Stop everything and go grab Super Monsters Ate My Condo [Free]. It's a great game, and it's free right now on the App Store. It usually goes for a buck, so you're saving a little bit dough here if you mash the download button.

If you didn't know, Super Monsters is a frantic puzzle game that plays a bit like Jenga mixed with a traditional match-three. In the game, you swipe blocks from a multi-tiered and multi-colored condo and feed them to a duo of monsters. The blocks left slide down, and if they match, the game awards you points. Eventually, sets of matched blocks form newer, single blocks that you match for even more points.

In addition to being awesome, this was one of the first iPhone 5 games we fell in love with. If you're still looking for a good "tall phone" game, this is it.

  • nini

    Well, all the free mechanics are there anyhow. Just wish they'd actually bring some of the good improvements of this game to the, IMO, superior first version rather than nickel and diming people.

  • Kaffeperkulator

    Crashes upon start for me, iPhone 5, iOS 6.1

  • .Asa

    A pretty good deal 🙂

  • iPhallex

    Does this qualify as a "Five-Alarm Freebie?" I haven't seen one of those for a while...

  • Gabriel.Voyager

    How to ruin an exceptional game with a 2 minutes semplificated mode full of IAP 🙁

    • Cheeseball

      LOL, how is it ruined? All the purchases are aesthetic (hats for monsters). The core gameplay is the same as the original MAMC.

      EDIT: Just double-checked. The hats just increase the multiplier by 3. Nothing to write home about.

      • Harti

        With "just by playing", you mean by being super lucky in the lucky wheel or playing for ages?

      • Cheeseball

        I have 21,000+ coins and I've only played SMAMC for around 4 hours, on and off. Did not purchase any IAP or the coin doubler.

  • disqus_UTfGlBx6pm

    "match 3 meets Jeeeeenga"

  • homosaur

    My wife basically has confiscated my iPad to play this and Mushroom Wars now, thanks a lot Adult Swim @&!?@&!!!