A few games have snuck into the App Store that weren't included in the typical weekly release roundup, so here we thought we'd quickly round them up with a short description and link to buy them just in case you still have some money left over from buying all the new releases last night. Oh wait, you don't even NEED money as all of these games are at least initially free to download and try out for yourself. Score!

Middle Manager of Justice, Free - [Forum] - After an accidental release back in September, which turned into an impromptu beta test followed by a soft-launch in Canada earlier this month, Double Fine's first iOS game is finally officially available. Middle Manager of Justice is a freemium builder type game, where you literally manage an office full of superheroes. It comes with all the tropes associated with these types of games, but seems geared to be enjoyable first before being a money-making scheme. Plus it has all the personality and whimsy that you'd expect from Double Fine, so is definitely worth a look.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Free - [Forum] - The massively popular trivia game You Don't Know Jack arrives in a new version on the App Store. No, this isn't the same one that launched in April of last year that we thought was pretty good, that version has been put out to pasture in favor of this new free-to-play version. Here you can battle against your Facebook friends online or log in as a guest and battle random strangers.

The Room Pocket, Free - [Forum] - We thought that The Room was one of the most interesting puzzle games when it launched on the iPad back in September, giving it a solid 4 star review. The visuals, sense of wonder, and sometimes insanely difficult gameplay made it something unique that stood out from the pack of endless iOS puzzle games. Now that joy has been shrunken down for the iPhone and iPod touch with The Room Pocket. Technically it wasn't simply just shrunken down, as developer Fireproof Games has put a lot of thought and care into bringing such a large, hands-on experience to the smaller screen. Best of all is it's free to download and try, with the full game unlocked via a $1.99 IAP.

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    Hi Jared,
    Our new indie game called Wacky Dragons was also released this week, any chance of a spot for it in the round-up? We would be most thankful 🙂