Since August, we've been tracking the upcoming bundle of glowing vector goodness known as Vectrex Regeneration, a universal iOS app that emulates the much vaunted Vectrex game console of the early '80s. The app will come bundled with the system's entire original game library (nearly 30 titles in all) and will offer indie titles released after the Vectrex left market (in 1984) as in-app purchases, along with various feature packs, such as the multiplayer Controller Pack and the iCade pack.

Developer Anton Faulconbridge over at Rantmedia Games has been keeping retro fans closely following this one up-to-date via the Vectrex Regeneration twitter feed, where he's currently counting down to release -- just three days left now -- and offering peeks at the system in action.

This morning, Anton sent word that he has put up a new trailer video, and it's one that really shows off the smooth, 3D "game room" interface that ties the whole system together as well as the highly authentic-looking visual treatment given to the on-screen vectors in motion.

We're quite anxious to put the app through its paces and will be bringing a full review once Vectrex Regeneration lands in the App Store.

  • dogface

    Looks awesome! I was left heartbroken when my Vectrex broke as a kid. Now I can annoy the hell out my girlfriend while bashing the buttons on my iCade and swearing like a sailor.

  • Rothgarr

    Woot! I'll be getting the iCade IAP for sure...

    • Adams Immersive

      Me too. Hey, if it takes a buck to get a title supported by iCade, so be it!

  • Gamer_Kev

    I hope it supports the first iPad, playing it on the iCade will be almost like playing the real thing. I remember reading some comments claiming you needed retina display to get the smoothness of the Vectrex, but that's not really true as anyone who's played the Atari vector arcade games on an iPad 1or 2 will know. With the original Vectrex having a res of 255x255, there's no reason 1024x768 couldn't emulate it smooth enough. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to this and it will be a first day purchase, unless of course I have wait until I can afford to upgrade to a newer iPad.

    • PureRumble

      a f*cking game from like four decades ago that ran on machines that could barely perform multiplication or show three colors simultaneously!? if they cant figure out how to run it on an ipad-whatever-generation then they should be stripped of any college/high-school/university certificates and be sent straight back to toddler classes!

      • flywithsean

        The Vector graphics look more accurate on the Retina. Regardless you can't duplicate the Vector look on anything but a Vector monitor

      • Gamer_Kev

        I never said you could duplicate it 100%. Even the closest emulator for any classic system never fully recreates them completely. It's one of the reasons I still use a real C64, Atari 2600 and Intellivision for gaming. But you can create a believable nostalgic experience of older systems on newer hardware. As someone who has played a real Vectrex, I can say the graphics were smooth for their time, but not as smooth as some seem to think, you could clearly see the blocky graphics. Not too long ago I played an emulator on my gaming PC of the Vectrex and it was smoothed down to were you couldn't see this any more and that really killed the nostalgic factor for me.

      • MetalVic

        Blocky graphics? Either you were playing something that was not a Vectrex or your memory is hazy. The system uses a monochrome x-y monitor. It is incapable of "blocky." Every element displayed on screen is made up of straight lines, not pixels. Some of the graphics might be called rudimentary, but definitely not blocky.

      • Gamer_Kev

        Sorry blocky was probably not the best term to use. I was not trying to insult the system, but trying to rationally explain it's low resolution, which is noticeable if you've played a lot of arcade vector games. However it's very difficult to explain the size of vector graphics unlike raster graphics where you have an easy to understand 2D grid. The closest I can come to explain this is that a lot of arcade vector games would be more like 1024x1024 while the Vectrex would be more like 255x255. Though I don't think this is how vector graphics are normally measured, it is just an example to try to get across an idea on the size. Instead of blocky, line thickness might have been a better term. What I meant by my poorly worded comment above is that I want the games to look like they're on the Vectrex rather than like they're in the Arcades. But to get back to my original post, my point was that it should be quite possible to create a believable emulation on a 1024x768 LCD. Would it be perfect? No, only a vector monitor could do that, but that was never my point.

  • PureRumble

    shit! in the video, when the big spaceship first flies by... and u hear that one-tone music saying "do da do da do da do di da"...

    i swear i could feel the cold touch of nostalgia creeping up my spine! i really cant remember playing it but that music and intro is like soooo deep into my subconscious long term memory! :-/

  • sleb

    Been waiting for this. I may have to get the Vectrex out of the attic to get ready for it!

    • flywithsean

      Why the hell is your Vectrex in the attic!!!! Mines on my coffee table right now!!!

  • J.R. Jalapeno

    I have a mint condition vectrex with the box and I love it. I have a multicart that has I think 80 games on it and I play it at least once a week. I picked it up at the classic gaming expo. Can't wait for this app.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Strange -- so many people pine for games that are ~ 16k on the oldest hardware ever.
    Listen -- I loved PONG, but I don't really reminisce about it daily. Or ... ever!
    Vectrex might've looked cool in a retro way, but are there *any* Vectrex games that hold a candle to modern games? I mean, really, not just b/c it was "vector graphics"?