In early December, Renegade Kid ported their popular and critically acclaimed platformer Mutant Mudds [$4.99], originally a Nintendo 3DS title, to the iOS platform. As we talked about in our review, it was quite a success. While the original price of the iOS version was the lowest tier possible at 99¢, a veritable steal, for today and tomorrow only Mutant Mudds can be had for the even more enticing price of FREE.

Mutant Mudds is somewhat of a different kind of platformer. For the most part, iOS is populated with twitchy speedrun-style platformers, often with a focus on very brief levels and fast action. Mutant Mudds is more of a tactical game, I would argue. You really need to have patience to work your way through its levels and past the dastardly Mudds. A simplistic item upgrading system gives the title legs as you go back through previously played levels and use your new abilities to discover alternate paths. Also, a big highlight of Mutant Mudds is the ability to hop in and out of the foreground and background, something that's mostly just neat but also plays into the puzzle and discovery design of the levels.

I love platformers, and I love a lot of iOS platformers, but to me there's really nothing quite like Mutant Mudds on the App Store. It was a wholly satisfying experience working my way through the game, and it's also quite challenging. The virtual controls hold up well though, and its slower pace is a perfect complement to my other twitchy platformers that also have a permanent home on my device. Definitely give Mutant Mudds a download while it's free, and stop by our forums to let us know what you think.

  • Mark

    Is this part of touch arcade free play promotion, as was expecting to see the free play logo on post

  • grant666uk

    Does this have icade support ? Thanks.

    • Th3R3n3gad3

      I wish, but no.

  • thesidewaystable

    I paid 4 this first day love this game
    hate myself 4 being a early adopter!

    • metalcasket

      You hate the fact that you supported a developer? Way to go!

    • Andy C83

      Hate yourself for paying 69p for a game that you loved?

      My brain is crying.

    • dylanmannen

      Wtf dude

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      I'd agree if that were a big company game (those $9.99 launch titles that goes .99c the other week, remember the old days of appstore??), but that's not the case...

    • Lcfr

      Dude, really?

    • homosaur

      I'm sure you had such better stuff to do with your dollar

  • Greyskull

    If you put me on the payroll, I'll accept the title of CEA (Chief Executive Appshopper) 😉

  • Stijnnl

    I just bought it yesterday evening and I haven't even played it yet >,<

  • Rev Maynard

    Really like it so far! The virtual controls are solid and it reminds me of a really great old Super Nintendo platformer.

    I'm fairly new to iOS gaming, so excuse my ignorance, but I just don't understand all these free games! Not complaining or anything..just don't get it. Other than Square charging out the wazoo for their games, it seems that all games are incredibly reasonably priced or free! I understand in app purchases and all, but even most of those are for impatient people that don't understand why they're playing the game in the first place and just want to get ahead faster. Overall great time to be a gamer and I'm really digging this retro stuff!

    • Rirath

      If you haven't already, be sure to check out Touch Arcade's sister site AppShopper and the related app.

      You can add games to your wishlist and get a notice when they drop in price or go free. Also on AppShopper, change the top toolbar to "Free" "Price Drops" to find recent freebies. Darn handy.

      As for why? Sometimes it's just for promotion - there's a dearth of games out there, and this gets the game in the spotlight again for awhile. It's crazy, but hey, we win - right? Here's another tip: Never buy a game you're interested in, especially from a big publisher like EA, just before any major holiday. There are tons of sales for just about any holiday you can think of.

  • riChchestMat

    It's very slow and sluggish

    • homosaur

      You could not handle this game in the later levels if it were faster.

    • .Asa

      Strange, I was just going to comment on how fast and responsive it is. 4th gen touch & iPad 3. Super fluid.

  • Tranceaholic

    I decided to finally give this version a try (even though I already have the 3DS version), and I appreciate the addition of checkpoints (which can be turned off if you're a purist), and not having to deal with the added pressure of a time limit (the clock counts up instead of down), as this game gets hard as nails (at least for 39-year-old me) by the 4th & 5th areas!

  • thesidewaystable

    I was trolling I don't mind paying 69p
    As I said I love this game

  • curtneedsaride

    Considered getting this when it came out, but I had been playing something else. Thankfully, seeing this in the news reminded me that I want it, and I picked it up this morning. I definitely lost track of the time once I found that warp like world that reminded me of the Virtual Boy. This game has exceeded my expectations. Totally took me back to being 10 and playing Bart Vs. the Space Mutants. But this is WAY better.

  • Dexiro

    Wow, i happily paid £5 for this on 3DS. Definitely worth trying!

  • armilla

    Wish there were more platformers like this on iOS; if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears!

    • schuim

      Maybe 1-bit ninja?

    • Rirath

      I haven't had time to play it, but League of Evil 1 & 2 are probably worth a look. Maybe Random Heroes too. We might see a Super Meat Boy port, someday.

    • GiHubb

      Swordigo is brilliant, a platforming RPG hybrid.

    • Lorenzo Pilia

      I recommend Pizza Boy – there's also a free lite version so make sure you try it!

  • Dailion Ando

    The firsts stages are soo simple. As usuall in modern games, nothing new for a old school gamer.

  • anabolicMike

    Downloaded, tried it, uninstalled it. You see I found the joy of a platforms like Super Mario is that you feel like you have utter control of a dancing ballerina. Multiple jumps in a row from turtle to turtle to pipe. You know what I am talking about. This game doesn't have that feeling at all. Way to sluggish and blocky feeling. Just not my bag. If your looking to jump all nimbly bimbly like from platform to platform, wrong game for you.