spent a cent on IAPs, yet I have purchased plenty of titles. Does that make me an anomaly or an untapped market?

      • Jared Nelson

        That makes you an extreme minority in the App Store. EA might have lost a $10 sale on you, but for every person like you that they lose they gain a hundred more who might spend just as much or more in IAP. Not a hard decision to make.

      • Rdkjr11

        I can't understand how you can defend this game after how you guys bashed Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. This game has overpriced iap's everywhere. This game has dumbed down gameplay and wait timers. This game used a love gaming title to suck more people in to waste more money. The freemium appears to be better than All the Bravests, but not by much (I haven't actually played it yet, but i have read the comments from people who have, read your explaination of how it will work, and watched the videos).
        You also talk about how this game "might" do well. Lets be honest here, this was one of the most anticpated games (probably the most anticipate now that Infinity Blade was delayed/halted/abandoned). If they had priced it at $10 they would have had most, if not all of their old customers, plus anybody else who picked up an ipod/iphone/ipad since RR2 or wanted to try one of the RR games. They would have made a plently to cover the cost it took to make this game, this is just EA's greediness showing yet again. Theres a reason they were the most hated company in America in 2011 I think? Its because they do things like this.
        I'd advise everybody to skip the iap's and show EA that we hate freemiums, but I assume i'll just see everybody trashing the freemium system and then throwing money at the devs anyway on release day. It seems like everytime people get to vote with their money, they vote wrong.
        Last second edit: Before somebody tells me that I am just insulting the system before trying the game, I am going to try it for myself when it is released (assuming i can make enough room on my tiny, almost full iphone πŸ™ )

      • Jared Nelson

        FF ATB is completely different than this in every way.

        I don't care if people like RR3 or not, or think the pay model is fair or not. The point I'm arguing is that freemium is easily their best shot at making money with the game and basically their only option in today's climate. The same people who refused to buy things until they were on sale are the ones who got us here, and many are the same people who complain about freemium. It's ironic.

        But for all these internet commenters claiming that they are certain using a paid business model would have been just as or more successful aren't qualified to make that statement and will never know if that's actually true or not.

        I'm just not a big fan of the foot stomping and temper tantrums, but I know this is the internet and I'm fighting a losing battle.

      • Garbagemaster

        I'm sorry, Jared... But who's trying to sell the game here? EA or TouchArcade?
        It seems thou protesteth too much.
        Ok... $10 not enough? Fine. Give us a $20 option. If the game is as good as you say, it would be worth it to me to plop down $20. Other less committed gamers could also have an option to plunk down a buck or two at a time for consumables.
        The explanation of protecting their franchise doesn't wash here.
        It's just not worth 2gigs of space on my device for a game that I have to either wait out a stupid delay or have nickel and diming me endlessly.

      • septimus

        Completely agree. Why is it such a difficult thing for EA to offer a premium version?

        I don't want to and won't spend any money on this crap as it is. Suckers who pay Β£70 to be able to complete the game are welcome to being morons but it seems the majority of us here won't do it.

        Jared's defence of this choice to such a degree beggars belief and seems suspicious. Got a lucrative advert coming soon by any chance?

      • Garbagemaster

        I think his lack of a reply here speaks volumes... Wouldn't you agree?

      • Jared Nelson

        Nobody has to sell the game, it's free. That's sort of my whole point. At least try something before passing judgement on it. And the pure hatred and awful comments before the game even came out... It's really ugly, I don't like it. People act like they are somehow owed a certain version of this game. Also all the armchair analyzing gets really annoying.

        I've been playing throughout the day and I'm not crazy about the timer thing. But I'm going to stick with it because everything else about the game is amazing. We'll see if it ever gets to a point where I want to stop playing, but it hasn't so far.

      • Garbagemaster

        You just said it yourself!!! "Not crazy about the timer thing, but I'm going to stick with it."
        Gaming is about enjoying ourselves. We don't WANT to have to "stick with it." Whatever...
        There's ZERO reason why they couldn't have offered a one time IAP for the hardcore and kept the freemium buck or two at a time model for the casual gamer.
        TA had its front page review... Great. We don't like the freemium model they're using, and we're expressing our opinion here. Why are you so rabid about defending it?

      • Jared Nelson

        Uh, when did I say I LOVED the timers? I stick with it because, despite it, the game is fun. Maybe it would be better if it was just a paid game, I dunno yet, but at least I'm not going to go wishing cancer on people over it. I mean my god.

