Captain America Next in Line to Join the ‘Avengers Initiative’

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Early last month Marvel and Wideload Games delivered Avangers Initiative ($1.99) to the App Store. It was a video game that aped most of its mechanics from the Infinity Blade games without really doing much to differentiate itself, which gave it a pretty uninspired vibe. Also, it failed to match the high level of nuance and strategy found in the Infinity Blade combat.

Still, if you’re a Marvel nut and were willing to put up with not-quite-as-good-as-Infinity Blade gameplay, Avengers Initiative could still offer some decent entertainment value with expectations set accordingly. One interesting thing about Avengers Initiative is that it’s a planned episodic release, with the initial version starring The Hulk as he runs around beating up on some of your favorite Marvel bad guys. Over the weekend at the New York Comic-Con Marvel announced that Captain America would be the latest character to join the Initiative, Polygon has reported.

This new trailer explains that if you download Avengers Initiative right now – which if you hurry you might still be able to catch on sale for $2.99 – then you will get an exclusive Hulk Gladiator costume for free. Also, the end of the trailer hints at Captain America’s impending appearance, but no word on just how he will be implemented into the game, whether it will be more of the Infinity Blade-style combat or a new gameplay type altogether. We’ll let you know when more details surface.

[Via Polygon]

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