Earlier this morning, Jared I spent some time with Repulze [$0.99]. It's a sci-fi racing game that tasks you with completing time trials across six different tracks. There's also a polarity mechanic thrown in for good measure. Bash through three red or green barriers in a row, and you'll be awarded with speed boosts, which can improve your times.

We've seen a lot of racers like this -- you know, the hover-y kind of racers packed with outlandish track design and neat sci-fi locales -- but, we're digging Repulze. It has a great sense of speed and the vehicles all have a neat, mostly unique, feel to them. Give it a look if you're interested:

  • Chris Nölff

    It has one MAJOR flaw. The controls are not smooth and steering is too difficult.

    • PB_fredrik

      There's a new control method coming in the first patch that might suit your taste. Sort of an analogue steering stick that allows very smooth and precise steering.

      • Exhumed91

        That's a relief. I almost deleted it, then I remembered how good your other games are. I could get used to "tap to nudge" but analog steering would be better. Normal tilt steering would be ideal. No reason it can't be like NFS: Most Wanted.

    • webman2k

      Strongly disagree. This is the first one on iOS that I feel nailed it. It's extremely difficult to get precise control in this type of racer from tilt. The touch control is perfect IMHO tap to nudge and hold to sharp turns. LOVE the look, feel, speed... The polarity mode is a great start, and I can't wait for more.

  • http://twitter.com/Micahsa Micah Peterson

    I just picked it up and I like it a lot. I've always been a fan of the F-Zero types and this is great. Ran smoothly on my iPad4 and iPhone 5 and the challenges were actually pretty challenging.

    A few suggestions for forthcoming development:

    - A challenge for each course that essentially requires completing all three normal challenges in the same run. As it is now I beat the time challenge racing very sloppy while spamming boosts and then beat the collision challenge by picking up the wrong polarity which slowed me down and made it easier, but added like a minute to my time. Doing all three at once would be tough and should be rewarded.

    - Add an option to race your previous best run in ghost mode.

    - Along the same lines as above, allow me to challenge friends and have them be able to race my ghost mode in the same way.
    Lots of fun so far and I'm looking forward to how it evolves.

    • webman2k

      +1 Beating the time while avoiding collisions would be pretty challenging

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004197243242 William Lee

    Bit fiddly but that could just be because I'm bobbins at this sort of thing. Looks nice. Moves smoothly.
    Updates - cockpit view, steering aids, custom playlist (Aphex twin is perfect for this kind of game)

  • derkoi

    I think this game is very slick, one of the better racing games I've played on iOS.