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First Trailer for Official ‘M.U.L.E.’ Remake, Coming to iOS this Year

Ozark Softscape and EA’s 1983 classic M.U.L.E. redefined the strategy genre and set the stage for pretty much every strategy and simulation title to follow in the coming decades. Now, it’s getting itself a brand new remake for mobile phones called M.U.L.E Returns, which has the full blessing of the late creator’s family whom own the M.U.L.E. IP. Check out the first trailer showing the game in action.

It looks like M.U.L.E Returns will be a pretty straightforward remake of the original gameplay that had you colonizing a planet using various Multiple Use Labor Elements (aka M.U.L.E.) in order to grow a prosperous colony and economy. Details are a bit scarce, but we do know it will have a social component with Game Center, multiple difficulty levels, and downloadable retro 8-bit skins. We’ll be looking to get more information on M.U.L.E Returns as it moves towards release sometime in late summer or early fall.