        And you're wrong, there IS a reason not to offer a one time unlock. Because if they do, that's the only money they will ever get from the person who buys it. The people who are complaining are in the minority, the vast majority of iOS owners don't mind putting a few dollars into a game every once in a while. That is why freemium is so successful.

        To act surprised and offended that EA is doing what will make them the most money is stupid.

      • Garbagemaster

        I never said you LOVED it. What are you talking about? Did you read my post? I quoted you. Hello? I didn't wish cancer on anyone.
        You are putting up a straw argument. Why?
        AGAIN... Offer a one time IAP for the hardcore at whatever price point they see fit. ALSO keep the consumable IAP at a lower price point for the casual gamer. They would get the best of both worlds.

      • Jared Nelson

        Was more a general reaction to all the hate I've been commenting on. And again, you're just wishing the game was something it isn't, and I'm sorry. They went with the model they did, love it or hate it, but people stomping their feet on the internet isn't going to change that. Just play the game and decide for yourself.

      • Garbagemaster

        BTW... I am aware that EA will do whatever they need to to make the most profit. I don't appreciate your implication that I'm stupid.
        I am a capitalist. I'm all for profit. They are throwing away an established customer base in favor of a different one. Again, they could have the best of both worlds, but are too blinded by $ signs to see it.

      • Jared Nelson

        I don't think they can have the best of both worlds though. I've explained why. You say they're blinded by dollar signs by going this way, but then say "they could have the best of both worlds." Which is it?

      • Nick

        But to be okay with them using these disgusting tactics is stupid. It would make them the most money by lacing it with heroin too, so should the girl guides start doing that?

        Freemium is successful because it preys on our inherent weaknesses as humans. It's something that damages gaming, not that progresses it forward.

        As I mentioned above, we are going backwards now. We are moving back to pumping quarters into machines to keep playing.

        This mentality of "they need to do the thing that makes them the most money" is fine, but to use shady tactics to achieve that goal isn't okay, and is hurting the players.

        Some people do IAP just fine, but timers in a game that increase are barely acceptable in building games, to have them so prevalent in a racing game is just a shame, especially when Firemint proved clearly they could make money selling real racing 1 and 2 for a premium price.

      • Jared Nelson

        "especially when Firemint proved clearly they could make money selling real racing 1 and 2 for a premium price."

        WHEN did they do that? When they were selling themselves to EA because they needed the money?

      • Nick

        Mass effect did stupidly well and Bioware was making a massive amount of money and EA acquired them.

        When in business school does it say you have to be doing terribly to be bought by another company? That's crazy talk. Chances are EA came to them with so much money their anuses prolapsed and they'd have been stupid to not take it.

        Same goes with any company purchased, you can be doing incredibly well, but it someone pulls an armored truck up to your house and says "hey, this is for you. Plus you'll still be able to make a ton of money." Who in their right mind would say no?

      • Jared Nelson

        I don't know, but none of that proves one way or the other if RR 3 being a straight up paid title would have led to being more profitable. All the data says otherwise.

      • Nick

        Of course putting consumable IAP will be more profitable, people are weak and they are exploiting it by dangling a carrot.

        Waiting in a racing game is a stupid joke.

        Personally I will hope and pray that this style of mechanic in this game crashes and burns, and that EA has a miserable failure on their hands, and has to explain it to their shareholders. "Sorry, we tried to make a game that would exploit people as much as possible..."

        But knowing how the human mind works, chances are it'll make a bundle and be another nail in the coffin of actual gaming.

        Seriously, waiting in a racing game? Good lord, it's just stupid. Why not make everything freemium. Want to play a special tile in Carcassonne? IAP. Want to replay a level in a game? IAP. Want to play a game for more than half an hour in one sitting? IAP.

      • Nick

        You just highlighted a major issue in your statement.

        The ultimate goal should be to make a game fantastic enough that the game itself makes a ton of money by great mechanics, fun gameplay and such.

        Now developers are designing games backwards, lets find a way to make the most money possible, and then maybe we will make a good game later, maybe.

        As for your comments, RR1 and 2 did well enough to make the company as popular as they are, as well as to get EA to purchase them. Assuming they put their energy into making another great game, it's stupid to think it wouldn't sell well with the name and quality Firemint WAS known for.

