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New ‘Arc Squadron’ Teaser Trailer Surfaces, Releasing in the “Coming Weeks”

Back in July, a visually stunning space combat game called Arc Squadron caught our eye with its fantastic trailer. Stunning in part because Arc Squadron is powered by the Unreal Engine, but it also took some gameplay cues from the classic on-rails shooter Starfox which particularly struck our fancy.

Well, it sounds like developer Psyonix is getting pretty close to releasing Arc Squadron, and they’ve released a new teaser trailer that condenses much of the gameplay from the first trailer down into a nice, manageable bite to whet your appetite.

It doesn’t really show much we haven’t seen before, but it still looks fantastic and, well, we still really can’t wait to get our hands on it. According to a PR email sent our way, Arc Squadron will be releasing in “the coming weeks", so get on over to the thread in our forums for some discussion and we’ll be sure to let you know when it finally drops.