TA Plays: ‘Repulze’ – A Futuristic Racer

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Earlier this morning, Jared I spent some time with Repulze ($0.99). It’s a sci-fi racing game that tasks you with completing time trials across six different tracks. There’s also a polarity mechanic thrown in for good measure. Bash through three red or green barriers in a row, and you’ll be awarded with speed boosts, which can improve your times.

We’ve seen a lot of racers like this — you know, the hover-y kind of racers packed with outlandish track design and neat sci-fi locales — but, we’re digging Repulze. It has a great sense of speed and the vehicles all have a neat, mostly unique, feel to them. Give it a look if you’re interested:

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    * The intense PHASE THREE update is out now! * PHASE THREE brings WEAPONS and A.I. OPPONENTS to Repulze. Get ready for …
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