        Taking a premium priced single pay game and turning it into a FTP game where there are continually increasing wait times is a joke. Sure, they'll get a lot of people paying then a ton of money, because we can be VERY stupid and impulsive.

        There's a huge, huge, huge difference between earning money by making a quality product and making money preying on our stupid weaknesses.

        We are the ones who ultimately pay and give credence to the model, but Jesus why should we be okay with how these companies are abusing this system?!

        If this keeps up, I can easily see it finding its way into console gaming too, you have to pay more to play another round of multiplayer if you don't finish in the top 3. Or you have to pay to get the top tier weapons.

        I thought the whole reason we started bringing arcade games home so we could STOP this stupidity of pumping quarters in to play.

      • Jared Nelson

        It will creep into console games, it already has. It's not going anywhere I'm sorry to say. But I think you're off about the popularity of the previous games. A strong independent company that's just rolling in dough doesn't sell themselves to a big corporation just for fun. RR2 cost a mint to make and I don't think it made its money back. Selling to EA was an option to keep the doors open and keep making games. If they thought it would be possible to be profitable with a paid model then they would have done that, but that's proven to not be sustainable time and time again. We live in a freemium world for now.

      • Nick

        No, ea doesn't care whether a paid model would be profitable, they ONLY care about the bottom line. And that's stupidly wrong. It's a danger to society and players never benefit from it. It's bad enough in FarmVille like games, but in action games like this it is I excusable.

        Sorry, you can't play another level in Gears because you got killed... Unless you use your real money purchased cog tokenz!!

        The day that happens is the day I'll officially give up on gaming.

        Offer me stupid hats to buy, DLC that adds into the game, or something.

        But this. This is going the WRONG way. Even Gameloft hasn't stooped THIS low. Hell, I'd even be more okay locking other cars behind pay walls, but timers to PLAY the game? That's cheap, it's embarrassing and I hope we as gamers take the time to ensure the reviews are left as such.

        Timers in a game like this may make them tons of money, but it's just greedy for the sake of being greedy. It's crapping on what gaming should be.

      • Jared Nelson

        "It's crapping on what gaming should be."

        That's a nice sentiment, but it ignores the real world. Of course it would be great if all games were just amazing and people paid fair prices for them and both gamer and company could benefit from this fruitful relationship. Things are not that way. EA is obligated by its shareholders to make as much money as possible on their investments. It is what it is unfortunately.

  • HellzHavocz

    Hopefully this game will be out in the Canadian AppStore at around 11pm EST.

  • webman2k

    I feel like this pricing model would work really well if the entire game had a real time clock. Since you have to wait for repairs or upgrades to be installed, races and events should be on a real time calendar.

    Want to complete in this particular cup? You need to be on your device at this time. Have tons of races at different times so there's a choice for anyone, but wouldn't that make this model more palatable? As it stands, the race is just sitting there, but you have to wait 15 minutes?

  • airwa1k

    Definitely not in the Canadian App Store. Way to get you hopes up.

  • RepublicanAxel

    In the forums, you defend this by saying that it is the only way to get good games and ask whether people would rather have this or no game at all. RR3 is not a good game precisely because of the way it has been monetized, so yes, not having the game at all is no problem. I fully expect a glowing, positive review given this site's reputation , and this particular game will most likely bring in lots of money for EA, but in the long run, this will not end well for the industry. This does more damage to gaming than you realize.

    • Jared Nelson

      "I fully expect a glowing, positive review given this site's reputation"

      Meaning.... we give good reviews to games we like?

      • Luigi_Mario

        Yes, but part of the reason you like it is because you are emotionally invested in the success of signature iOS titles like Infinity Blade and Real Racing. A bad review for this game would serve as a broader condemnation of mobile gaming both as a business and as entertainment, and that's something you can't bring yourself to do either consciously or subconsciously.

      • Jared Nelson

        Errr, I don't know how I would review it yet, I've really only just started playing. I'm not even sure who will write a review for it.

        But your hugely off base in your assessment. This game is going to be successful with or without my input. Bad or good reviews for it on any website aren't going to affect the reach it will see in the iOS market. Not even a dent.

        If the timers ruin the fun of this game for me, then I will delete it and move on with my life. Not be a dick to the developers on an internet forum, or take swipes at websites, or wish cancer on people. Those are the things I have a hard time putting up with.

