This past June we learned that the groundbreaking 1983 strategy simulation M.U.L.E. was getting remade and rebranded as M.U.L.E. Returns, and that it was heading to iOS sometime in late summer. Well, summer has passed, but it looks like M.U.L.E. Returns is just right around the corner as Kotaku has spotted a new trailer for the game.

The game's developer, Comma 8 Studios, pegs the actual release of M.U.L.E. Returns on iOS as sometime in November, with an Android version to follow shortly thereafter. You can keep up to date with the development over at, and we'll definitely let you know when you can finally get your hands on this updated classic.


  • runliketurtles

    Awesome. Can't wait.

  • DotComCTO

    Wow! M.U.L.E. IS one of my all-time favorite games. I have fond memories of playing that game with friends on my Atari 400. I hope this update does it justice, and I hope they take a page from Archon's book and allow us to toggle the updated graphics & music.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I used to play this all the time back in the early eighties on my Atari 800XL. Judging from that video, looks like they've kept the core mechanics of the game faithful to the original. I'll be looking forward to this. Hope they put in a save feature to make it playable on the go.

    • David Keesling

      Played it on my C64!  I was sure they were going to screw it up, but after watching this trailer, I totally agree with you! It looks like the stress of trying to get a mule fitted and back to a plot of land just before time runs out is intact along with the original 'tune'

  • Zaraf

    Any word on this?