Late this afternoon, Eli and I spent some time with Offroad Legends Sahara [Free]. At first or second glance, it appears to be another free-to-play hill climbing-slash-stunt game that's charting pretty well. But if you click the "buy" button, you'll see that it's actually a demo for Offroad Legends [$0.99], a game that hit earlier this June. The timing of this demo couldn't be any better -- these car games are blasting up the charts, the demand for them now seems to be far more intense than what it was in the summer.

We thought we'd check it out just to share this little story and show off an otherwise cool-looking and competent hill climber. It'll be interesting to see if the full version of the game gets considerable traction as a result.

Anyway, we've got some footage of the game below. If you're into these games, you might want to put Offroad Legends on your radar.

  • Dams

    Hellooooooo red nurse !

  • themack

    The level with the platforms, you have to land on one to pass it.

  • King Random

    I had the first offroad legends (completed it) and enjoyed it, so I thought why not give this one a try.

    Turns out, that pretty much all the tracks are the same except with a different car and background (and even then, 2 of the cars are the same as the first one, and there are only 4 available cars to drive)


  • DannyWalkman

    I'm confused. First there was a free Offroad Legends with the option to buy the full game, including the premium cars. Then i see the Offroad Legends WARMUP, whatever it is, along with a big update to the first version, and now another game which is exactly the same only with another icon (exagerating).
    Anyway it was a great game until i got stuck on a stupid level and never made it further. It's a shame.