  • Zephro

    EA's goal is to make maximum short term profit at the expense of customer goodwill. Force a dev to churn out increasingly insulting cashgrabs, then dissolve them after they have served their purpose. Look at the latest dead space, the way they monetized the crafting system is absolutely disgusting. Its amazing how EA hasnt crashed and burned yet with all the perplexing short-minded business decisions.

  • Lost_Deputy

    Downloading!! Woo hoo

  • Dimitris Katsafouros

    It's a shame some studios think that the only way to go is freemium. Disappointing to say the least and a missed opportunity to create the best racing game on mobile.

  • Mister Bump

    It is everything we have all feared the moment we heard it was FTP. The racing is great and the graphics amazing, but the constant timers and the fact that the game feels like it is geared HARD to never give you enough money to progress without massive grind just sucks all the fun out of it. If Firemonkey release a premium version with all the timers removed and the money system tweaked to normality, I'll be all over it - as it is, they can get fucked.

    • Mister Bump

      It's fucking insane! Repairing your engine for example, not only costs money, it takes a FUCKING HOUR! >_<

    • Mister Bump

      Just set my one and only car for repair (there's no way you save enough for two per tournament - and each tour is locked to certain cars) and the times is SIX AND A HALF HOURS!

  • Garbagemaster

    So it's confirmed then? There's no option for a $10-$15 one time IAP to get rid of the timers? Well...that seals it for me. It's not worth 2gigs of memory to download a game that's going to frustrate me. Too bad πŸ™ I'm out...

  • myco

    Maybe they are just hinting for people to get a life.

    I am still trying this out!!

  • Illuminerdy

    I have hit some pretty gross pay walls in this game after 10 minutes of play. I could see Jared's point about it adding a sim vibe to it, though. Luckily, I got a million other things I can be doing and will just let the timer run down. I enjoy the game otherwise.

    I probably won't spend a dime on the game, so we will see how the grind is to unlock everything (if possible).

    I feel bad for the suckers with nothing else to do.

  • Jose Rosiles

    Im still mad next thing you see people paying 20 bucks for games in the psn or xbla

    • Haunter

      Yeah, full fledged non freemium games man...

  • AzrinShaz

    Not entirely their fault. We owe freemium games to the jailbreakers who never thought of what goes into a game.
    These folks have and will never pay for a good game in their entire life.

    • stormchild

      Nonsense. The freemium model generates a lot more profit than selling games for a one-time, upfront price. That's why freemium games always top the "highest grossing" chart.

      Nothing to do with piracy.

  • Lost_Deputy

    Got it and its awesome. First game I've seen where the IAP actually enhance the gameplay. You don't want to ram into the car infront of you because you will have to repair your car. It makes the racing a more real experience. I'm down to spend money on this game because I think is worth it but so far I haven't needed to. Be excited!!

  • jallenwse

    I bet they'll add an option to buy the game outright by the 28th!!!! Canada, New Zealand and Australia are probably just Guinea pigs.

    • emberblue

      I agree, why else would they do this localised release. I think they know full well that there business model is pushing the boundary of what consumers will accept. I am sure they are watching very closely to the reaction this phased release is getting so they can adjust the model accordingly without sinking their beloved franchise. I agree with the majority of reaction, I have played the game and the timer is infuriating, this is not an issue of 'get a life, do something else blah blah' that some have said. If I play a racing game i like to invest some time into it, maybe an hour or so at a time, maybe less...but to have it constantly broken by frustrating timers is a deal breaker. It's such a shame because I can see a lot of love has been put into this product and I want it to succeed more than anything, but unless they can change the model for the 28th and shake off the heavy hand of EA then the audience will shift from true fans of the series to very casual players and I think that would be a tragedy. I am sure we can all agree that fire monkeys deserve to make money from their games, but there has to be a better solution. I miss buying games and having a full product.

      • apolloa

        The reactions by the games press let alone us gamers, is incredibly negative towards the IAP system implemented in the game. I'm not sure if EA will pay any attention or wait to see the sales figures for RR3 before changing anything.

  • rabidnz

    The touch controls SUCK for this game ! And since im not a small child the tilt controls are also unbearable. This game is basically shit, and just a hugebunch of hype. Im deleting it after an hour of frustration and wo dering why i dont just turn onthe ps3 and play a proper racing game, not a half assed attempt at one with the most aggrvating controls ever. Wouldnt pay 99c for this game and definitely wouldnt waste my time waiting for shit in this crap game.

  • Mr. Trujillo

    How can you create an international account in the u.s.?

