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‘N.Y.Zombies 2’ Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

Back in August we caught the first glimpse of Foursaken Media‘s N.Y.Zombies 2, the upcoming sequel to their original 2010 zombie survival shooter N.Y.Zombies ($0.99). Now, there’s no shortage of zombie games currently in the App Store, but Foursaken was able to create an exceptionally moody and tense experience with the first N.Y.Zombies, which garnered a pretty dedicated fan-base. The sequel looks to improve on that first game in practically every regard.

First off it’ll feature larger environments and the ability to roam freely, rather than the guided experience of the first N.Y.Zombies. The game takes place across a variety of iconic New York environments, like Times Square, Central Park, and the Holland Tunnel, and the graphics look to be improved a great deal over the original. You’ll also get a whole slew of interesting upgradeable weapons, like auto turrets, grenades and bear traps. Freaking bear traps, you guys.

Perhaps most intriguing is the inclusion of online cooperative play for up to 3 players over Game Center. As you can see in the video below, which shows the endless survival mode in the latter two segments, it would be pretty awesome to have a couple of buddies at your back helping you pick off the endless onslaught of zombies.

N.Y.Zombies 2 will also feature a full story-driven campaign, and it’ll come prepared for all the latest technical bells and whistles including iPhone 5 widescreen support and Retina Display support for both the iPhone and iPad. I’m very interested in getting my hands on N.Y.Zombies 2, and so our plenty of eager gamers in our forums, so look for it to hit later this month on October 25th.