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‘Topia World Builder’ Hits Tonight, Here’s A Trailer

Topia World Builder is something we’ve had on hands all over for a bit, and soon you’ll be able to interact with it, too. As expected, the world deformation slash building game is hitting alongside the rest of the world’s releases tonight. A new trailer celebrating this fact is now on the Internet as well, if you’d like a second or third look at it.

Just a couple of days ago, actually, we covered Topia. In a nutshell, it’s a sandbox game that gives users a simple set of tools to mold an entire world. You’ll be able to shape, spawn and herd creatures, and then watch your world grow and age. Here’s the trailer, by the way:

That’s it. And while this all magical-sounding as-is, the promise of future, more game-driven content is definitely on our minds as we look at Topia. New modes of play, leaderboards, and sharing are just a few of post-launch ideas that might become actual things you’ll be able to do or take advantage of down the line.