    • .Asa

      I did this earlier today. You have to sign out out of your account, go to the App Store, and try to download a free app. When it asks you to sign in, click create new account and set it to New Zealand. Use one of your unused email addresses. Fill in all your info, except use post code 3056 and phone number 444 444-4444. Make up fake city/address stuff. It worked for me! πŸ™‚

      • Nick

        I thought you had to give a credit card number when signing up for a new account?

  • worldcitizen1919

    REAL RIP OFF 3 review.

    Brand name is being destroyed perhaps intentionally as EA have competing games.
    Lag on ipad 3. Waiting times unacceptable. Who wants to wait till their dinner gets cold and then eat? Same here. You just get into the game and then its pay up or get out!! Continuity and immersion/ fun factor s annihilated by having to continually stop for tuning and repairs.

    Strongly recommend bypassing this unless they go with a sane pricing model something along the lines of one price one complete game. It's basically a poker machine which they're hoping some drunk addict will come along and put his car and house in it. A crippled, unplayable game. Glad taxis don't operate like this.

    The Real Racing franchise was an exciting competitive game where striving for perfection earned you rewards and you could enjoy it for hours and hours. This is not a Real Racing game but an IMPOSTER that keeps nagging you for money every few minutes of play. Even if you spent $109 you would still be asked to stop fir repairs and have to micromanage.

    To buy one very good car costs $20. Epic FAIL.

    • .Asa

      Chill dude, just jailbreak and use IAP free to get free unlimited currency! I already have all the top end cars with full upgrades! And I am experiencing no lag at all on iPad 3.

  • Nick

    Wait, why am I not seeing this in the Canadian store? Did they yank it?

    • stormchild

      No, these guys just assumed it would be out in Canada just because it was released in New Zealand. We probably have to wait till the 28th.

  • Zach PS

    bad link. is a search for "real"

  • Dane Clark

    I can not find this on the Canadian app store. Was it pulled?

    • airwa1k

      Looks like it was a direct lie that it was available.

  • Manny7

    They can't post right date so sad

  • Pete Morris

    I was waiting until I'd played the game to pass judgement on this. Well, I've downloaded it this morning and have been playing it for an hour.

    Here's what I've experienced so far.

    30 minutes play, then 15 minutes wait
    15 minutes play then 15 minutes wait
    10 minutes play, then 30 minutes wait.

    Thats 55 minutes play, and 60 minutes wait.

    The IAP is as cynical as it comes.

    You pay for upgrades with $, but if you want to get your upgrades/repairs without waiting you need to pay with "gold" tokens.

    You earn $ after every race, but only earn gold when you level up. You get 20 gold to start with, and I've levelled up once to earn an extra 3.

    It seems to cost between 1 and 3 gold to get an upgrade or repair done straight away.

    I've done 3 repairs, and 7 upgrades. To continue at that rate, and play uninterrupted, it would cost me $6.49 PER HOUR of gameplay. Unless the rate of upgrades/repairs required drastically decreases as you progress (which seems unlikely).

    Incidentally, that's probably quite an underestimate; I've done almost all of the upgrades for my car, but it's still way too slow to compete.

    All this will probably be completely fine for the casual user, but EA have really taken a massive dump over the existing Real Racing fan base with this one.

    They've delivered a game with the depth to keep you playing, but with a monetisation model that makes it impossible to justify doing so.

  • stormchild

    Still not out in Canada.

    • Manny7

      Still waiting too

  • Dpad

    Played on my ipad 3 no problems...
    Downloaded it to my iPhone 4S and I can't buy a car crashes on purchase car screen...daafuq!?

  • Karl Burnett

    I am hoping that EA are using these couple of weeks to see how customers react, though it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to predict a massive backlash. I would happily pay $20 for it as a paid title. As it stands, it's unbearable and I deleted it. REALLY F$%#&D OFF!!!

  • 2LucidPisces

    OMFG!! Is this real? Am I reading all these reviews correctly? For the future of gaming, please nobody download this game. And if you're compelled to get this game then write a review with a 0 star! I've waited so long for this game only to find out that RR is now nickle & dimming its followers! Wtf!! Please anybody out with web skills start a site for all RR followers to protest this game. Hit RR where it hurts, in their pockets$$!! RR shame on you!!

  • ak47killa

    Delete, delete, delete. πŸ™‚

  • Y8

    Appreciate posting the content and giving me something to consider about this subject. This really is primo.