Heroes and Castles [$1.99], Foursaken Media's visceral blend of 3rd-person action and castle defense, is already getting a huge content update, the studio has revealed.

First up is a brand new Siege mode that flips the script on the regular game and has you playing as the Evil forces trying to assault and take down the castle's defenses. This leads right into a new competitive multiplayer mode, where one player is Good and defends the castle and the other is Evil and tries to break through the defense.

This new competitive multiplayer mode will complement the current cooperative game style, and it sounds like a ton of fun. The Evil faction will come with four new classes of hero as well as their own unique economy system.

There are two new heroes coming to Heroes and Castles too. One is the Elven Ranger, which you can see below, and the other will be a Mage character. The current heroes will also be getting alternate skins, one of which you can also see below for the Knight.

On top of all the new content, Heroes and Castles is also getting a ton of all around fixes, but specifically in the area of making the cooperative and endless modes more stable. If you're curious to hear more on Heroes and Castles, then check out our review of the game or our forums for discussion from the community. This latest update has already been submitted so look for it to hit within a week or two.

  • rpgmind

    Best game out right now. A++ update!

    • dibdib


      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        And you forgot to say that Pixel People *sucks* approx as bad as any freemium game. Or worse...?

  • Stustaff

    I bought this based on reviews but have maybe spent an hour and just can not get on with the aiming and collision detection/hit zones.

    Haven't played it since 🙁

    • http://twitter.com/FoursakenMedia Foursaken Media

      Interesting... the hit zones are just huge rectangles over the enemies, so if you're in range and aiming anywhere in a 90 degree arc of them, its literally impossible to miss! I'd love to hear your issues with aiming too - I'm genuinely curious how we could make it better! If there is anything we can do to improve, you can be sure we'll do our best to add it 🙂

      • CrispyCreamed

        There is absolutely no control issues. They're flawless. This game is truly a gem. The content is astounding and it's about grow by leagues. Can't be more excited.

      • Stustaff

        Thanks for the response, I tend to find that I slip past the enemy and end up shooting or striking too far left or right or underneath the enemy.

        So may be less the hit box and more the 'look' control. It's an odd one as I'm not sure why I can't get on with it but I find it like using a mouse that your used to but suddenly becomes WAY too responsive.

        More time playing probably will solve but it's not a normal issue I have. And being honest it's kind of meant I haven't got into it! I'm on level three having used all three original characters.

      • CrispyCreamed

        Try adjusting the look sensitivity if you haven't yet. I lowered it a bit. Default was too jumpy for me.

      • MaximusB77

        Foursaken I think the controls are amazing. I always get the enemy 😀 but whenever I play multiplayer on my iPod 4 the game crashes. I would like to know if my iPod or the game is messed up.

  • bigred447uk

    Best game available for IOS right now. The controls are fantastic !

  • McCREE

    This game is great. Really looking forward to the update. Great work, Foursaken.

  • Steven Lewis

    This is already the best IOS action game I have ever played. The update is simply an embarrassment of riches,

    • araczynski

      I have never heard that phrase before: "an embarrassment of riches" what is the logic of it?

      • bigred447uk

        I think it means they are giving us so much for our £1.49 that its embarrassing.

      • araczynski

        ah, thanks, learned something new.

  • K-Dog

    Game is quality and will be even better after the update, it's a true must-have!

    For £1.49, the amount of content is awesome, the update brings fixes but also a ton of new content - including two new game modes - what more could we ask for!

    The amount of hours I've piled into this game is crazy, I've not spent this much time even on a console game in a long time! Happy!

  • CrispyCreamed

    Can't wait for that Burion armor! It looks Beast!!

  • agutierrez

    You guys haven't done another Touch Arcade Free-Play in a while(hint, hint)

  • nao

    Any tips for level 19? Those Orc chiefs just wreck everything!

    • Ted

      pike man kills him

  • disqus_2Wq5XEbZ3r

    heroes and castles seige mode & good vrs evil is imposible to win on evil side i have done it inseige mode but you are hopelessly outmatched in vrs mode ,same deal i have won but you are hopelessy outmatched not fun to loose every time the only bad part of a good game

  • disqus_2Wq5XEbZ3r

    heroes and castles seige mode unfair to evil side iv won it but you are hopelessly outmatched not fun this way

  • disqus_2Wq5XEbZ3r

    also always outmathced in vrs mode same deal iv won but you are hopelessly outmatched i love heroes and castles but not fun to loose every time rest of the game is great

  • Kevin Nelson

    I love this game, but can't get the multiplayer coop to work for the life of me. Do we have to have the same version? I have the paid version and my friend has the free version. I downloaded the free version, and it still doesn't work. Every time I invite him, he doesn't get a notification, and many times it said he isn't available.