If you're a Marvel 'Avengers' fan, but have been on the fence about dropping the dosh for the Avengers Initiative [$1.99] iOS game, then this news is pointed directly at you. Marvel has just released Avengers Initiative Lite [Free] to give those fence-sitters a taste of the action for free. If you're staring blankly wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Avengers Initiative is an Infinity Blade-esque brawler featuring The Hulk as the main protagonist, with future episodes planned that will feature additional Avengers members (all signs point to Captain America being next in line).

It's fairly uninspired, as it takes a bit too liberally from its inspiration Infinity Blade, but it sure is pretty and full of Marvely-ness. You can watch us play through some of Avengers Initiative while simultaneously and purposefully skewering the lore of the Marvel Universe in our TA Plays video, or you can read our full review of the game where we dig deep into just why this game isn't super great. Well, to be fair, some like it better than others, especially big-time Marvel fans, so keep that in mind.

If you're one of those who isn't quite sure, give Avengers Initiative Lite a try. All you've got to lose is the time it takes to download the roughly half a gig file. If it turns out you like it, you'll be able to transfer your progress over from the lite version into the full version, which is nice. Also worth noting is that for some strange reason Marvel's press release states that Avengers Initiative Lite will only be available for a limited time, so it's possible that this might be your only chance to check it out for free if you're interested.

  • http://twitter.com/jaolen Alan Baldwin

    It was worth it at its sale price. At full price? I really don't think so.

  • borb86

    Lucky enough to also get it on sale. Though at this point I'm fearing that the additional episodes will end up being $7 each as well. That being the case...it was fun while it lasted but won't be going any further with this one.

    • chief78

      I'm really hoping they don't try to charge for the other avengers. It would seem to me that this would be false advertising, since their up-front statement is about anticipated calharacter reveals.....I bought the game because of this. If they choose to charge for the others, oh man do they have a bad month of publicity coming. **this game is a cash cow an NOT worth any more than 99 cents** hell it should have been free with the amount of money it would cost to actually buy any of the decent IAP in this game....really not liking this developer.
      The lite version is their way of trying to salvage sales because they're business model for the game sucks an they know it.

  • iron man adam david hooley

    all for good