This week on the TouchArcade Show, we dedicate half the show to Paradox Con 2013. Both Eli and The Bearded Dude are there right now and have been seeing and eating all sorts of cool stuff, so we figured you'd want to know about it. Later in the show, we do get to the latest, greatest, and best in iPhone and iPad. Minecraft - Pocket Edition and Banana Kong leads off our games discussion, while travel greats like Super Hexagon and The Blockheads close it out. We also dive into some news, including the announcement of the Next Great Nimblebit gmae. Buckle up.

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Just a minor note: this week's audio is a little weird because that's what happens when you talk to people over the Internet using hotel Wi-Fi in another country. We'll be back to normal next week.

And here are your show notes:



This week's episode of The TouchArcade Show is sponsored by 99 Games's Tito's Shell .

Tito's Shell, $0.99 - 'Tito's Shell' by 99Games is a fun physics puzzler for iPad & iPhone. The game's hero Tito, is a happy-go-lucky but really absent-minded turtle who keeps misplacing his shell in the beautiful but dangerous underwater world.

Solve over 45 mind-bending puzzles using weights, levers, balloons, bombs, and other fun physics elements and reunite Tito with his lost shell. Tito's Shell will force you to put your thinking cap on, as there are underwater threats all set to harm Tito and time is running out! Unlock Game Center Achievements as you progress solving challenging puzzles.

Tito's Shell for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

  • saosijs

    A missed chance: only achievements, no leaderboard. Also, installed size is 249 MB on my iPad2

    • saosijs

      Otherwise, cool game 🙂

      • cofunguy

        Don't you mean gmae as they have it posted here like that??

      • 99Games

        Just came off our team huddle, it's decided to add leaderboard support in an immediate update. Update should be available on the App Store in the next 10 days...

  • animal matching game for kits

    it got potentials

  • JCman7

    Thanks Eli for the game for my itunes review. Appreciate it

  • blackbear219

    totally miss the old intro/exit theme, man...and no Brad F-bombs this week. I feel...incomplete.

  • daniel schroeder

    'nother great show, guys.

    it was cool hearing about iceland and those upcoming games. i'm sure they're all too hard for me, but they sound fun. i agree with hodap about the company's pricing ideas. i can tell you with 100% certainty that i'm never going to drop more than $5 (was that high enough to not make eyes roll?) on a deep strategy game that i've got no idea about. if anything, something like summoner wars where the game is free/cheap for entry, and if you get into it more, you can buy expansions.

    also, really great hearing extended love for spaceteam. i feel like it gets pooped on a lot because people are just playing with one other person (or by themselves on two devices...or they're just pissed that they have no one to play with). it's really fun, and you guys are right, it's not just for 'gamers'. i got several non-gamer friends to get it, and we played it all night. and i've heard they continue playing sometimes when i'm not around. that's pretty awesome.

  • mudd

    Just got my code for writing a podcast review. It's Solipskier and it's great! I can't believe I passed on buying this back in the day. Thank you, fellas.

  • curtneedsaride

    Wow. I still haven't received my promo code for the review I wrote months and months ago! You guys must be lucky.

    toucharcade user: curtisrshideler

  • Jerutix

    The pronunciation guide worked! You guys got it this time.