So, more content is planned for Organ Trail: Director's Cut [$2.99]. However, it's being left up to PC gamers to decide if we'll ever see the new mechanics, upgrades, routes, and end boss that creator The Men Who Wear Many Hats is currently teasing as a possible update.

Here's the deal: there's a PC version of Organ Trail that The Men want to get on Steam, and it's using Valve's Greenlight platform to do so. But because the game hasn't exactly been chewing through the charts, The Men have started dangling possible updates based in order to motivate up-votes. As the game climbs the charts, new content will be added to both the PC and mobile versions of the game.

The studio has the entire scheme, which ends on October 15, outlined on its official web site. The updates sound great, by the way. If Organ Trail hits the top 28, for instance, several new events will be added to the game. Or if it ends up in the top 10, the studio will add in a new boss, more combat stuff, and a new route that'll take players through the radioactive part of the game's map.

For the record, we're not too keen on this. This method of gathering votes comes off as a little gross to us for a variety of reasons, and it's also weird that the mobile version is getting a chance at new content because of a PC version. On the other hand, this kind of scheme is something people really like to get behind these days, so whatever.

Anyway, Organ Trail on mobile is great. If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely give it a look. It's a punitive game, sure, but brilliantly so. You'll have stories to tell as you adventure through the wastes, too.

  • iqSoup

    Goodness I hope one of the updates is a much much much more balanced game.  They need to start you off with more stuff, jobs should pay more (and not kill you instantly), "hunting" needs to give you way more supplies, and when you're broken down and dying it needs to be easier to trade for what you need.  I've sat for 10 minutes skipping through trades before finally someone had what I needed at a price I was able to pay.  Even on easy this game is next to impossible.  I love the concept, style--just about everything about this--but I've tried to get through it like 5 times and don't even come close...and thats on the easiest difficulty.  Maybe I just suck, but it shouldn't be THAT hard to get through a game like this.  Oh and the aiming mechanic needs work too--when you're close to the edge of the screen it's sometimes impossible to aim properly. 

    • Michael Matzat

       It´s a rough like like. You are supposed to die and have a hard time. Just like with games ala FTL, Binding of Isacc or Dwarf Fortress.

  • Doctor U

    It needs to be .99. Just saying.

    • ducksFANjason

      There it was... I knew a dollar-tard would make an appearance soon enough. Hadn't seen one in a while

    • medicalbenko

      I agree lol, I know they work hard, but just think how many more people would support the app because it would be an sale!
      Here is my theory sale = increase in ppl buying game (I am assuming ppl like spending $1 over $3) which = increases in green light votes (bc there will be more ppl buying the game. What they could do, only suggesting, is tell the community if the vote yes to green-light the game, then the app would go on sale or be free for a week or something. Sound fair? I think so, what do you guys think?

  • Michael Matzat

    Whats it with TAs hate for the crowd these days?

    No more news on iOS related kickstarters, unless they are already don. Even hate for it on the podcast ("the game is going to be made anyway!" Who cares? There is something that is more iOS news than a kairosoft game on Android you hope maybe could get to iOS because you like Pokemon.
    It´s not like these people will run of with the money, they need to pay bills, are in dept or could quit their day job/hire the help they need. But seemingly TA dos not want that anymore. You rather pull through and release the game anyway or you better be EA, Gameloft or alike.)

    And now you are complaining about a CHEAP GAME getting FREE UPDATES for just the CLICK OF A BUTTON. Do you people claiming to be game journalists even know how much coverage and money being present on steam would mean for these guys? OBVIOUSLY this greenlight thing happening would help supporting further work on the game. They are just saing/nameing it. But all we hear you talking about when it comes to crowd funding is OUYA and what idiots their backers are.

    TAs stand on this needs to change. iOS is a platform that still is largely a Indy developer platform and for these people crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and steam greenlight are the tool to become serious game developers that will forever shape the future of the platform and secure games that are free of iAP currency replacing fun gameplay.

    • Jared Nelson

      Serious question: what in god's name are you going on about?

  • medicalbenko

    Ok I just supported the game to come out on steam! Idk I like the game lol

  • NoahDavid

    I'd love more news about kickstarter iOS games!

  • riper585

    Why pay for apps? I rather just download my games from http://ipfun.orgThey got a bunch of free games for iphone and ipod touch(:

  • Morky

    Games good but aiming is stupid! I want to just click in the direction I want to shoot. Drawing a ling gets confusing and my guy spins around in tight situations.