PSA: Save Bug Could Possibly Wipe Your ‘Carmageddon’ Progress

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This week saw the release of Stainless Games’ cult-classic Carmageddon (Free) to the App Store, and we even took it for a test drive in a TA Plays video yesterday. For the most part it’s a solid port of a game that’s definitely showing its age, but still offers a lot of entertaining moments for nostalgic fans of the original or people who just plain love brutal vehicular combat.

However, a nasty issue is starting to crop up with a significant amount of players who are losing their save progress in Carmageddon. Stainless Games has acknowledged the problem in our forums, and are currently looking into a fix. The problem appears to have something to do with Game Center syncing save files, and Stainless has even started a topic in their own forums which offers a couple of possibly helpful links as well as a workaround if you do end up with a missing saved game.

We have found in a few cases the following steps have made the save slot reappear. We are continuing to look into this issue to resolve it.

If you find your save data is missing, DO NOT MAKE A NEW SAVE.
Close the app including from the task bar.
Make sure you have a good 3G or wifi connection
Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode
Launch Carmageddon again
Close the app again
Turn Airplane mode back off again
Wait for either wifi or 3G single to connect again
Launch Carmageddon, saves should be present

Kind of a lot of hoops to jump through I’ll admit, but if you’ve been pouring a lot of time into Carmageddon over the past couple of days it might be worth the trouble to see if you can recover a lost saved file. We’ll continue to follow along with this issue to see if any other solutions pop up or a fix will be issued via an update, but for now it’s something you should definitely be aware of.

Also, while the 24 hour window of grabbing Carmageddon has come and gone, a new lite version has emerged in case you want to give it a test drive yourself before plopping down the cash for the full deal.

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