Topia World Builder is something we've had on hands all over for a bit, and soon you'll be able to interact with it, too. As expected, the world deformation slash building game is hitting alongside the rest of the world's releases tonight. A new trailer celebrating this fact is now on the Internet as well, if you'd like a second or third look at it.

Just a couple of days ago, actually, we covered Topia. In a nutshell, it's a sandbox game that gives users a simple set of tools to mold an entire world. You'll be able to shape, spawn and herd creatures, and then watch your world grow and age. Here's the trailer, by the way:

That's it. And while this all magical-sounding as-is, the promise of future, more game-driven content is definitely on our minds as we look at Topia. New modes of play, leaderboards, and sharing are just a few of post-launch ideas that might become actual things you'll be able to do or take advantage of down the line.

  • sortvind

    this looks ace, though i hope it has some form of mission or purpose, or else it gets boring fast.

  • Bliquid

    Seems like a "compact" version of Ubisoft's From Dust. If it is half as good, instabuy for me.

    • Matthew Rossman

      That's what I thought when I first saw it a while back. Too bad there's no mission structure, it's more like Minecraft creative mode.

    • MidianGTX

      Even From Dust seemed like quite a massive waste of potential to me. So much more could have been done with each stage and a free play/sandbox mode would have been excellent. If this is "half as good" I'd probably be twice as disappointed, if not for the fact I'm not expecting any gameplay at all.

  • GSJ1977

    My immediate thought/desire is to have the "game" loosely simulate weather; in particular some semi-realistic formation of clouds which then rain creating rivers

    • GSJ1977

      (I hit post on I was saying...)

      ...creating rivers which eventually erode the landscape, creating valleys and so on. Just a thought.

      • alienraider

        What time does it come out tonight?

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Crescent Moon games > + + Glu."games".

    • JBRUU

      Depends on which EA or Gameloft game. But Glu? That's a no brainer.

      • Austin Riddle

        No it really doesn't.  Those 3 are plagues.

  • hellscaretaker

    Give us populous on iOS thats all I need to say

    • ducksFANjason


  • blackryn0

    Looks like World of Warcraft

    • farnsworth_pro


      • Grimmling

        I don't see any pandas

  • 1Fcm

    "You'll be able to shape, spawn and herd creatures, and then watch your world grow and age... That's it."

    I think all developers deserve compensation for the work they put into any project. And, I am never one to complain and say that something should be free. But, will this be free? I have yet to read anywhere that this will have any kind of mission structure or some sort of point to the concept. It just looks like a cool demo. Please tell me I'm wrong??

    • Laszlo Tuss

      But its a really awesome demo, and their developers are deserve to get supported, so they can make a really awesome game after (or from) this one.

      • 1Fcm

        I totally agree. I just don't know if it will offer enough to make it worth the purchase.

  • drewrichburg

    I'm so stoked for this game

  • makitango

    This one trailer is the most awesome I saw in months. 😀

  • pauldavidmerritt

    We really would like Glenn to flesh out this game. I am proud to own it, but it needs to be more playable. Best of wishes to you with this game, Glenn! Thanks.